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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Packages Make My World Go Round

Happy Valentine's Day errrrbody!
Even though I've never given two hoots about this holiday I took part in the Secret Valentine Gift Exchange that Sheila put together just for fun.

My Secret Valentine turned out to be LULU!!! She was so sneaky & even used a decoy address. Lulu & I live super close to each other so she knew I would figure out it was her if she put her real address hehehe 
She gifted me with so many awesome things!!

Urban Decay Shadow Box Palette (similar): Lulu knows I am obsessed with eyeshadow palettes XD
Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Gift Set: I could smell this the minute I opened the box. Smells so fruity & delicious!
Sephora Lip Gloss: love the nude pink color!

♥ Thank you for the super thoughtful gift, Lulu! I can't wait to meet you too :D 


My sneaky British blog fwends, Jian & Vicky, sent me a Valentine's package. I hate cheesy romantic stuff so knowing this, Jian made me an extra cheesy TWITTER CARD! aahahaahaha I lahve it!! But of course I gave judgy face when I read her cheesy note on the back xP

I am obsessed with this Hello Kitty cookie cutter set!! Can't wait to use them.
And Jian also got me the black hair donut thingy...apparently called a "roly poly" hahaha 
Oh, way more candy was included but only these 2 Flakes were left by the time I got around to snapping photos lol

The roly poly helps turn my slippery Asian hair into this awesome fat bun :O
Now I can look like a fob!

♥ Thanks for the gifts guys!! Lahve you long time!!! (in the least cheesy/sappy way of course) ♥


Yumeko helped me cp the most awesome lash case in the world \^o^/
Hello Kitty lash case!! It even comes with a mirror inside. So awesome.
She was also kind enough to help me get the D.U.P. Eyelash Glue.
I love the blush palette she gifted me. Can't wait to try it!

♥ Thanks for enabling my Hello Kitty addiction Yumeko!! ♥


Now let me show you the freaking amazing nail polish I am wearing at the moment.

When worn over a dark polish it looks like this...O.O

The top coat can change from gold to green to amber depending on how the light hits it. 

In natural lighting

The formula is pretty thick but it applies very evenly. It dries smooth too.

This is limited edition so grab it if you can find it. I found mine at CVS.
I still can't stop staring at my nails *_*


Yes, more Se7en!! ♥_♥ 



  1. I can't stop staring at your nails too. Love the iridescent colors and your V-day goodies! :D

  2. I am in love with that nail polish!!! seriously!!! Humph to the fact that we don't get that many Essie nail polishes here :) Love your V-days gifts too


  3. Packages are the biggest bringer of happiness in the world. :D The things your friends sent you look lovely and your nailpolish is gorgeous. :]

  4. awww so much good stuff!

    How'd I forget to send you makeup? Oh yeah I was gonna put the fantasy fire in there but it was OOS. Actually I need to go and pick them up from the store cos I ordered them ages ago xD

    OMG you look so fobby! And your hair looks so brown!

    That flake polish is AMAHZING. I neeed it in my life!!!!!!!!

  5. So many lovely things! YOu are cherised x

  6. Hi! Nice stuff... ! And love the nail posh you wearing in that photos! Btw I am doing a huge giveaway so plz check it out! http://tesbah-ala-khir-dance-lily-dance.blogspot.com/2012/02/50-giveaway.html

  7. Incredible packages you have there..love the Essie flaked nail effect....It can turn any shade into something glamorous in a few strokes - wow!

  8. yo bruh!! why u have such awesome blog friends??? luckyyyy and urghh that essie glitterati nail polish thang is so awesome!! reminds me of the iridescence of fish scales!! amazeballs.

    whats that roly poly thang?? i need that!! where can u get that?

    and stop being a Vday haturrr!! xox

  9. wow, love all the things inside the packages XDXD
    btw that nail polish is freaking pretty! I mean the shining and pretty sparkles (●♡∀♡)

  10. like like like your nail polish!

  11. Packages make me smile too!!! that nail polish is GORGEOUS u made me wanna get one right away!! :)


  12. omg i have never seen that type of polish before O.o. it looks so interesting! thanks for sharing! also, those hello kitty cookie cutters rock!

  13. 1. You are so lucky to have friends like that~ all of the gifts look lovely <3
    2. Hair bun looks amazing!!!
    3. Thinking of getting that nail polish, too :)

  14. That was sweet of them! Girl, you racked up with some great stuff. Enjoy it! :D

  15. I adore that Essie polish~ Although it is a little thicker than my other flakies.
    But it is just freaking gorgeous!

  16. WHATTT. How does the Roly Poly work? I desperately want my hair to look like that!

  17. Aww such awesome packages!!

    LOVE your nails so much, flakies look great on top of dark polishes!!

    Eee Somebody Else!! <3

  18. Your bun looks so nice! I love how toxic the top coat looks. My friend would fall head over heels for that one. haha

  19. You are always getting the most amazing packages from all over the world. I always love seeing what you are getting.

    I want to see pics of you with the roly poly thing. I don;t understand.


  20. Just so my last comment makes sense, I want to see how to use the roly poly. I do see that you have a pic with it in your hair:)


  21. Hi Doro aww love the swaps xD ooo what Urban Decay eyeshadow palette is that? looks so gothic from far! issit rollerblading ones? Im totally clueless about most of UD's past palettes

    I love the roly poly!! I have that too! unfortunately I am too lazy to even put up that haha but it does give super perfect buns! Did my hair justice during restaurant class

    BTW I secretly think that you and yumeko know how each other look like!

  22. Ditto everyone else - the nails look great!

  23. awesome packages!! i love the fact boots has the same odango hair tool as Japan! it looks great on you! I'm waiting for hair to grow long again! Love the glitters on your nails - so pretty!

  24. what sweet packages! lulu's such a sweetheart :) love the essie polish - i have nubar's version and your post reminded me that i need to use it more often!

  25. What great gifts!!! I also grabbed on of those limited edition lux effects from essie but I got the "as gold as it gets" flake polish, I love how it's flakey instead of the regular glitter polishes! The pacifica set your received looks awesome!

  26. Oh wow you got a lot of gifts! How nice and love the Hello Kitty cookie cutter. :)

  27. ohhh wow! so many valentines goodies hahaha i HEART pacifica lotions they smell SOOO YUMMY!!

    omgosh that nail polish is SOOO crazy cool.. the color reflected off of it is amazing!

  28. So many new toys to play with! Hahaha all your friends are so sneaky :D Jian and Vicky are such sweet ladies.

    Dyou know I was never really into Hello Kitty, but after getting to know you and reading your blog and stuff, I now have quite a few HK stuff...considering I wasn't even a fan to start with. Haha You're an enabler, too :P
    I laff you really

  29. You got a lot of great things! I love the HK eyelash case - so cute! The flake polish is really pretty too - it looks a lot like Nubar 2010 :D I should get one of those bun thingies too. I have very thin hair, so it's hard for me to achieve a big hair bun look with just my own hair.

    I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day!

  30. Happy belated valentine's! How did you celebrate?

    OMG, Shine of the Times is simply divine!!!!!! *trots off to buy it from ebay*

  31. You got so many cute packages <3
    I love love love your nails!
    And i need that roly poly in my life... Doesnt that. Remind you of T-ara song? Haha


  32. i super love your nails dear! :) you sure got so many awesome stuff to use and play with. :3

  33. Aww, yay for packages that make the world go around! XD <3

    HAHA! Fobby hair club! *high5*

    Ahh...want that luxeffects polish! I knew I should've stopped by my CVS today. D; PRETTY!!

    And yayyyy se7en! <3



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