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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Taiwan Trip: Yilan (宜蘭)

I took over 500 pictures on my trip so to prevent your internet from exploding, I will probably break up my vacation posts by place or city I went to. You will probably be seeing Taiwan posts for the next month or so =P

We arrived in Taipei at around 6am. I was rather sleep deprived & not able to function. But that night was my grandma's 80th birthday party (the reason my family & I flew back) so I had to find a way to start functioning asap.

Before setting off to the party location, we stopped off for some food.

We went to a place that sells Beef Noodle Soup (牛肉麵) which is my dad's favorite. He's obsessed & orders it everywhere he goes.

I wasn't really hungry due to jetlag but ordered anyway. Can't afford to skip a meal when you're on vacation, right?! XD

My aunt ordered the Tomato Beef Noodle Soup for me. The tomatoes make the soup really sweet. The beef is cooked for a long time so it practically melts in your mouth. Really good!
Beef Noodle Soup is a must eat if you go to Taiwan.

Marinated bean curd & egg side dish. This is served cold.
Oh...I think a bit of marinated pig ear was in this dish too. It's very...crunchy. Makes sense since it's just cartilage hahaha

I don't know what this is called in English. But it's good. Some type of soy bean curd thingy.

Then we all (all as in 4 cars of people lol) set off to Yilan (宜蘭) for my grandma's birthday party.
Yilan (Wikipedia entry) is about a 45min drive from Taipei without traffic. It's near the ocean so there's a lot of beautiful scenery & good seafood.
Ok, it's kind of the middle of nowhere to be honest LOL but a lot of people like to go there for weekend getaways because there are a lot of hot springs.

We stopped by the Mr. Brown Coffee Castle (伯朗咖啡城堡) before the party.
This place is located on the top of a mountain and I seriously thought we were gonna die on the drive up there hahahaha omg sooo windy & steep. But we made it there alive.
Really sucked that it was a rainy & overcast day because it was hard to see the scenery.

On a clear day, the view would've been amazing.

Mr. Brown Coffee is a very popular chain in Taiwan.

The castle is 2 stories high and has a rooftop area where you can check out the scenery. It was so cold & raining that day so I wasn't able to go see -_-
The place is always crowded. There were both locals and tourists.

I thought the coffee here was ok. The service was really slow since there was so many customers.
I also ordered a slice of cake. Really good! So fluffehhhh ^o^
So cheap too. This was only $1.50 USD.

The glass ceilings remind me of Hogwarts hehehe

I would recommend checking this place out if you're in the area & the weather is nice. It's a great place to relax and check out the view.
Here is the address & information:

Mr. Brown Coffee Castle Yilan (伯朗咖啡頭城城堡咖啡館)
King Car Toucheng Afforestation Park
Time: Monday-Sunday 8:00AM ~ 7:00PM
(7:30AM~7:30PM weekends and holidays)
Telephone: 0924-020-088
Address: 宜蘭縣 頭城鎮 外澳里8鄰石空路95號 (Map)

Check out this blog for more pictures & info!


Then it was off to my grandma's party! It was a semi-family reunion since everyone flew back from either China or US just for the party.
I can't remember the name or place of the restaurant but it was in a rather secluded area hahaha there are tons of similar seafood restaurants in that area though.
Basically everything was some form of seafood & tasted amazing ^o^

Sashimi platter. Complimentary fish head O.o

The crab that tasted sooo sweet, really different from the crab I've had in US.
The sticky rice on the side was really good too. Am pretty sure they cooked that with lard lol

Giant shrimp/mini lobster hybrid thing.

Meal would not be complete without beer!

Fried ham hock. 
I usually am not a fan of this dish but wow, this was amazing. It melted in your mouth. And probably clogged a few of my arteries..

This was the weirdest dish ever. No idea what it is. My cousin said it was chicken kidneys but I think he just named a random organ hahaha 
Didn't try this!

Gigantic seafood soup dumplings.

Another lobster/shrimp hybrid-type creature. 
Have never seen anything like this before. The texture is just like lobster though.

Black chicken soup.
Even the flesh is kinda dark, like a murky grey color hahaha 
Apparently this type of chicken "makes you stronger." Whatever, I don't need to be stronger, I am strong enough XD

Dessert is this mashed taro dish.
Kinda like mashed potatoes but with taro root? It's very sweet & starchy.

After dinner, we proceeded to take family photos for 30 minutes. So many failed attempted because the waitress that was helping us take it had no idea how to use a digital camera...or a camera in general. *face palm*
Overall, great party, great food. Huzzah!!


Will end with a Wang Leehom video since this post is about Taiwan and because he's super hawt *_*
Dude certainly has my heartbeat going! aaaahahahahahaha ^o^



  1. You got the royal treatment over there! The food looks delicious!

  2. Oh man...the food pics are making me hungry!!! XD I could use some nice, warm beef noodle soup rn! Looks like you had quite a good variety of dishes to try/not try! lol. I wouldn't touch some of these either..but they definitely made good photo ops!

    Yayyyy~ can't wait to see more posts!!

