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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Taiwan Trip: Taipei 101

You can't possibly visit Taipei and not check out Taipei 101.

The tree is two different shades of green O.o

It's a rather touristy spot but I like going there to eat and shop.
Ok, mainly window shop since most of the shops, except Zara, are too klassy for me lol.

Forever the Asian favorite >.>
It's more crowded than a supermarket in there!


We went to eat at the ever so popular Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) to see what the fuss is all about.
The restaurant is located on B1, where the food court is. This is supposed to be the biggest Din Tai Fung location in the world.
Yeah...it was packed. So many tourists! You had to get a ticket and wait for your number to be called. Cray cray!

The menu is very tourist friendly. It's in Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese.

The restaurant is very well decorated. There's huge glass panels so you can see the Xialongbaos being made.

Din Tai Fung is famous around the world for their Xialongbaos.

The minions are constantly wrapping and steaming.

Below is what we ordered =]
Marinated bean curd thingy as appetizer.

Orginial Xiaolongbaos (of course)
These really are very good. The skin is paper thin & there's piping hot soup inside. Very flavorful!

These are a different flavor, shrimp and some sort of vegetable. Sorry, forgot the name D:
I prefer the original though.

Sauteed vegetables

Pork chop fried rice

Overall, the food was good but not amazing. Yes, the XLBs were delicious but I would not line up with the other crazies to eat here again.
I do think it was much better than the Din Tai Fung in LA though. More authentic, I suppose.
I think there are a ton of other places to eat in Taipei that are just as good, if not better.

The prices are high, since it's mainly for tourists.
I think it's overrated! Every Din Tai Fung location in Taiwan will have a line going out the door.
I really do not understand why so many people around the world are so obsessed with this place. To each his own I guess =\

Here is the information for the Taipei 101 location:
鼎泰豐 - Din Tai Fung 
B1F., No.45, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110,
Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 02-8101-7799
Business hours:
Fri,Sat&Before Holiday:11:00-22:00   


The food court at Taipei 101 also has tons of great things to eat. On a completely different level than the crap food courts you find in US malls. 
I love the bubble tea drinks at Coco. So cheap too!

The cream puffs here are soooo good. I forget the name but it is right across from Coco.
I highly recommend the mango cream puff.

Mos Burger! My fave XD


I cannot wait till the whole video is released *\^o^/* 
Brillianttttt omg *spazz* 
Ok, aside from the creepy "JYP Se7en" whispering hahahha


P.S. I have no internet and I'm dying!!!! Had to go to my cousin's place to use internet & write this post. How dedicated am I, huh?? xP


  1. woot! i love all your Taiwan posts lol. Yes DTF is overrated even in Malaysia,don't understand why people queue for overpriced food and crowded place. I've tasted better ones in smaller restaurants.

    The pork chop does look yummy thou,I AM HUNGRYYYYYY NOWWWWW....ok end of story heh.

  2. yay! i was waiting for the 101 post :)!!!

    i will def check out the Coco and the cream puff place next time i visit!

    omgosh i LOVE mos burger the shredded beef and rice pattie burger and their large fried chicken patty is SOOO GOOD!

    haha i love din tai fung too but it's seriously ridiculous how long the lines are!

  3. That's dedication indeed! Is your cousin's place far? And how did he/she feel about you blogging? Do your family members actually know about your blog?

  4. Beautiful photos!

  5. I went to Din Tai Fung when I was in Hong Kong with a couple of blogger friend, it was so busy (eps as it was Sunday too).
    I don't get the hype too haha, it was yummy but not amazingly yummy XD

    Eeeeeee Se7en!! <3

  6. are u taiwanese?
    im hoping to go to taiwan again in november :) it will be nice if it comes true hahaha~ we're still in the middle of planning haha but seeing ur photos makes me really wanna go!!!!

  7. i love mos burgers!!! i haven't been back to asia for so long... your post made me miss them!!!

