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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters + Secret Santa!!

So I got more Lip Butters!!! Thanks to a few evil enablers *cough* Tiff & Lulu *cough* I ended up getting a few more XD
Luckily Revlon stuff is Buy One Get One 50% Off like every 2 weeks at drugstores so it's a bit easier on the wallet (also just another excuse to hoard more than 1 at a time hehe)

Here are the ones I have. I think I am done. Cutting myself off. NO MORE FOR ME!!

Left to Right: Cherry Tart, Berry Smoothie, Pink Truffle, Sweet Tart, Strawberry Shortcake, Creamsicle

Now onto swatches!!
I reviewed the product when I first got Cherry Tart, can check it out in this post if you want =]

Oh! A reader requested that I post a picture of my bare lips to compare. What a smart cookie...never thought of that hahaha

Swatches of the 3 darker colors: 

Cherry Tart

Berry Smoothie

Love this shade. It is a bit darker & more berry-toned in real life. It takes a bit longer to build up color but perfect for everyday use.

Pink Truffle

Surprisingly one of my favorites! Never thought a pinkish-brown would be a shade I like. 
Very unique shade. 

Swatches of the 3 lighter colors:


This is my least favorite. It applies horribly on my lips, very splotchy & uneven.
I hate how it sinks into the lines of my lips & accentuates the dry parts. Am returning this!

Strawberry Shortcake

This is a basic pink shade. I find it very similar to the Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch (reviewed here).

Sweet Tart

I was surprised how pigmented this one was. I thought it'd be a bit more sheer like Strawberry Shortcake.
This is much brighter.

I would definitely recommend the darker shades as they are more pigmented and unique. A lot of the lighter shades are very sheer & don't apply as well.
They are a great way to start wearing darker lip colors since they are more sheer.


I finally got to open my Secret Santa gift!!! 
Sheila set up a Google Hangout chat last night but my computer epic failed & refused to install the plugin necessary to use the Hangout app. Soooo I wasn't able to see all the lovely ladies & watch them open their gifts T__T 

Regardless, I love my gift!!! Thank you so much Ashley!!
She got me a MAC 217 brush which I've been curious about for sooo long.
Also a Dior holiday nail polish in Exquis & a Canmake cream highlighter.

Check out the other girls who took part in Secret Santa exchange!! 
*Thanks Jian for the link list hehehe I would've been way too lazy to link errrbody XD


Could not be a more appropriate song ^_^

Have been super busy lately with holiday stuff I haven't even had time to bake like I usually do!! Must find time this week!!
Hope you all aren't going too crazy over holiday stress.


  1. my favorite has to be cherry tart!! I love red but the matte, opaque reds are too bold for me but this one looks really good!! I keep looking for these lip butters but I can't find them ): boo!

    PS: your lips look really cute!! ^^

  2. wow you have very pretty eyes and nice lips. mine are naturally abit dark * sadcase. always wanted to lighten it sigh.

    pink truffle seems like a good match generally for everyone ^^

  3. The colors are super cute and i love how moist they look on your lips <3

  4. Oh wow, I want berry smoothie and pink truffle now! I used to like pinks but not so much anymore. The lip butter haven't released here yet and I'm quite sure they're going to be $20 each as all other drugstore lip products are...no such thing as B1G1 50% off either :( Oh well, there will be some discount at least! Great pics~!

  5. OMGGGGGG! Sooooooooo pretty! Actually I prefer the look of the darker shades too. They are gorgeeeeeeous!

    Tiff gave me one which I can't use yet cos it's cloudy and I haven't taken a photo. I can't remember which one right now though...will take attempt to take a photo of it and look hahaha.

    Your lips look so pretty and full! And you apply it so neatly!!! :O

  6. You have such nice lips! OMG. You model them lip butters girl! XD I think i like the berry smoothie the most out of all the ones you have :D Looks good! YAY for finally being able to open your secret santa gift! ^^

  7. I love the lip butters! I agree about the browny pink - think that's my fave!

    Our SS was really great this year - want to do it again next year!!

