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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

I picked up the Bobbi Brown Bronze Shimmer Brick when I got my $20 VIB gift card from Sephora back in December.
This is the first Bobbi Brown product I have ever tried! Have never been tempted to buy her stuff because the packaging is boring haha

There are 5 shimmery strips, the top strip being a highlighter.

I felt that this was pretty expensive, $39 at Sephora. I don' think I would've spent this much on a bronzer if I didn't have a gift card or discount on hand.
I know there are lots of people who love these & collect them though.

All the shades are very shimmery.
I apply this on my cheeks, temples, & forehead with a stippling brush. You definitely want to apply this slowly and in moderation. Going overboard with this will give you a Kardashion-esque look...unless that's the look you're going for, apply with a light hand!

Usually I just mix all 4 shades together & apply. Then go back and highlight if I feel like it that day.
It isn't a product I would contour with though, way too shimmery.
It really warms up my face and gives a nice glow. Sometimes I just need some damn bronzer because I'm so freaking pale! This'll be used quite often when Spring & Summer come around =]


My favorite Epik High song!! =]

Holy crap, it will already be 2012 by the time this is posted :O 
Hope your new year is starting off well!


  1. LOL to you saying "sometimes I just need some damn bronzer because I'm so freaking pale" hahaha
    Sounds like something I would say except not sometimes, all the time. I NEED bronzer or else I look like a zombie. lol


  2. haha Yeah BB packaging is a little lackluster but it's clean and simple. The colors are pretty, thanks for the swatch. Because of my oily skin, I shy away from shimmery products I love it around the eyes or as highlight. ^^

  3. LOL! XD You hit the nail on the head! Thats probably the reason I never really get anything from BB either! I only have the shimmer brick and the gel liners!

  4. This is a great, all-round product - blush, bronze, and highlight!

  5. Hi Doro! Nice haul nevertheless I've always heard great things about the shimmer bricks but never wanted to buy them that badly because there are soo many of those in Etude House that has equally nice quality :D have you tried the pink one?

    and I agree with you Bobbi brown's packaging are boring haha! enough with the black, even mac has to have limited edition color stuff!

  6. I have the same problem with her stuff! Nothing really just pops out to me and it IS packaged extremely boring!


  7. Looks like such pretty colors!! I hope it works well!


  8. Enjoying your holiday? I don't have any bobbi brown products either but the swatches do look very shimmery!


  9. I've seen this on so many blogs already! I never got it for myself though...for me, $39 is just a bit too pricey for a bronzer, especially since I don't use bronzer often at all. The colors are beautiful though :)

  10. Happy new year to you! :D Love your new shimmer brick. You remind me to whip out mine to play with too...hehe. Hope you are having fun in Taiwan!! :D

  11. Happy 2012! What pretty and wearable colors. One is my fave Epik High song too followed closely by Umbrella :)

  12. This annoys me a little bit because I feel like if I paid for separate colors, I should be able to use them. But I don't know how I'd get any kind of face brush in there to use colors separately.

    I'm taking a "can't be bothered" with this product. Glad you like it though!

    You should do a bronzer look. I could use a lesson on how to apply this stuff. >.< Maybe then I'll "bother".

  13. Pretty palette, but I'm with you it's wayyyy too expensive.


  14. Happy new year!! This product look like it would warm up the face really well!! very pretty colour :)

  15. *high5 to the paleness* I totally feel you on that one. lol. Ah~ it's a bronzer. Silly me...I thought it was eye shadow. lol.

    EPIK HIGH! You are the one! Love this song too. <3

    Hope you're doing well in TW! Come back to the states so we can tweet in the same time zone. lol.

  16. how much i wish things like this came half the size and half the prize!!!!! not likie we would finish it lol but yea i dont think i will ever buy such an expensive item, my heart and wallet would hurt especially now that im not working! =( I am looking for a highlighter tho one that gives a sheen only not shimmers but also has to be affordable lol darn it, its so hard!

    I know eh.. I cant believe I went thru all those entired by hand =S. I need to learn to use rafflecopter or google docs.... mm let me go do it now lol!



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