  8. Couldn't agree more! Din Tai Fung is sooo overrated! Haha. But I guess that's just me cause my cousins keep telling me it's the best food they've ever eat :s

    looks like a super fun trip!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  9. OMG! xiao long bao + bubble tea = happiness! LOL! =)

  10. OMG 101?? OK is the bella vita post next? AHHHH, my parents took so pix for me and brought me back a mall book and they have Roger Vivier store in there ahhhh! Ok and as for that restaurant, ding tai fung, I must try it if I visit CA sometime! I love LOVE Xiaolongbao! OMG it is too yummy :) They need to open a store on Michigan Avenue and take down that wow bao place..omg so not the same.

  11. I loved reading all of this! What an amazing trip, and all of that yummy food, yowza! I would love to go there and visit one day.


  12. I remember going to Mo's Burger in Tokyo, is it the same chain? Din Tai Fung in LA and Hong Kong are always crowded too.

  13. The x-mas tree is so cute with gift boxes! It looks like you had a blast and I'm glad to hear. :)

  14. lol i remember mos burger from Japan and didn't really like it? I don't know why? Rice burger isn't like a burger at all.. haha but those XLB!! they look good!!


  15. I love JYP nation!! The food looks delicious!


  16. I just had Ding Tai Feng couple days ago too! It was good! I remmeber the first time I had that more than 10 years ago in Taiwan and thought it was SOOOO amazing! Did you go to Spark at 101? I heard its a lot of fun too!

  17. All this food is making me hungry and I actually have a sarnie on my desk for lunch. It looks like a shit sarnie now! lol

  18. Mango puff!!!! Xiao long bao!!! I'd kill for any of these right now hahaha

  19. I queued forever for Din Tai Fung as well but I thought it was worth it...I guess we don't get such good dumplings in Tokyo haha!!

  20. I love Xiaolongbaos, but I don't think I would wait for too long for those. I never knew they came in anything other than pork. My friend told me about this place, so it's cool to see photos of it. :)

  21. FOOOOOOOOD. zomg, now i want some xiao long bao T.T

  22. YUM YUM YUM!! XD Oooh! Din Tai Fung is so close to where I live. lol. Is that where you ate the last time you were in LA? heh heh.

    Cream puffs WANT~~ Mos Burger...WANT EVEN MORE! <3

    LOL...JYP's creepy whispers...aish..

  23. The food looks so yummy. :Q____
    I LOVE how we were basically all trolled by JYP and YG. XD I'm so into that song.

  24. Taiwan looks amazing! I'll be sure to visit... my hubby has a buddy there!! My hubs is really obsessed with MOS burgers haha

  25. Wah all this amazing food! I want to try Mos burgers!!! I never got a chance while I was in hk T_T That's a crazy line up to have some dumplings and a few dishes, my dad would never do it because he's sooo impatient booo! I never though I'd want to visit Taiwan but this post made me change my mind!

    P.s I also read your review on your previous post about the strawberry mask and the stuff looks so organic, it looks just like strawberry jam!!! =D

    Wah! I hope you can still get your hands on some of the skinfood stuff through ebay, don't you just hate forgetting something on a trip. Not stuff like your own clothes etc. but having regrets on not buying something or kicking yourself because you forgot to go to a store etc. I always have these feelings once I hit home!

  26. Yay, 101 post! I agree 101 looks like the sort of place you'd just window-shop, but since it's always mentioned, I was always curious and really want to go anyway.

    Oh, they have MOS Burger there, too? I was never a fan of burgers (except McD's), but MOS totally changed my mind. So, SO yummy, right??

    Awww I know what you mean about no internet. I was dying during my travels and some hotels had terrible internet service.

  27. DTF in L.A isn't all that like you said but at least the one in Taipei is better. That being said, I probably wouldn't line up for it. :\ I've had better XLBs in Shanghai. @_@ And Mos Burger! I've seen it in HK but never stepped foot in. Perhaps next time I should. :)

  28. checking out your taipei post. how long was the wait at din tai fung? so, this location is more expensive than the other location in taipei?

  29. yay! llovee love ur taiwan post.. food porn is the best hahahah!



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