  8. Cute gifts! And o-em-gee...I feel like I've been seeing posts on these butters all week! That must be a sign I should jump on the bandwagon too...haha XD Love all the colors on you especially Berry Smoothie.

    (Haha! So true T_T)

  9. LOL at "she's checking her mani out" XD Ashley is so cute! You SS package is lovely!!

    And OMG love the lip butters, I'm so excited for them to be released here next year, I want all of them! XD

  10. I just picked up a bunch more of these fun little Lip Butters from a local grocery store. :) They were buy 1, get 1 50% off too! :D I love it!

  11. So glad that im not the only lip balm addict! lol Love your blog please check out mines. fashioninsomnia.blogspot.com

  12. Love the last two shades on your!! I don't think creamsicle is that bad but I definitely see what you're saying about it sinking into the lines on your lips.

  13. What a great photos, nice make up !You have a great blog too:)

    Come and check out our blog too and share your though;)

    H&C from Amsterdam

  14. i am so lucky to have been sent a few of these to try by some generous souls and I cannot wait to smooch them. Thanks for the lovely review x

  15. Still need to pick up some lip butters but there's no good sales around me T___T

    I'm glad you love your gift ^___^

  16. I need to bake too >_<
    So much to do and so little time!

    & I've been meaning to try those lipsticks. They look so pretty. I'll definitely be getting myself a stick of Pink Truffle!!


  17. great review and pictures!
    i agree with you. i ended up liking darker shades more than the light ones i got. pink truffle is so pretty on you. (actually, everything looks very pretty on you. ^-^)

  18. great review. those darker lips shade look so pigmented and look great on you!

  19. Nice swatches :) I have heard so much about these but unfortunately they don't sell them in Aus :( Boo unless they will come out sooner in the new year? who knows?


  20. Great review and haul! Cherry tart is my favorite on you :D I heard a lot of good things about the lip butters, but a few people have also said they didn't like them. I think I'll pick up a few of the darker colors - the lighter ones don't show up very well it seems.

  21. Great review, I like the cherry tart one best ;) Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

  22. I haven't tried any of the revlon lip butters. I have a pink lip undertone so they're colours somehow never look right on me :( They look great on you!

  23. This may sound weird, but you have such beautiful lips!! :D

    Because of this swatch, the Sweet Tart and Pink Truffle is next on my list!

  24. I bought 3 today *sigh*. After seeing yours, I might return Creamsicle... hehe~ I'm loving Berry Smoothies & Pink Truffle on you! :)

  25. Omg I want pink truffle now! I actually purchased strawberry shortcake but now I regret it because it has such a cool undertone which never looks nice on my super pigmented lips ><

  26. All these colors look great *_*. I really want to try these products.

  27. ooh the lip butters looks so good!..love the pink truffle as it to not look so pink and cherry tart too!a very comprehensive review<3
    hehe you got some goodies in there too! XD

  28. LIP BUTTER POST!! WOOT!! And might I add...your lips look so moisturized and non-flaky. lol. :3 Yay for Berry Smoothie~ but uh...now I still kinda want Pink Truffle! You can't be done though. There's still Peach Parfait. :D

    Aww, what a lovely SS package!!! :D Too bad your comp didn't connect w/the vidchat.

    LOL. That song is too appropriate for you. I wanna come visit!!

  29. they look soo good on you!

    my lips are too pigmented for sheer lipsticks to show!

  30. Thank you for the gorgeous swatches, congrats on snagging more lip butters. These are always sold out in the colors I like or opened/tested. I love the texture on them though. What an awesome gift from Ashley.

  31. they're all so pretty that i really cannot decide which one is the best shade on you. and you have the most gorgeous plump lips. :) great review. :)

    hope you have a happy holidays!

  32. I've heard nothing but wonderful things about these! The shades are really beautiful and provide just the right amount of color. :)

  33. Jian just showed me your blog and I think these swatches are great! You have nice lips by the way ;) x



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