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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Bang Blue MV *Spazzzz*

I don't have time for a lengthy blabby post tonight so let's just take a moment and spazz over this new Big Bang video.
Ahhh I lahve this song! So soothing ♥♥♥

Still not feeling TOP's gross toothpaste-inspired hair color. Seriously, WTF?! *judgy face* 

But I must admit he's still quite badass in the video.
Rapping under the Manhattan Bridge...like a boss ^o^

 Credit: dushevka@tumblr

HAHAHAHA Taeyang *Forever Alone*

Credit: bigbanggifs@tumblr

Ok, spazzing over. 
As you were.



  1. Catchy though idk if im loving this video. Stil gonna swoon over it though coz its big bang hahha

  2. Heeheee can't believe how fast vips are! XD gifs made so quick.

    ...Seriously not digging taeyang's scarf around his head....Or TOP's hair. Luckily the whole thing is tinted a bit blue so i can almost think it's blonde and not smurf coloured.

  3. I'm liking this song. It sounds like more like old Big Bang. T.O.P's funky hair colors really need to go. Did they only have $ in the budget to hire the one girl?!! I could swear one of the building tops they're on is on my neighborhood. I missed my chance to stalk lol.

  4. TOP is's really cool -whatever "make over" or reinvention, he's still Mr. cool! Taeyang looks pretty funny with his bandana though!!

  5. i looove these boys! cant wait to hear all the other songs!!!

  6. big bang comeback! nice tune. top's hair doesn't look as blue in the video.

  7. Haha!! I remember when they released the concept pics.. I was like.. Wow everyone waited this long for their comeback and they dress um like that?!

    Plus LOL at the white girl in the vid! I know they filmed in the US, but I always find it funny when Asian groups use local non asian actresses.

    But this is a great song!

    ps. LMFAO one of my captcha words is "yourears"

  8. Love the song but like you, not feeling the hair color!! >:[

  9. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ the song!!

    hahaha their hairs! I don't like any of their hairstyles except Taeyang's because it's still the same? XD

    Can't wait for the whole album to come out!

  10. I may be the only one who likes all the funky hair colours. haha
    I'm still not sure how I feel about the song. I like it but I don't know if I LOVE it.



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