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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Face Shop Strawberry Smoothie Mask Pack

While perusing The Face Shop in Taiwan, I decided to pick up the Strawberry Smoothie Mask Pack.
I was kinda brainwashed into buying it after the SA tried it on my hand. He just kept talking and I agreed to buy it just so he'd stop talking to me hahaha

This is supposed to be part of their Real Nature line I think. Therefore, I am assuming there are real strawberries in this mask...
The packaging is lovely, looks like a jar of jam!

The mask has a jelly texture. I am sure there are real strawberries in the pack since I can see the seeds.
This stuff smells soooo good. Quite intoxicating, really XD
It smells like artificial strawberries lol

The instructions say to wet your face after cleansing & apply the mask all over your face.
Leave on for 5-10 minutes then wash off.

The mask leaves your skin very smooth and supple. I recall the SA telling me that this mask helps moisturize the skin. But don't all masks kinda do that?
Regardless, I quite like it since it's quick and easy to use. I have seen it sold at The Face Shop location near me in the US.
There are also kiwi and apple versions of this mask. Think I may try the other flavors in the future!


Used the Jill Stuart nail polish I got in Taiwan! I got 38 Planet Glaze which is a dark blue glitter with a jelly finish.
Isn't the bottle purrrrdy?!

Jill Stuart polishes have a very faint floral smell after the polish dries. The scent only lasts for about a day after, definitely not as strong as the rose scents in Anna Sui polishes. 

The formula is very nice, super easy to apply. It doesn't chip too easily on my nails either.

I got this for around $15 US at a department store in Taiwan. Not too pricey. 
But this shade was the only one that I liked out of all the other JS polishes. The others were just too pink and princessy for me -_-


Even if Brian's hair really bothers me >.> Why so fobby!? You grew up in LA for cryin out loud!



  1. I want to smell it!! lol. I love strawberries...but glad this worked out for you. It's always nice to find a product that actually does what you expect it to do. :D

    Jill Stuart polish is gorgeous!! Definitely looks like a "planet glaze" to me. hehe

    Brian Joo! <3

  2. The Jill Stuart nail polish is GORGE! The mask looks yummy too - looks good enough to spread on toast!

  3. It sounds like you bought jam! XD

    Ughh I hate SAs that talk like crazy. I tell them I would rather look myself and would be more likely to buy something if they left me alone.

    Prettttty polish! I agree. Jill stuart for some reason has like a billion shades of baby pink and cream, and like two shades that arent xD A shame cos I love the formulation!

  4. That looks exactly like a jar of strawberry jam! Most strawberry products from asian brands smell like tart strawberries so it's surprising to hear this smells artificial. Nonetheless artificial strawberry... Yum! Lol

  5. The packaging and look of that strawberry mask totally looks like jam. I'd be afraid that I'd be tempted to eat it lol

  6. The packaging of the JS nail polish is lovely! I really like that shade as well.

    That face mask looks promising, I feel like asking my friend to pick that up for me next time she's in Korea...

  7. woohoo I like Brian Joo! he can sing very well too in english :D awesome.

    TFS smoothie mask does look like real jam lol.

  8. Ahahaha I pretend I can only speak English inside shops in Asia so talkative sales people would leave me alone xD
    You must let us know if the mask gives you Face Shop boy skin!
    I totally judgy faced his hair.

  9. Oooh, the mask does look like jam, it also kind of looks like the Arcona Raspberry Resurfacing Peel I am using and loving. I will check out the Face Shop fruity masks next time:)

  10. LOVE that shade of nail polish! And that mask looks so amazing! Most of my masks do their job, but don't have that nice smell to them!


  11. oh my my, the polish looks fantastic!
    the bottle is regal. ;)

  12. Oooo the mask looks good enough to eat! That's nice how it contains real strawberries - I always like my products to be more natural :)

    Love the Jill Stuart polish on you! The color reminds me of outer space - so pretty!

  13. LOL Brian. I had the biggest crush on him a few years ago! I wish him and Hwanhee would just get back together and release new songs. They're the best when they're together!

    The packaging of the strawberry mask looks like jam! LOL I'd be so tempted to just eat it instead of slathering it on my face.

  14. That strawberry mask looks yummy! I just found out that we have a Face Shop here although I haven't had a chance to check it out yet.

    Love the nail polish color too.


  15. Hmm I love strawberry jam haha! If I ever buy this I think I'll be tempted to taste it when it's on my face LOL!
    The dark blue polish is gorgeous!


  16. omg I cannot stand sales people like that. The ones in HK espesh are so annoying. I know exactly what you mean, tho. I once bought some sea salt which I didn't need because the salesperson was talking to fast and it was like I was hypnotized. Next thing I know, I had the receipt in my hand -.-

    Blog more about Taiwan :D I've never been and it's really interesting to see Taiwan from your perspective. Lol at you posing with the cardboard smh

  17. Planet Glaze looks awesome! If you didn't tell us that was a mask, I would've thought it was edible...lol. ;)

    (Haha...I love that movie! :P)

  18. aww, tempting to try out the mask. kiwi and apple sounds lovely <3

  19. Can we get Jill Stuart cosmetics in the US? I love her fashion line and would love to try out her cosmetics. The mask sounds amazing! OMG....strawberry scented? I need to check this out. Going to chk out the Xi Men Ding post, I remember going there as a kid... I hope to see pictures from Bellevita that shopping district is OMG! To answer your question, the ladder is a prop, I am not renovating my place, did that when I bought the condo 7 yrs ago.

  20. I love FACESHOP's products... especially their lashes and glue! :D

    I love that nail polish shade too!!! soo gorgeous! <3

  21. Great review! the last great thing I got at the faceshop was their white mud nose pack haha have you tried that one?

  22. Ahhhh the FaceShop. I haven't bought anything from this brand before since everything is pretty expesnsive in the US. Would you say that it is cheaper in Taiwan or US? Cuz I love strawberry scents. :)

  23. THAT is the prettiest bottle of nail polish I have ever seen. They have some awesome beauty products in Taiwan. I wish we could get some of it. LOVE that strawberry mask. Ohhh, i wish it was here in the states. HAHA Enjoy!

  24. Haha the mask looks like food to me! Like a bread spread or something. The JS bottle is so pretty and it looks great on! :D

  25. I LOVE your nails!!! REALLY pretty! the strawberry mask really looks like a jam pot with the condiment haha

  26. the jelly mask looks like an edible jam. i'm afraid if i put it in the fridge, mr. adventure might eat it :P
    js packaging is always so princess like



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