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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ugly Grandpa Sweaters!

This Winter, I have been particularly keen on finding warm & snuggly ugly grandpa sweaters.

Gap had a pretty good Cyber Monday sale so I went crazy & ordered a bunch of sweaters. They arrived yesterday and all but 2 looked like crap -_-

My absolute favorite one is this Plaited Shawl-Collar Cardigan.
It's so fluffehhhh, like wearing a bunny!!
I can be super lazy & wear this with jeggings. Perfect outfit for holiday dinners where you stuff yourself full of delicious food ^o^
Best of all, I got it for 50% off. *HUZZAH*

This Contrast-Knit Notched Collar Sweater is super warm and thick. Great for layering.

This Contrast-Stripe Knit Tunic is not really a grandpa sweater but I like stripes.
It's really thin & easy to layer under thick jackets or cardigans.

I dropped by Urban Outfitters aka Overpriced Store For Hipsters and spotted this rather ugly poop colored grandpa sweater.
I jumped with glee. It's soooo warm & the color reminded me of Macnunu. My winter wardrobe is rather depressing with greys & blacks so I figured this poopy sweater would add some excitement to it XD
Plus it was on sale!
This is the Ecote Cable Stitch Tunic.


My current nail color was copied from an ad I saw at Sephora lol. The model's manicure looked so festive I had to try.
Ehh did not look as cool as I thought it would. Maybe the ad was photoshopped to look cooler =_=


Finally finished decorating my house!! 
This is just my living room. 
I bought LED snowflake lights & wrapped them around the window. I had no idea how bright LED lights would be, almost looks blue. 

Josh Groban has the best voice for Christmas songs! One of my favorites ^_^ gives me chills when I listen lol.
Oddly enough, I've never seen this movie. Seems to be a lot of people's favorite Christmas movie.



  1. I love Josh Grobans voice! Loving your nails too :) Very festive! Need to go find some gold nail polish :)


  2. You know I love Josh! :D Your house looks amazing! It's beautiful! You inspire me to go get some lights. :) LOVE that nail combo too!

  3. I love your nails and how you decorated your house! So Christmassy and romantic! I also love the sweaters - I rely on those during the winter!

  4. What a great "Winter Wonderland" post...with grandpa sweaters, lights around the Christmas tree, and Josh Groban. Can it get any more perfect? ;] And pretty nails tooo! Lovin that gold.

  5. Wow, your living room is sooo Christmasy--I love it! I was laughing at your description of the "poop-colored" sweater. That's hilarious!

    I saw that ad in Sephora too and loved how the model's nails came out. Yours looks great too. I think that it looks very much like that ad.


  6. OMGOSH YOUR LIVING ROOM LOOKS SO PRETTY!! i think there's something so magical about just a whole room decorated in christmas lights.. it looks so pretty and the room has this dreamy etheral glow to it!! LOVE!

  7. UGLY GRANDPA JUMPERS FTW! They are sooo comfy and they hide foodbabies really well. So all in all, perfect for this holiday season! Yayyyy!

    LOL at the poop coloured jumper. I had to check whose blog I was reading for a second :P

    And I looooove sparkly nails! Sparkly sparkly.

    Your sitting room looks beyond awesome. I'm not kidding. Can i please come and live with you? I will cook :3

  8. your house looks gorgeous. and love your nails too.


  9. Your decorations look amazing! I love them girl. I'm also loving that Contrast Knit Notched Collar Sweater. It's NICE! Have a wonderful weekend! :D

  10. I've had my eyes on that Sephora polish...

    And grandpa sweaters are definitely not ugly. I love them!

  11. Hi Doro~ I think it's fun to wear big sweaters during the winters hahaha I have no clue tho I live in Malaysia :p I still like your nails! your house looks so festive!! :) makes me wish Santa was real hahaha!!

  12. Yay! poop coloured things!
    Perhaps you too will catch the poop coloured things disease!
    That being said I really want a mustard coloured cardigan

  13. Grandpa cardi/jumpers are the best!! :D

    Your home is so Christmassy <3

  14. i love grandpa sweaters. They're great. i'm still in the market to find some sweaters myself. these are definitely cute though great finds.

  15. First of all your place looks amazing, I love how festive your tree is! I also think you did an amazing job on your nails, the gold tipped glitter is awesome. Your new sweaters look super warm so Enjoy! I can imagine how you first felt when putting on a down coat...yup I felt like a robot in some of the lower quality down jackets. The micro down is nice so the feathers are lighter weight in the Andrew Marc jacket and also the satin shell he uses is thin so it is easy to move!

  16. Woohoo...I get to see those ugly grandpa sweaters of yours! ;D They look uber comfy and warm. That first one really is super awesome. And hey, nice nails! I love how festive your home looks. :D

  17. Your room looks soooooo gorgeous. I've been getting so jealous of everyone's rooms but I just have no willpower/funds to decorate.

    My hair is honestly really silky to work with too... but... I still do. I just admit defeat when it falls out a few hours later.

  18. Love the sweaters :) Too bad it's summer here, no point wearing them in such horrible heat but it must be getting quite cold over there? :O Loving the nail polish~ i don't think it looks as bad as you think!! ^___^ haha your living room looks exactly like the type you'd see out of an American Christmas movie!!!

  19. Omg your house looks amazing!! Like something out of a home-furniture catalogue.

    Grandpa sweaters are so cosy

  20. your house is BEAUTIFUL <3!

  21. Hello, just letting you know that I've moved to a new blog and if you're still interested, you can follow me there!

    Have a nice day,


    p.s. love the nails!

  22. Love that striped tunic! I want a long striped tunic like that to wear with leggings.

    Goodness, your living room is beautifully decorated. Gives me such a warm feeling looking at it~ =)

  23. love your choices dear and your living room looks amazing! i wish we'd also have to gear up around this time of the year but we pretty much wear the same clothes here all year round hehe. :)

  24. wow!! looks really amazing i love love love it.. so festive.. so christmas! weeee

  25. your house looks so cozy and festive with all the lights up. my christmas tree looks so busted now thanks to shimo(my kitty).

    funny how you describe urban outfitters and i totally agree. a hipster's heaven~~~

  26. I still need to post my cyber monday items! >_< Reminded me another thing on my blog list. Sorry to hear that you weren't that happy with all that you got from Gap :0

    BUT my goodness, your house looks beautiful!! ;D I LOVE Christmas lights and decorations!




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