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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Taiwan Trip: Xi Men Ding (西門町)

Xi Men Ding (西門町) is one of my favorite places to shop when I go to Taipei.
It's located in the Wanhua District (萬華區) in Taipei. [Wikipedia entry]

Before I was let loose to shop like cray, we went to get dimsum first.
*cue obligatory food pictures*

Pan fried radish...cakes? No idea what they are called in English but in Chinese, it's Luo Bo Gao (蘿蔔糕).

BBQ pork puff pastry pies

Stewed chicken feet
Excuse my aunt trying to make the foot give me the finger...how mature XD

Sticky chicken rice wrapped in leaves

Shrimp dumplings

BBQ pork buns


Sesame glutinous rice balls with red bean filling

Steamed custard bun

Mango pudding
Slightly ruined by the gross minty cherry on top >.>


After dimsum, it was time to shop!!
Xi Men Ding is a closed off area where cars are not allowed. Meaning you can shop in peace without worrying that a motorcycle was gonna run you over!
There are tons of shops and stalls that sell all types of bits and bobs for pretty cheap prices. 

If you are looking for a place that has Korean cosmetics stores, Xi Men Ding is the place to go. 
The Face Shop, Tony Moly, & Nature Republic are all next door to each other. So go cray!

The Face Shop was the most crowded & popular store out of the 3 brands. 
We spent almost an hour inside this store.
Those SAs just won't stop talking to you! It's like a vortex. They suck you in and you can't leave till you are tricked into buying a boatload of stuff.

Kim Hyun Joong's face was plastered all over the store.
Lucky for Nunu, I took pictures of the creepy posing for her viewing pleasure, bahahahahaha =P

Because I can't not take a fobby photo if I come across a cutout of a kpop star.
Look, we even match! (Am positive Nunu is giving me judgy face for this ^o^)

When I thought I had seen enough kpop stars being whored out by makeup brands, I walked over to Nature Republic.
This brand chose to whore out Jang Geun Suk. He looks like an elf creature lost in an enchanted forest.
Can you "FEEL THE NATURE"? ^o^

And yes, of course I took a photo next to this cutout but it came out too fob so I refuse to post it!
So this will just be of him, posing like a diva.

By the time I finished taking pictures of kpop celebrity cutouts it was already dark. -_-

And I was hungry...again.
We went to the super famous Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle (engrish much??)
There are apparently a lot of locations in Taiwan but this is the original one.

This place is always ridiculously crowded & there's no tables. Only a few dinky stools. 
They only sell one item. The "flour-rice noodle" lol. It's a thick soup with short rice noodle & cuttlefish balls. 

It comes out piping hot & they add cilantro, hot sauce, garlic & vinegar I think. Really really good! 
MUST EAT if you go to Xi Men Ding. Just ask anyone there where this place is & they will direct you.
It is located across the walkway from the Nike store.
Omg, this was so hard to eat while standing, but totally worth it!

Then I was thirsty so I went next door for a drank.
This is passion fruit with coconut jelly thingies & tapioca pearls. Only ~$1.50 USD :O

There are so many little shops that sell jewelry, lashes, accessories, clothes, shoes. If you want, Xi Men Ding probably sells it. 
Lots of young people hang out here. It's supposedly a "hip area." I'm not hip but I come here anyway, whatevs =P

Went to Mister Donut to buy the next day's breakfast!

The Pon De Strawberry is my fave!! I think that Mister Donut is better than donuts in the US. These look cuter and the texture is completely different. 
The Pon De Ring has a very chewy texture. Oh how I miss them!

Cute!! I couldn't help squealing like a loser in the store. People probably thought I was a tourist from some middle-of-nowhere place who'd never seen a donut before XD

I was too busy shopping so I didn't even remember to take pictures of the stores. And they probably would've given me stank eye if I tried to take pictures. Therefore, I mainly have pictures of food!


What's the hottest time of day?
......yeah, I'm kool like that.



  1. i so miss tat place
    i cannot wait to go in march!

  2. Mister DOnut's Pon De Ring is yums! I like the chewy texture too :D

    Lol so many korean boy superstar endorsing Korean cosmetic stores XD

  3. Aw love your photos! Looks like you had a brilliant time ^~^

    And all these Korean boys advertising for MAKEUP - I still don't understand why, since they don't wear makeup (well, technically anyway)!

  4. I love Luo bo gao! and those sesame glutinous rice balls with red bean!! hhaha and Jang Geun Suk! Those korean guys!! Loving these TW pics! :)


  5. OM NOM NOM NOM. We've decided we are going to have dim sum on a whim because of your photos.


    I loooooooooooove pon de ring so much! So tasty. Dw I squeal when I get in those shops too. They probably think the same thing of me xD

  6. OMFG i'm so hating on you right now!!! wthhhh all the food you took photos of, they're all my faves when i go dimsummmmmmm T____T" why didnt u send me some???

