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Sunday, January 22, 2012

L'Oreal Color Infallibles

I finally got my grubby little hands on the L'Oreal Color Infallible Eyeshadows!!! Huzzah!!
All thanks to my judgy faced Nunu XD I think she got sick of me whining that I couldn't find these in the US so she got me these to shut me up ^o^

She sent me 9 shades all the way from Mooseland.

I think I drooled a little bit when I opened all of these & swatched them xP

If loose pigments & pressed shadows got together to have sexy time, the end result would be these Color Infallible Shadows. ^_~
They all come with this neat little stopper to keep the shadows from spilling everywhere.
Makes them super easy to travel with.

These shadows were recently (finally) released in the US but the names are totally different.
The corresponding US names, if available, will be in parentheses!

Swatches & such:

002 Hourglass Beige (888 Iced Latte) is a shimmery beige.
021 Sahara Treasure is a champagne. One of my faves!!
024 Bronze Goddess is a dark bronze.

015 Flashback Silver (222 Infinity Sky) is a very shimmery silver. I find that it looks a little bit bluish.
023 Black Onyx is a gunmetal grey.
013 Burning Black is a burgundy/black. I love this one, such a unique color. But it is not as pigmented as the others.

005 Purple Obsession (556 Perpetual Purple) is a pretty basic purple.
012 Endless Chocolat is a chocolate brown
022 Emerald Lame is a shimmery emerald green with gold flecks

I used Sahara Treasure, Bronze Goddess, & Burning Black for this look.

I find that these apply best with fingers. If you want to use a brush, a synthetic brush picks up more color.

These lasted me all day with no creasing or fading. They claim to last 24hrs but I am not one to sleep in my makeup so I don't know if they really do lol

I applied the shadows with synthetic brushes & noticed they are definitely not as pigmented as when applied with fingers. There's also a tiny bit of fall out when using brushes.

These shadows are pretty affordable, around $5-$7 at drugstores & Target, etc. Check em out!!
Check out Nunu & Justine's posts on these shadows. Much more informative than mine!

Thanks Nunu, for not getting me the prozzie light blue & the pink one that'll make my eyes look swollen XD


I end with a very disturbing AKB48 video. I didn't know child porn was allowed on YouTube O.o 
This video has 36 million hits, 35 million probably from men in their 40s.
What parent lets their daughter do this?!


Year of the Dragon *fist pumps*



  1. love it! it looks somewhat purple in my screen though u didnt use any purple. *kicks screen*
    the girls in akb are not as young as u think either XD

  2. These are gorgeous! I've got Flashback Silver, Burning Black, Permanent Khaki and Bronze Goddess - love them all!

  3. Lovely eye look!! Bronze Godess looks beautiful as the transition color! :D I need to find me some more of these...gah.

    LOL. You posted AKB448! *smh*...such an awk intro...

  4. Love the color in burning black...just gorgeous and unique like you mentioned! I've heard these have an interesting texture, like you said if loose and pressed pigments had sexay time!:))

  5. I saw the L'oreal shadows today. I wanted to try them but decided to pass. That color looks good on you.

  6. ahh wow they look ever so pretty!
    love love love it! Only thing I hate about shadow is fall out, such a pain! ahaha
    Krissy xoxo

  7. ohhhhh so gorgeous!! especially the green color!! i love that one.. so pretty!!

    your eye make up always looks so flawless!!! i wish i could do eye makeup like you!!!

  8. These eyeshadows look amazing and really suit you



  9. Those colors are amazing! I am loving the emerald lame! Gorgeous! Oh gawd, regarding the video :(


  10. OMG LOVE that Hello Kitty pic! Those shadows look so incredibly pigmented!


  11. the purple looks especially gorgeous. and what is this video? WHAT?

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  12. I want that HK dragon plushie! XD

    I LOOOVE your eye look! Gorgeous!
    <y favourite infallible is Burning Black, it's super pretty! Hehe my infallibles collection is slowing growing because of these two Tines!! XD


  13. Wahey!!!
    I'm glad your judgy face is enjoying these.
    See? whining gets you everywhere!

  14. The colors look beautiful and your application of them is superb!!! LOL! I didn't know about the group you posted but OMG I understand what you mean after watching it. Money is a crazy thing! :)

  15. it is so pretty and amazing that you used different colors together!

  16. I picked up Infinite Sky and Eternal Sunshine so far. Thanks for the fab swatches, I might get more:)

  17. Those are some very pretty eye colours - happy new year!

  18. Lol to the AKB48 Video ~ loving the purple obsession color! We don't have these in our stores here...


  19. Nice look!


  20. Are they swatched on primer? :O So much good pigmentation~~ Have you tried the Maybelline colour tattoos vs these? (sorry so many qs.. annoyed yet? :D) haha lemme guess, year of the dragon baby? ^^ hahahahah, same with SNSD and stuff! Old men watching young girls doing dances they shouldnt really be doing.....

  21. OGGLE!

    Gorgeeeeous <3 i NEEEED IN MY LIFEEEEEE.

    burning black is completely OOS. Need to drive out to a big drugstore to look for it.

  22. These colors are lovely, love the purple one.

    xo erica

  23. Nice look!!


  24. Happy Chinese new year to you! Are you year of the dragon? Hahaha you seem so excited that it is =P

    I've been good lately thanks for asking! How are you doing? =D Well I hope!

  25. These colors are amazing. I love the sheer/metallic look!

  26. I've been seeing these a lot lately! Sahara Treasure looks goooooooooooooooorgeous!!!!

    Love your close up shots!

  27. Happy Chinese New Year! Those Hello Kitty plushies are so adorable. :3

  28. don't think we have flashback silver here. i picked up a few myself. my fav, ice latte.

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