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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Missha Haul!!

Missha is a very popular Korean cosmetics brand. In Korea, they have stores on practically every corner and the prices are very reasonable.

They have a US site but they're prices are much higher, which is inevitable. But in my opinion, it just isn't worth it to spend that much money on stuff that I know is being sold at a much lower price in Korea.

Annnyway, Missha had a huge holiday sale on their US site for the last week or so. So many things were 50% or 40% off.
I have never tried anything from Missha before so I got some stuff!

Super Aqua Marine Forest Set II
This was 50% off so it ended up being only $42 for an entire skincare set!!
I love how it comes with a mini set as well. Just in time for my trip!!

The set also came with a free Lifting Serum.

Signature Velvet Art Shadow
Such pretty packaging!!

I got No. 3 Khaki Combination

M Prism Multi Blusher

I got No. 2 Gold Brown
I got it to see if it would be good for contouring.

M Luminous Lip Rouge
Have read a few good reviews about these in the past.

I got shade CR307
There were so many shades but only this one had "HOT" written next to it, meaning it's popular. So I picked the "HOT" one XD

M Luminous Color Lip Gloss 

I also got both of these full sized items for free \^.^/
M BB Boomer is a BB cream primer.
M Perfect Cover BB Cream in No. 21 Light Beige, perfect shade for me because I'm a pale-ass ghost -_-

Will review the items as I try them out! So far I have only tried the BB Boomer & BB Cream and like both a lot.


Oh! I watched Mission Impossible 4 finally. Loved it! Ethan Hunt is still as badass as ever.
Tom Cruise may be short, old, & a little (a lot) cray due to Scientology but he still makes the best action films!
Tommy Boy so badass he even did his own stunts.

Action flicks > Chick flicks

My dad used to always take me to see the Mission Impossible movies whenever they came out in theaters :D
Probably wasn't very wise parenting to take a little girl to see violent action films...maybe that's why I'm so insane LOL


Omg this is the last post before Christmas!!! Also I will be heading to Taiwan on Christmas :D

Have a very Merry Christmas errrrbody!! ^_^ 


  1. I LOVE Missha! What a great haul!! There is a Missha store at my local mall in Muscat, and I am a regular visitor!

  2. LOL about Tom Cruise being cray cray but agree, he can def. make a good action movie.

    Awesome haul and good job in catching the sale. The first set is amazing for $42. Their packaging is so nice from their "HOT" lipstick haha and their shadows.

    I only got one Longchamp bag, I just took different pictures and messed up on my lighting adjustments haha

  3. Wahhh, what a great Missha haul! *o* I love the blue to neutral color scheme of the first pic btw. kkk. Can't wait to see reviews from ya!

    You know what...I've never seen any of the MI movies fully before. :3 I should though...I like me some action once in a while! hahaha.

    D'awww~ have a WONDERFUL Christmas, my dear!! Hope you'll be packing on lots of yummy food before you leave on your trip to Taiwan! Though I've never met you (yet)...I'm gonna miss you! lol. Please tweet whenever you get the chance! :D

  4. great haul! :D

    can't wait to see the reviews of the stuff you got :) and yes for tom cruise!!

  5. OHHHH I have ALWAYS wanted to try Missha products i can't wait for your reviews!! :) merry christmas sweetie!!

  6. Hi Doro!! :) omg such a Great Haul!! esp during sales too!

    I've heard soo many great things about Missha! omg that blussher looks so adorable! hope the bb cream works for you :D I love this song by Michael Buble!! I used to think that his name was pronounced as Bubble hahah ^_^

  7. So cool ^_^ I love the packaging *_*. Seem to be good products. I won't watch Mission Impossible because I really don't like Tom Cruiz xD lol

  8. i love Missha lip rouge. they're so creamy & pigmented

  9. Haha...your posts are always so funny! XD Ya know that Scientology thing scares a lot of peeps...hehe. Glad to hear the movie was great! Damn wish I had known about the sale. Your haul looks hella niiice. @_@ Can't wait to hear your thoughts on everything! Have a safe and fun time in Taiwan!! :D

  10. wahh huge missha haul! do tell us how is it..never tried missha before..it used to have stores here but they closed down >.<

    have fun in taiwan!!!(now we are a few "islands" apart XD

  11. Amazing Missha Haul! Definitely looking forward to the reviews!! <3

    Have a safe trip to Taiwan!! Have a good Christmas holiday too ^^

  12. Not a huge fan of Missha.. maybe you can change my mind! Looking forward to the reviews.

    Have a great Christmas!!! ^____^

  13. I've been using Missha BB (#21) too, and it's really great, I even stocked up an extra bottle! *cough*hoarder*cough* lol... I envy that Missha haul of yours, I've been wanting to try their Super Aqua skin care range but gahh too expensive for me atm >.<

    I watched MI:4 last weekend, and I loved it haha that was quite a different MI, I'd say. For once, it was quite funny, unlike the past instalments where it's all so gritty and well... too serious lol.

    Have fun on your trip to Taiwan! Merry Christmas!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  14. the colour of the lip rouge and balm are so stunning!
    and i have to catch MI4 asap!

  15. I have never heard of this line but will definitely check it out. The packaging is beautiful and I'd like to see if they show make-up looks.. Enjoy your trip back to Taiwan...the last time I was there was in 1989...were you even born yet?? lol! Merry Xmas!

  16. Ooo we have a missha here but its so expensive!! Let us know if the products you picked up were any good ;)

  17. wow great haul and bargains!
    i love bb boomer. it makes such a difference and prevents darkening.
    the lipstick looks so pretty, too!

  18. Love, love, love the packaging esp. the art shadow. I heard about Missha when I lived in Asia but never tried. They look good. Want to hear how you like them. Merry Christmas girl!

  19. I've adored anything (clothes, cosmetics and food) from Korea. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year in Taiwan!

  20. wow the packaging are so pretty! I love all the cases :)
    and I love that everything is 50% off.. LOL

    The Sweetest Escape 

  21. omagawd so many pretty missha items!!! their packaging rocks!

  22. Wow all of this :) Looks great! can't wait for the reviews!

    Merry Christmas to you!


  23. Nice haul. Looks like you picked up some great stuff.


  24. The palettes look so pretty! Not just the colors, but the packaging itself. I really like the lipstick color too. I've really only bought bb creams from Missha, and never paid much attention to their other makeup items. I'll have to pick up some things next time they have a sale! And I just watched MI4 this weekend, and it was just as good as you say! I'm normally not really into action flicks, so I was really surprised to like it so much ^^

  25. Woah everything looks so pretty ^ o ^



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