  7. awwww i am so intrigued with mister Donut Pon de rings and the passion fruit with coconut jelly yum!!
    I enjoyed reading this post.. thank you for sharing it with us... i am excited to travel with my family, well hope next next month! huhu
    Gong Xi Fa Chai! all the best in this year of the water dragon!

  8. Man I can totally relate to your post...I love Taipei tooooooo! The food and the shopping and the people...all awesome :-)

  9. LOL geeze you should have went around taking photos of all this models so we could play "How well do you know your K-pop idols!!!" xDD

    I showed my mom the photos of kim hyun joong and she nearly died. (she LOVES HIM.

    love all the photos!!

  10. Omg everything looks soo good!! hahaha at your aunt :D The Korean Celebs cut outs are always infront of stores! I think they do work in terms of selling things with their charms O_O

  11. The food looks so good!! I miss Taiwan!! The boys in the ads all look so so pretty! haha!

  12. Ohhhh Girl! Those foodie pics are to die for. SUPER YUM! That soup with cilantro looks really good. And Mmmm donuts! That is a great shopping spot! Thanks for sharing your pics. Keep them coming. Oh and your pics with the KPop Idols are too cute.


  13. Great pics - except for the chicken feet!

  14. I am giving you so much judgy face and stank eye for those photos! you even threw fob signs!!
    Dear god that person is a man??!! I seriously thought it was a girl, look he even has curly wispy bits of hair at the side of his face!
    Oh mah gahhhh I miss noodle threads :0~

  15. Yummy food, shopping heaven and Korean celebs?! I wanna go!! XD <3

  16. AHHHHHHHHHHH MR. DONUT!! omgosh the strawberry is my favorite too!! i love the texture it's so chewy almost like light cake.. with tapioca or something.. weird haha but SO NOMMY! *sigh* i'm jelly those dim sum picks LOOK SOOO GOOD!

  17. Haha, I didn't know guys wore makeup! I thought only models did, so I'm quite surprised right now! The food looks delicious and I want to visit Taiwan one day, but I'm always afraid of getting lost. XD

  18. Hot dang those noodles look good! I always hear about the donuts being better there. Even though I love my Krispy Kreme, I still want to try Mister Donut someday...hehe. ;)

    (I think they were trying to charge $150 b/c they just could. Pretty cray, right?)

  19. you had me at dimsum. and oh my gosh. I have not had Mr. Donut in such a long time. their donuts are so delicious and cute!!!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  20. I just ate and now I'm feeling hungry again!!! D: SOOO MUCH GOOD FOOD...oh my goodness. Legit!!!! And Korean beauty shopping~ ahaha...guess it wouldn't be so complete w/o idols posing from corner to corner. LOL

    Donuts look super cute and yummy too! Why don't they have these in the states.... T_T

    "Everything happens for a re-sun~ everything happens for a re-sun" XD

  21. O my goodness it looks like so much fun. I've always wanted to try pon de ring donuts!

  22. Looks like you have so much fun!
    Haven't been to a dim sum for a month!!! Miss it definitely :)

    The Sweetest Escape 

  23. Wow! Taiwan has such yummy food >< I was drooling over your dimsum pics!
    Thank you for your comment :)

  24. Dim sum is my favorite food ever! Your pictures make me hungry and miss everything . Great post!

  25. Oh yum. The steamed custard buns are my favourite - I have frozen ones in my freezer right now but they're not the same as getting them fresh!

  26. Everything looks SO good. That left me wondering why there are no such cute things in the US, so lacking cute factors!! I am drooling over dim sum, noodle and drink. I want to go to Asia like right now!!

  27. Hopefully I can make my first trip to Taiwan later this year, crossing my fingers:) Nice photos!

  28. Great photos. The food looks so delicious.

  29. A lot of the food looks really good... but I've seen it before.

    Those doughnuts on the other hand are completely new to me. I'd look like more of a tourist than you. Trust me.

  30. I usually call luo bo gao carrot cake.. idk if this is the correct term though hahaha.

    I'm not sure if we have Tony Moly over here but I do like the ambassador - Song Joong Ki!!!

  31. OMG! So they're called Luo Bo Gao!!! I've had them before (I usually buy them from this shop in China Town) and I soooooooooo love them. I had no idea radish was in them though!!! The rice balls with red bean inside are my favourite too. Craving all these foods now. ><

    I honestly think I would love shopping there. I need to go one of these days! Ah, one can hope...

    and yay 2pm babies!! :D♥

  32. Fooooooooood!! Zomg. Want want want. Youre such a tease~~~~

    Glad you had fun taking pics of all the Korean cut-outs & posters!! ;D hahaha you do match!

  33. OMG that dimsum looks absolutely AMAZING!!!! The only place I can get dimsum in Chicago is in chinatown and well, lets just say that the ambiance...is hmmmm lacking? In any case, your trip is fab and I really want to go to Taiwan! Plus I want to get my qipao :)

  34. I LOVE Taechyeon and Wooyoung! :O**** Your dimsum pictures are making me hungry -____-


  35. your pictures are making me more eager to go. which restaurant did you go to for dim sum? in general, do people speak english there?



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