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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Taiwan Makeup Haul!!

I'm baaaaack ヾ(◕‿◕)ノ
Miss me? hehehe

Currently have jetlag which causes me to fall asleep at random times of the day without even realizing it =_=
The trip was wonderful and definitely didn't seem long enough! Will be posting pictures of my trip soon :D

But most importantly...wanna show errrbody all the makeup I got!
So...I didn't realize I got this much stuff till I got back to the US & unpacked. Guess I got a little carried away whilst shopping XD

Biore Pore Packs are so cheap in Taiwan compared to here.
Uhh..not sure when I will be able to finish 8 boxes but at least they don't expire!

Stocked up on those magical Nexcare acne stickers.

My favorite hair mask & favorite cleansing oil.

Enough mascara to last me at least 1 year.
Majolica Majorca & Kiss Me both released new mascaras!

Trying different liquid liners.
Also stocked up on my favorite Integrate Micro Slim Eyebrow Pencil (so much cheaper in TW omg)

Only got one eyeshadow palette. Quite proud of myself lol
But went a tad blush crazy...

Stuff from The Face Shop.
No...did not pay for the Kim Hyun Joong calendar, was a GWP hahaha

Trying Hadalabo since it is so cheap in Taiwan.
Stocked up on sunscreen.

Hello Kitty lotion & lip balm.
Found this at...7-Eleven lol!

Foaming net & some of those weird konjac sponges I have always wanted to try.

Took forever to find the SexyLook Hello Kitty masks!!

A lotttttt of masks. My aunt threw out the boxes when she packed them for me lol

Jill Stuart is still expensive in Taiwan but definitely more reasonably priced than online. Just realized how ridiculously marked up JS makeup is online!

Most of the stuff I got at Sasa, Watson's, or Cosmed.
Watson's is seriously on every corner in Taipei. I dropped in almost everyday & usually never came out empty handed ^o^

So I am definitely on No-Buy status...indefinitely!


Oh how I've missed posting kpop videos!
I quite like MBLAQ teeheee ^o^
Video reminds me of the movie Wanted with Angelina Jolie!

Hope all of you have been well and that your new year is off to a good start!!
Can't wait to catch up on all the blog posts I've missed (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


  1. Yay glad you're back and your trip was awesome. I would haul a lot if I went to Taiwan as well. Great purchases, those acne stickers are fun and so gross to look at after lol like the pore strips. Ah head spa! I know Fuzkittie liked it a lot but I can never find it in stores. The HK mascara is darling. I have Hadolabo too, I really need to work it into my routine. Enjoy the MBD masks, I love the Earl Gray one.

  2. Damnit! I just came back from HK and scrolling through your purchases has made me remember that I forgot to buy face masks, soap net and hair masks! Gahhh!


  3. Such a cool haul! I need to try Hadalabo and a few masks, and Face shop stuff... So envious! Many congrats!

    take care

  4. Welcome back! This ought to keep you busy for a few months!!

  5. Missed you mucho!! ^^

    Awesome haul!!! Dang that's a lot of pore packs. XD Looks like you're set on make-up...for now. hehe. Please post reviews on the mascaras and liners, chuseyo!

    HAHA..KHJ. I see he's still promoting strongly with The Face Shop.

    LOL. Your face masks in plastic baggies. So cute.

    MBLAQ! That was quite an intense ending.. o-o

  6. AHHHH! Face maskkkksss~~~ I wanna get the earl grey tea online but not sure if it's authentic =(

  7. Welcome back! WOW!!! Awesome haul. The Hello Kitty masks look so cute. Glad that you got to shop and it was bargains compared to what we pay for in the States.


  8. wow, you bought a lot from Taiwan
    and so many beauty diary masks :D make a review which one u like the best please :D

  9. AHHH so jealous you were in taiwan.. i've been dying to go back recently!! i've been cravvving night market food so badly haha

    i love those nexcare pimple stickers.. did you see the ones that are shaped like stars and hearts?? hahah i thought those were hilarious.

    omgosh i so want to get tons of jill stuart stuff when i go back! the online prices are RIDICULOUS!

    can't wait to see your taiwan pics :)!

  10. Wow, lovely stuff! I use biore pore strips every week! the regular one though...i see you've got some canmake and kate products! Really want to hear about those jill stuart products! I'm totally on a no-buy too...at least until end of feb!

  11. WTHHHHH you've spoiled yourself with so much makeup!!! me so jelly!!! >____<" what a nice haul maknae...i think everyhting's gonna last you a thousand years!!