    Wang Lee Hom!!!! He's indeed a fineee lookin' man. ;]

  3. wootsall the food looks yummy, i like the beef noddle and the soy bean curd stuff looks like sth i used to eat. not sure whats its called either. i definitely enjoy your taiwan trip post,can't wait for moreeee.

  4. Oh my...everything looks beautiful, delicious, and did I say delicious?

    I am so hungry now!!!

  5. What an amazing trip! Such amazing food! Thanks for sharing!

  6. So much food! Your post made me hungry. Most of the dishes looked so yummy. There were a few that I don't think I would have tried.

    Can't wait for your future posts.


  7. All this food and wonderment has truly lifted my morning! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Oh my gosh, could the good look any better!! Thank gosh it's dinner time here... but I bet my dinner will be nothing compared to those delicious meals you've got there!

  9. I love beef noodle soup ! It was the best in tw!! And leehomis awesome! Love this song!! Can't wait to see more pics :)

  10. ehhh!! i'm going to really enjoy looking through your taiwan pictures!! yay! to a full month of tpe pictures!! i'm hoping to go there towards the end of this year.. i'm so jealous looking at all your yummy food pictures!! i love cake in taiwan.. it's always so light and just the tiny hint of sweetness and SOOO MUCH whip cream.. hahah i love it!

  11. OMG so much goooooood foooooood!!!!

    I am going off to make my lunch now because my stomach is grumbling so loud T.T

  12. gaaaaaahhhh everything looks superbbbbbb!
    i want to go there! hahha those heavenly foodie.. nome nome nome

  13. So envious! I lived in Taiwan as a cild and miss the food so much! Happy weekend!

  14. "Apparently this type of chicken "makes you stronger." Whatever, I don't need to be stronger, I am strong enough XD"

    ahaha you're so cute!!

    Soo many yummy food!! And that weird
    dish looks like intestines?! XD

  15. Mmmm beef noodle soup! That was the best in TW for sure! Your dad is on the ball :) haha Lee hom is drools as well :) I love his songs! Such a talented artist! Can't wait for the next set of pictures :)


  16. You sure had so much fun... and food! :D Great pics ^^ alsonice to have you back.


  17. GAHHHHHH I am hungry nowwww!!
    Feed meeeeee!!

  18. OMG I love Mr. Brown Coffee! All the food looks really great, I def. want to try beef stew someday. We want to go to Taiwan for our honeymoon because my best friend also lives there.

  19. How sweet of everyone to fly back to celebrate your Grandma's b-day. :D Is that Mr. Brown Coffee the one w/ the guy on the can? I haven't tried it but think I've seen it before. Yum...I love beef noodle soup! I wouldn't mind some of that crab and sticky rice too...hehe. *^_^*

  20. All that food looks so tasty!
    Making me jealoussss!

  21. omgish~ super drool at all ur food porn pixx here. >_<!!! I never had sashimi with the head next to it. I think it would be a little scary! haha. but overall, omgish. made me so super hungry!

    n i also looked at your haul post. omgish. so jealous! super want to go shoppping now. esp in Taiwan! hahahhah

    nice posts dear! <3
    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

    I"m hosting a giveaway!!

  22. I loved learning about the food and seeing you pictures from Taiwan. Can't wait to see ,ore about your trip. You have such an interesting life:)


  23. I've got relatives in Taiwan but have yet to visit them. We tend to meet somewhere else. The food! Oh my goodness, the FOOD! It's enough to make me jump on the plane. I'm so deprived of Asian food here.

  24. Hii!! wow Doro the mashed taro dish looks soo good! I envy you hahah I've only had black chicken a handful of times since its quite hard to find here!

  25. Mmm everything looks so delicious! If there's one thing I miss about China, it's the food. Everything was so cheap there and we always had seafood and expensive dishes at almost every meal. Definitely very different from the dinner I'm used to eating here haha.

    And that is one of my favorite songs from Wang Lee Hom! ^^

  26. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing your trip pictures with all of us. I look forward to your future posts. I'm learning so much. The food looks so good :)


  27. WHY MUST YOU HAVE SUCH GOOD FOOD PHOTOS. Making me drool at 3am lol~ Taiwan looks like another good country to visit... hello good food!

  28. Girl, I am having serious food cravings just by trading your post. Amazing and delicious dishes minus black chicken and a few things. A tad bit too exotic for me..haha. Really look forward to more photos.

  29. I need to go back...the coffee shop looks awesome, only $1.50 for that cake? That'd be easily $5 at starbucks! Also grandpa's dinner looked awesome aside from the black chicken. My mom once bought it and made it for part of our thanksgiving meal...hmmm it was not very popular and my brother kept asking my mom if the chkn had died...haha yes they always do.

  30. That's the one thing i love about traveling to Asia... FOOD... and CHEAP food at that!!! haha!

  31. I want to visit that coffee shop too!! I love the decor! Your trip looks awesome so far! =D

  32. seems like you had a great time meeting up with families, eating and shopping :) i love tea eggs!!



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