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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sleek Au Naturel Palette

Herro! Herro!
Jian gave me another Sleek palette for Christmas. She is my Sleek palette enabler XD
The Au Naturel I-Divine Palette is a neutral palette, perfect for everyday makeup!

Top row swatched:
The top row is mainly matte shades, which I find not to be very pigmented. They were also a bit chalky.

Bottom row swatched:
This row had mostly shimmery shades which were all very pigmented. I find that Sleek does shimmery shades very well, matte shades...not so much =\

I did a very simple EOTD with the 3 shades I marked above.

If you're getting tired of the UD Naked Palette, I think this is a pretty good neutral palette to try out. It's way cheaper too!

The colors are all pretty warm so they compliment my skin tone well.

I think this is a pretty good palette if you are just starting out with makeup and can't find the UD Naked Palette or want an alternative. Very affordable =]

Thank you for the palette Jian!! ♥


Can't wait for this to come out!!!
Tony Stark & Thor *_*



  1. I always love the way you apply eyeshadow to suit your eye shape~ Very pro :D

    Ah Sleek, I still want to try it!

  2. Hehe yay for Sleek and our friends in the UK. ;] Vicky is my Sleek enabler. kkk. This palette looks LOVELY for neutrals! And yes...def. a good option out of the NAKED palette. ^^

    AH~ I wana see that movie nowww!
    Hope you're doing well over there!

  3. Omg I'm looking forward to Avengers too! I'm a big comic fan. :)

    You should do a tutorial. I would love to see one. They always look so nice on you! :)

  4. LOL I thought you hit pan on 3 of them cos of the green flowers! The top row is kinda.. 'meh..'

  5. Your eye makeup is stunning and your liner skills are incredible!

  6. can't wait for the avengers!!! looks amazing!

  7. Hey lady! Are you back yet? I miss reading blogs so much. Hope you had an awesome holiday. Catch up when I get back, proper

  8. Oh the Sleek shimmery shades are super pretty, but yeah, the matte ones are pretty underwhelming. Ah I can't wait for the Avengers either, such a sucker for Robert Downing Jr. and superhero movies. ^^

  9. The colors are so pretty! Man your eye tutorials are just gorgeous! We don't have that palette here!


  10. great EOTD and pics as usual!
    next time show us the overall looks as well, please? xD

  11. Hi!! Happy new year! >.<
    Your eyes is so pretty *w*, btw I want to ask this for a long time, lol Are you Japanese? XD

  12. I can't really see the colours of the lighter shades except for the last, shiniest. Looks like a great highlighter! The bottom row looks stunning! And as always, love the look you created!

  13. Happy New Year! Love the EOTD that you did with this palette. It's beautiful!


  14. Your eye looks are seriously too awesome!

  15. I'd love to get my hands on a sleek palette. It looks fantastic.

  16. Sleek eyeshadows colours are always so beautiful! :) lovely makeup!!


  17. how are you??? i miss you >< waaaaaaahhhh been MIA due to sicknesss.. thought i was dying LOL miss you miss you.. hope to be back on track! mmuahahh!

    love your pic tutorial.. your eyelinew is always perfect * jealous much! pretty face and brows--i love!

  18. YYAYYYYYY glad you used it! I did read that the matte colours at the top were disappointing, but since I'm a stalker and remembered it was on your elfster wishlist I got it for you anyway. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!

    When are you going back to USA? I NEED TO WHINE PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Very pretty look btw. As usual!

  19. Gorgeous. Love your blog.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.

  20. this palette will give the UD naked palette the run for it's money! You have such pretty eyes and I really like how you did your makeup!

  21. Gorgeous! You have the best makeup of anyone I know. This palette is so pretty.


  22. Wah...so pretty! *^_^* I actually don't have Naked. Shh... :P

  23. Very sweet look! :)




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