  12. Welcome back ^^ I was looking forward to your haul post from Taiwan XD Thats alot of mask and pore packs!!

  13. LOL can you imagine what it'd look like if you were stopped at customs? Be like wtf woman you are hella black-heady? WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    But in all seriousness I am glad you're back. :)

    Lots of lovely stuff that you hauled there. Looks like you're all set for mascaras and eyeliners for the next year.

  14. Awesome haul! Asian beauty products are the bomb!

  15. omg your haul is soo huge!! hahaha I used to stock up on the biore nose packs too, the black ones are awesome!! I would never be able to finish 8 boxes of those pore strips xD

    omgg Jill Stuart!! review please :DD

  16. omg what are those Nexcare bandaids? They look so cool, I should have picked up some while in HK!

  17. Ohhh so jealous of your makeup haul! I like to buy heaps when I go overseas because compared to say US or Aus the prices are so cheap! Kiss Me has a new mascara? Review!! :)


  18. Wakow!! Wot a haul!
    I'm jealous, I need to do a huge asian cosmetics haul soon as I am running out of everything and then my real face will show through and we all know how that will go.
    I saw that calendar when I was at the NYC Faceshop. It disturbed me greatly that a man was posing like that for photos.

  19. oh so cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  20. Welcome back girl! I love your haul!!! I picked up the 3m stickers too when I was in Taiwan. lol I was so amazed! Sasa was such an awesome store! :) Great post! Please reveal your Jill Stuart products! <3

  21. that is an amazing haul. i'm so glad for not missing this post as i'm going to taipei in april! yay! i can't find sasa on google maps. is it located at every corner too?

    can't wait to see your taiwan posts and maybe copy some itinerary.

  22. oh gosh. I am so envious of your Biore stash. I wish I could stock up on those, but cheaply! AND all the HK stuff is just too adorbs. Don't even get me started on Jill Stuart. don't even.

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  23. OMG great haul!! HAHA the black pore strips are the best and of course stock up even though it looks dodgy XD

    I miss shopping in Asia!

    LOL the calender is a great GWP, are you a KHJ fan?

  24. amazing haul!!!

    :D you gotta review those Hadalabo products, I've seen them everywhere but have yet to give them a try.

    Oooh I love Sasa.. xD when I went to HK I went crazy in Sasa as well..lol

  25. oh my, you hauls look amazing!!
    i want those biore sunscreens!!!

  26. Welcome back!! :D Asia haul posts are the BEST! Man, it always makes me wish we had a Watson's or Sasa here...haha XD You need to reveal your JS goodies!

  27. that's an awesome makeup haul!! I heard that a lot of the Japanese cosmetics are really cheap in Japan - Jill Stuart is one of them!! I definitely want to go one day! I really cant wait to haul when I go to Hong Kong haha

  28. Oooo you are back! What an awesome haul and 8 boxes of biore?? WOW! I don't use those as frequently. I would love to try the nexcare, 1+30 yrs old and I still get freakin zits!!!!!

  29. you got sooooooooooo much stuff!!!! I have a few of the things you got (recently got into HL, in love!)

  30. Welcome back and Thanks for your comment! You got some great stuff :) I don't blame you for stocking up on your favorite items. Enjoy!


  31. JILL STUART!! Yay!~
    Oh you got some marvelous things! Plenty of mascara and liners :D

    I wish I could go an buy tons of makeup! Online prices are definitely jacked up!

  32. wow that's a lot hun!!! enjoy! welcome back! sure you had fun! mmuuahh! would love to see morreee FOTDs/eotds/reviews!

  33. Hi doll I've awarded you the creative blogger award check my blog for info :)

  34. What a haul! I used to bring back an extra small suitcase of beauty products because everything is cheaper in Asia. I am curious about the Biore sunscreen, please let us know how you like it.

  35. AWESOME! I am a pure Japanese and love Japanese cosmetics and skin care products! Btw I am doing online shop at my shop selling cool Japanese cosmetics, so plz check it out! ThanX!

  36. That is one massive haul! haha your aunty is so smart.. save on space! :D lots more to fit all your masks haha~ can't wait to see which JS blush you got ^^

  37. You sire have a year worth of beauty supplies. Look at the goodies, they look amazing. Wanna try them all.

  38. Haul post, nice! Love having a nosey at what others have got. Also, it makes me feel better for spending so much myself hehe

    Dude, we got pretty similar stuff! Oooooh give HadaLabo a try. I'm absolutely in love with it and hope it works just as well for you. Those Nexcare patches are really good, right? So handy, too, with it's little circle shapes.



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