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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Khaki Smokey Eye

I purchased the Missha Signature Velvet Art Shadow in No. 3 Khaki Combination quite a few months ago but just remembered to use it for the first time last week.
Yeah...I kinda forgot about it after I bought it =X
The packaging for this palette is so purrrdy!!

The palette comes with two neutral shades and two khaki shades.

The shadows are very smooth and not overly shimmery.

I was reminded to dig out this palette from my stash after watching this video.
Using khaki shades to achieve a smokey eye was something I never thought of.
I love how she does makeup. Always so natural!
But she applies everything with such a light hand it kinda drives me crazy. I would never have such patience to apply so slowly & gently hahaha

Mine didn't turn out as dark...or nice lol but whatevs. I'm not a makeup artist & she is. So her's should look better than mine XD

I think it would've turned out darker if I used a darker cream base. I didn't have a khaki cream shadow so I just used a coppery one.

The shadows in this palette are not super pigmented so if you aren't too skilled with working with shadows, they may work in your favor. You have to spend some time building up the color.
I don't really mind. Better to apply a bit at a time and build up the pigmentation as you go along!

This was a really easy look. You basically just layer on the shadows from lightest to darkest. No fancy techniques. 
But it seriously took her foreverrrr in the video because she applied everything so slowly & with the lightest hand. I was going crazy watching lol

I got the palette on the Missha site when they were having a huge sale during the holidays. I may pick up a few of the other shades if they go on sale again :D
They are way too overpriced at regular price. I'd rather spend $23 on a different brand!


Like my blingy Easter nails??? It totally reminds me of Easter eggs lol
I'm probably a bit early since Lent just started. Oh well =P
For the base color, I used Zoya Caitlin


Big Bang ALIVE album is out!!! I quite lahve it *_*



  1. Gorgeous! I've got a Missha shop at the local Mall in Muscat, I MUST check this out!

  2. How much did you pay after discount? Loooove the compact, looks so luxe~

    Her videos never fail to put me to sleep. Something about the bg music doesn't agree with me haha

    *I'm singing my blueeeeeeee*

  3. That's the prettiest palette I've seen in awhile. Gorgeous smoky eye look!

    rolala loves

  4. What a beautiful palette. Missha has these really pretty compacts but I wondered if their eyeshadows or blushes were any good (I'm a huge fan of their bb creams though!). Thanks for the review and the colours look really lovely on you.

  5. The packaging is so pretty!! and btw I love your nails!! I totally want to do them like that!! and that video! man she has the softest strokes ever! No wonder the vid was so long haha. I love your take on the gradient eyes :)


  6. This judgy face approves!! I should try a khaki smokey one day...
    I've watched a couple of her videos before and she drives me absolutely bonkers with how long she takes to apply errthang!

  7. i wouldn't have patience watching the makeup artist video judging from your description :P love your easter nails and EOTD. which mascara did you use?

  8. Beautiful! the palette has pretty neutral colors.


  9. The packaging is so lovely! And I like how you did your eye makeup! :)

  10. You did an amazing job! I love that make-up artist from Korea, I only follow 2 youtube channels..haha Wendy's Lookbook and Jung Saem Mool! She does the MOST amazing make-up, no gimmicks, very natural, and the colours are nothing outrageous! I love her work! Enjoy that eye shadow pallette, I remember when you got it around xmas :)

  11. Wow, the packaging is sooo pwettyyy, the color look interesting too, bhaha somtimes I apply eyeshadow slowly too and my sister always going crazy because of thattt xD

  12. you always have the prettiest makeup! I love the colors in this palette and your nails!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  13. Your eye shadow palette is super gorgeous, beautiful packaging. Man if i were a model, i would probably fall asleep while getting a makeup done! That is in a good way though. The way she lightly and gently applies makeup and bulid layer and coverage seem tickling. The result is natural and beautiful. Of course yours look stunning and fierce too.

  14. I love the packaging!!! It's a beautiful color palette. Looks awesome on you. LOVE your nails! Rock it girl.

  15. Do you by any chance, know of videos that show how to apply eye make up for those who do not have obvious double eyelids?

  16. Wooooah for Missha that is expensive! Best to wait for saaaale cos we are Asians! XD

    I love how it looks on you though! Very pweetttty! Methinks you did a great job judgy!

    Annnd your nails are so pretty! Hahaha I know how much you like holidays...expect a little easter cheer in your package :P

  17. You look so pretty. I love your makeup. The colors are lovely and your nails are adorable.

  18. Lovely EOTD! You always do such pretty eye makeup!

    Love your blingy nails too!


  19. we have similar nail polish!!! excited!!! LOL

    yeay Big Bang album is out! I miss Taeyang and TOP and GD! ;p

    The Sweetest Escape 

  20. love the pretty pkging of that palette! you have gorgeous eyes... and i love that you love korean music. :)


  21. Such lovely, easy to wear colors!! I'm in love with what you did to your nails though! The glitter is just fab!

  22. Doro! The smokey eyes palette looks great on you!! omg your nails are super duper sparkly! I wish they have that here :DD

  23. The packaging is so pretty. You did a great job with the look. It's certainly different from the rest of the usual smokey eyes.
    Dude, what colour are your eyes? Have we discussed this?

  24. Wow, you got amazing eyes! So pretty!

  25. The casing is so pretty! The palette looks very high end. The colors are pretty but I don't think I would want to spend $23 on it either - especially since the colors are quite light. And I agree that the MUA applies the makeup wayyyy too slow! I was practically falling asleep watching it =_=

    And I loooove Big Bang's new album! Blue and Bad Boy have been playing on loop on my Ipod the past few days lol. I cannot get enough of them, or the rest of the album, for that matter. All the songs are so catchy!

  26. omg the palette's case is stunning! not a complete fan of the color though... on the other hand. wow to the sparkle!

  27. Lovely look!
    Holy crap your nails look fabulous!!!!
    I adore the combo you used~ The glitter just makes it so much more wonderful~

  28. OMG! I love it!!! :D love the product.. and it looks great on you.. :D

    cute nail polish too <3

  29. The dark blue is very pretty and is a nice way to smokey it out instead of using blacks and greys - great eye makeup!

  30. I've actually been hearing a lot about khaki shadow shades lately. Is it the new trend? I can't see the video on my netbook but I bet you still did a good job recreating. :P

    Missha's packaging is really lovely.. makes me want to buy it regardless of how much I like their palette!



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