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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kanebo Kate Volume Gel Mascara

Continuing on with my never ending reviews of stuff I got in Taiwan...

I bought the Kanebo Kate Volume Gel Mascara on a whim while in Watson's. I have never tried a mascara by Kate so I decided to give it a go.

I am guessing the diagram is explaining that this is a "unique brush." But all mascaras claim that their brushes are the most unique, no? lol

The packaging for the Kate line is quite the opposite of every other Japanese drugstore brand. Very plain and sleek. No lace, no butterflies, no flowers!

I picked out this mascara because I have never come across a gel mascara before.
The brush is curved and actually packs on a lot of product onto your lashes.
Oh, and no fibers!! So surprised since most Japanese mascaras have fibers. I was quite pleased with this being fiber-free.

This claims to be a volumizing mascara and I have to say it does thicken and volumize my lashes quite a bit!

However, because this is a "gel" formula, the product is very wet and gloopy.
This mascara is also not waterproof so my lashes do droop a bit throughout the day. It doesn't hold curl as well as I would like it to D:

If you over apply, your lashes can start to look clumpy & spidery. You have to apply in moderation.
But for a non-waterproof mascara, it holds up wonderfully throughout the day.
I wore this in Taiwan, where the weather is rather humid. There was no smudging or flaking of any sort.
Also, it is quite easy to remove compared to other stubborn Japanese mascaras such as the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus.

I would recommend this mascara if you are only concerned with volumizing your lashes. It definitely does what it claims.
If it were waterproof and held a curl better, I would love it much more!


Did my nails!
Deborah Lippmann had a special promotion going on a couple weeks ago where selected glitter polishes were 50% off. So I took the chance to try out her famous glitter polishes.

One of the ones I got was Today Was A Fairytale. So I just found out that this is named after a Taylor Swift song...ew. *judgy face*
I layered the glitter polish over Revlon Steel-her Heart

Today Was A Fairytale is a silver glitter polish with a bluish clear base. This is such a unique polish. Have never seen anything like this before.

It claims that there is Virgin Diamond Powder...whatever the hell that is.
Probably what makes this polish so blingy & sparkly.

With just one coat, I got a pretty even coverage of glitter on my nails. There's definitely no shortage of glitter in this polish, unlike a lot of other glitter polishes out there.
This picture is just here because I think it's cool XD


The video left me very confused in the end...oh well. I don't watch these things so I can have an in depth analysis regarding symbolism & imagery anyway xP
The point is Hongki hehehee *_*
Though the video is pretty much identical to the JYJ In Heaven MV...



  1. What?!? No butterflies and no flowers or glitter up in your face packaging and you still bought it?! ;) When you say gel formula is reminds me of clear mascara a bit. Good to hear it didn't smudge or flake while you were using it vacay. Would have been terrible if it did.

  2. Nice review!! Still jelly of your long lashes~ haha. But they look great!

    Ahh, glitter polishes! *o* WANT. The silver glitters are so pretty! But LOL..they named it Virgin Diamond Powder? Interesting. XD

    HONGKI!!! <3 lol. Love the inserting of JYJ too. keke.

  3. Love the nails! I'd better stay away from this - it will certainly make my pathetic lashes droop!

  4. you have such nicely defined lashes!!

    i do find the fiber mascara to be quite troublesome to remove so glad to hear this one is fiber free.

  5. The mascara looks great on your lashes. Since it's quite wet, it will definitely not work well on me since my lashes uncurl very easily.

    Love that glittery nail polish! I must say that I really like Deborah Lippman polishes, despite them being as expensive as they are. It's great that you were able to get it at 50% off!


  6. Gel mascara?

    I dont trust any of your mascara reviews. Look how long your lashes are full stop!!!! :P Just j/k! Thanks hahahaha.

    LOve the polish!!! I need to get one of those polishes one day but they so expensive. After a taylor swift song? *judgy face x2* .....it is really pretty though!

  7. i don't know but i'm in love with fiber based mascara..
    but i'm solved with the volumizing effect of this one.. i always love your eye shot! very clear and clean!

    nails are simple FABULOUS.. FAB FAB FAB! loveit!

  8. Loving the deborah lipmann polish! So sparkly : ) So the gel mascara doesn't rub off easily as in smudge? even tho its not waterproof? I have problems with my non water proof mascaras all the time..
    p.s what is your fav mascara that holds well?


  9. you have pretty eyes! the mascara looks great... but i agree... i have the typical, asian lashes... and need something that is waterproof and that holds the curl well. great review. :)

    happy friday!

  10. A gel mascara sounds very interesting!! Your eyes are so pretty XD

    Woow I love your nails, you've just enabled me! I want that polish now...*forgets the fact that it's named after Taylor Swift* haha. Like I'm going to forget the fact that the latest MAC Viva Glam Lippie is in collab with Nicki Minaj! XD

    Hahaha Hongkiiii <3 I was thinking the same thing, it's exactly like In Heaven and kinda similar to 2AM's You Wouldn't Answer My Calls. What's with Korean MVs and turning back time haha.


  11. I love volumizing mascara. Your lashes look fab.

  12. Oh~ DL polish! It is so pretty!

  13. Nice! You have such pretty eyes.

    Thanks for the review on this mascara. I know it is from Taiwan but what store is it from? Do they have an online website.

    Great post.

  14. The mascara sounds and looks pretty good but I'm a bit put off by the wet gloopy formula. My lashes droop if I don't use a waterproof formula so I think this mascara isn't such a good choice for me. It really does volumize yours really well though.

    And I love the Deborah Lippman polish! So jealous that you got it for 50% off! Haha I actually really love Taylor Swift btw ^^

  15. I haven't ever heard of a gel mascara either, but I loved your review. Sounds like it is not perfected yet.

    Your nails look amazing. DL nail polishes seem really expensive. It is nice to know they are quality.


  16. It's a gorgeous black mascara! Nice, I love your nails!


  17. I'm just blown away by your long eyelashes. I've got barely any double eyelid so any mascara I ever use is just a waste of money. So very envious!

  18. How many coats of mascara did you apply in this picture? Your lashes are very perky.

  19. What not to love here, your eye makeup never fails to impress me. Always look fierce and great. The nail polish combo is beautiful too.

  20. I LIKE your nails! They are cool :D

  21. Oh I love your nails. *sparkle addict*
    I really like the sleek design of the mascara, sucks that it makes your lashes droop though, ;sigh; finding a good mascara is so hard!

  22. beautiful nails - the glitter again the metallic silver/grey works so well together!



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