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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wet n Wild Ice Ice Babys!!!

After days of searching all the semi-ghetto Walgreens locations near me, I finally got my hands on the elusive Wet n Wild ColorIcon Ice Baby Nail Color Collection!

I was tempted to hoard the entire collection, which consists of 8 limited edition glitter shades. But exercised my self control & only got the 4 shades I really wanted.
This collection is a Walgreens exclusive.

These polishes are super cheap, only $2.99 a bottle, so I wasn't expecting anything miraculous. But the glittery-ness on these are freaking amazing.
They are super opaque glitter polishes, 2 coats will get full coverage.
A downside, they dry super gritty & look really textured. You'll need 2+ coats of top coat to get a decently smooth finish.

Ok swatches!

It's All In The Cut
Lilac micro glitter with pink round glitters.

Great for Spring!! Reminds me of Easter lol

Back Alley Deals
Purple micro glitter with hot pink round glitters.

This is my favorite one! For obvious reasons...it's purple XD

Believe Me, It's Real
Blue micro glitter with purple round glitters.

Cost Is No Issue
Teal micro glitter with blue round glitters.

Failed blurry swatch photo -_-
Because these polishes are so sparkly & glittery, my camera focus went crazy lol

They are soooo shiny. Perfect for the holiday season.

I have not tried all of them over a base color yet. Since these are so opaque though, they would probably cover up most of the base color anyway.

I think these are super awesome glitter polishes for the money. I have no idea if they are "3 free," probably not since they're only $2.99 lol
They're so freaking hard to find so if you happen to come across them, get them asap!

Yes, these are a bitch to remove but if you use the tin foil method, they come off super quick.
*btw, this is not my video. my voice isn't this nice lol

Omg they are so shiny & pretty, can stare at these pictures all day ^o^

If you're old enough, you would've gotten my Vanilla Ice reference in the post title...if you're confused then it just shows how old I am =_=
Ice Ice Baby...


Hehehe most awesome Christmas song evarrrrr!!! 
Except for Gary Coleman being in the video...kinda random hahaha

♫ Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays ♫


  1. OH MY GOD.
    I WANT THESE!!!!!

  2. Hahah, you're so funny for putting up all those vids! :D Yeah, Walgreens can be totally ghetto sometimes. The ones where I live are! =P YAY that you found them!!!!!

  3. The glitter colors are so pretty! Great swatches ^_^

  4. Wow! Those are super pretty! Loved all of the colors your purchased.

    I'm quite sure that they are not here in Hawaii yet--I have yet to find Revlon Lip Butters and L'Oreal Infallibles. *sigh* Great job in hunting these polishes down.


  5. I'm loving glitter nail polish! and these are sooo cheap!! I wish I had picked some up while I was there! Great tip with the foil :)


  6. These are gorgeous!!! I love how shiny it is, I hope I can find some in the UK!
    Glitter nail polish is definitely a pain to take off! xX

  7. These colors are so gorgeous and I really like how you painted different hands different colors too. Great post,


  8. Ohhh soo pretty!! i want the pink one!! so sad we dont have it here!hehe
    I was kind of afraid to get a haircut but im so happy with the result!:)
    LOL @ the ice ice baby shows how old you are! haha

  9. OMG THESE GLITTER POLISHES ARE SO PRETTY!! the first one.. the pink one reminds of me the katy perry pink glitter one.. but at a fraction of the cost.. oh how i wish i still lived in the US so i could find these.. i like the darker blue one too! so pretty!

  10. I JUST LOVE GLITTER! Can't get enough!

  11. They're super gorgeous & very glittery! :D love it~ They make it look like you have gel nails! :)

  12. My favorite is cost is no issue!! I really like the glitters too but omg no wet n wild here loll yeah I get you, Hyuna's white dress is so short everyone can see her underwear which is not sexy lol

  13. Wow...I am so lacking in the glitter polish department! I'd go for the light blue and purple! They'd definitely make an outfit very glammed and holiday ready!

  14. I like those cute polish! Is it only available in the US?

  15. OH EM GEE. I love you. thank you for sharing that video on how to take glitter polish off! It's totally given me renewed reasons to wear glitter polish!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  16. so shiny and pretty LOL! :D i want those nail polishes too! :3

  17. OMG!!! These are so sparkly and pretty!! I LOVE! <3
    hehehe I remember Ice Ice Baby XD

  18. Back Alley Deals is soooo pretty :D
    Purple with Red? Amazing! Sadly I am on a no-buy T_T

  19. So glittery! I like! Looks perfect for Xmas.
    I cannot believe 2 coats gives you that coverage, that's amazing. My current fav glittery nail polish needs 5 coats at least :(

  20. aren't you glad I made you hunt these down??!!
    I <3 mine to death! Fank youooooooo!

  21. WOW lady...this is fabulous! I just tweeted the link because I know others are wondering how to painlessly remove glitter nail polish! Last year around this time I had the china glaze red glitter nail polish manicure and OH LORD was it a pain in my @$$ to remove it, and it hurt because of the grityness!!!

  22. Omg that's such a genius video of removing glitter nail polishes, but such a waste of aluminum foil... lol~ How long does the WnW glitter nail polish stay until it cracks?

  23. ICE ICE BABYYYY! LOL. Oh..I feel old too. XD

    And I also picked up some of these as well! My local Walgreens only had 3 colors left...so I just grabbed all three and left the display empty. lol. Love the ones you go though! :D

  24. the colors are pretty aweesome actually. lol i love how you said that it's a bitch to remove, haha

  25. They are super pretty girl! I'm loving all of the colors. Wet n Wild has always been consistent. Great product for a fabulous price. WOnderful review!

  26. so pretty! makes me feel all chrismassy! I'm so lazy with glitter that I prob won't even bother this year. I'll just admire from a distance ^_^

  27. The blue with purple is so pretty. I love it!


  28. those nail colors look perfect for Christmas parties :)


  29. I love the third one! You've got a great deal :) Beautiful!


  30. OMG! lovely colors! I love em' all!! <3 very attractive indeed! :D

  31. OMG those are such lovely polishes!!! i want...
    love those affordable products/polishes then will surprise you how good and opaque are they.. love!

  32. haha they do look like little easter eggs! ya those nail polish is always hard to remove unless you sock your finger in it... but they are very pretty!!

  33. I loveeee these nice glittery shades!! Want all!!! Even though I already have blue and pink haha

  34. So gorgeous!!!! How I wish I have wet n wild where I live :(

  35. So pretty and glittery. Totally love them.

  36. omg these are soo gorgeous!! i want them!! and i got to tr the tin foil method soon XD

  37. Um, that tin foil thing makes me cringe. Acetone poisoning, anyone? Just kidding, I don't actually think that exists but something about that is weird! The glitter wet N wild polishes are awesome. Are the swatches you showed with one coat or two?





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