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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Liberty London x Hello Kitty Eyeshadow Palette

Vicky was so sweet to gift me this Hello Kitty Liberty Hello Eyes Compact

The packaging is absolutely adorable!!

The colors in this palette are quite unique but still very wearable.

Top row:

Bottom row:

I did a look with the two shades marked with the snowmen XD

The shadows are pigmented with a teeeeny bit of fall out.
Very soft & easy to blend!

Love the two shades I used. Do not have anything similar...I don't think lol
I do not know why my camera made the shadow colors look so different. The darker shade I used is actually a greyish-green...not blue!

>.< Blurry picture
I did notice that by the end of the day the shadows did fade a little bit.

For a palette that most people will only purchase due to the fact that Hello Kitty is on it, I think the quality is great!
I like that this is a collectors item but still usable.

Vicky has swatches of the palette in this post & also did a fab EOTD with it too. Check it out!
Thanks for the palette Vicky!!! ^3^


Thanks to Nunu...again (I am starting to think she influences too many aspects of me life...dude!) I spent too many wasted minutes watching these buffalaxed versions of KPop songs. 
After so many videos, I've decided that this is the funniest of them all ^O^
*btw...if you're like 10 years old, you shouldn't watch, too durttttyyyy! For adults only! LOL

And errrr solly if I offended any die hard Super Junior fans...& solly if you have no sense of humor that you would get offended =P



  1. Wow I never seen this before, it's sooo cute and awesome!! Looks great too on you ^^

  2. Wow, this is an adorable palette! And I love how everyday wearable all the colors are! Your eyes are gorgeous as always! :) I am so jelly of your long lashes!

  3. HK eyeshadow palette!! the colors are so gorgeous.. very soft and pretty!!

    i love the colors that you used on your eyes so soft and feminine!

  4. Gorgeous! I'm glad you like it - bought this as Xmas pressies for blogger friends!

  5. aaaah envious of your blending skills :)

  6. Seen that vid, i love SuJu to death (not as much as Big Bang) but that's still a funny video.

    Ah, love the look with the eyeshadow~

  7. awww..this is cute! :D I love the effect of the eyeshadow on your eyes! :D I wanna get my hands on that palette too! :)

    Btw, I have a giveaway going on.. you might wanna join dear :)

  8. That palette is super cute!! :D btw is hello kitty riding? Like I thought the GO! sign is on a motorbike xD!! Soo cute!!

  9. The packaging is so adorable
    Who doesn't love Hello Kitty!
    Bonamana was stuck in my head for while tho. Gotta admit it's catchy tune!

  10. Stumbled upon your blog after reading your interview with Kat ;) Lovely blog indeed, I love your eye make-up, it is gorgous!

    I have a giveaway going on this week and would love for you to stop by and check it out ;)

  11. the palette is sooo cute! anything with hello kitty on it is a must have! LOL! i also like your EOTD. :D

  12. I'm amazed by your skills with eyeliner and blending right now. It looks freaking fantastic!

  13. Wow, your makeup is gorgeous! What eyeliner do you use?

    I surprisingly like the packaging.. probably because it isn't PINK PINK PINK. I quite enjoy the colour purple. :P

  14. bwahahahah! I just introduce you to the finer and funner things in life xD
    Yes dude I'm gonna bake. If you smell something burning in SF, know that it is my house.

  15. You're welcome! :) Your EOTD is sooo pretty, I love it! :D

    Hahaha I can't listen to these kpop songs the same way again XD


  16. FAB eye makeup! lovely looks as usual. :) thanks dear for your kind and lovely message on my blog.


  17. What adorable palettes! Packaging is really cute :)


  18. I have the same one!! the two shades on the bottom right go really well together! i also bought the hello kitty lipbalms!

  19. Y U 'solly' about showing us dis video huh??? LOL! Your new palette is gorgeous and I love how you apply your eyeliner on so precisely. I am still SLOWLY mastering the art. I knew you would love today's coat..I hope you get it, it is perfect for CA winter, in Chicago...ehhh not so much :D

  20. That palette is too cute! *^_^* Really love your EOTD.

  21. Lovely! The palette is soo freaking cute *~*

    The colors look so great on your eyes~

  22. Oh god this is so cute! Hello Kitty ♥ Beautiful EOTD... the colours are gorgeous


  23. PURDY EYE LOOK, D! Love the two colors you used as well!! Vicky got me this palette too~ you inspire me to incorporate more colors onto my lids. :3

    AHAHAHA. You would share the Suju one. Ah~ so it was MacNunu that showed them to you. LOL. NGL, they were hilarious!! I do like Suju...but can't help be laugh. XD

  24. I didn't know Liberty came out with this eye shadow palette. The colors look amazing on you! Flawless application. This would've looked a mess with my clumsy hands.

  25. Such a nice post, I enjoyed it a lot! I like your sense of style! Wonderful palette!

    Take a look and if you want we can follow each others: Cosa mi metto???

  26. You have lovely eyes! And awesome eye makeup too!

    I snorted at the Super Junior thing - too funny XDD

  27. Great post i love it!


  28. super cute!

    your makeup looks soo good!

  29. That palette is so cute! Those colors look great on you. :D

  30. Aww the palette is awesome. I've never seen that before. The colors look absolutely great too! I love the colors on your eyes. I love how you do your eye makeup. I wish I can do something simple like that but have it still stand out. I think it's my complexion that allows me to put so much more makeup on than necessary just so that the shadow shows. I think it looks great on you.

  31. Hello Kitty Lovess..and love your eotd <333 I need to brush up my eye makeup skills (no pun intended XD)
    LoL at the Suju video..i wonder how long they take to think of these subs!

  32. love the shadow!


  33. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous! And that colour combo is so pretty! Will try that one day =)

  34. I have never seen it before and its gorgeous! As you said, i like the colors in this palette too. Nothing regular like black and white but a great range of blues and greens. I really love the look you did too. You have gorgeous eyes!!

  35. I think I am going senile. I swore I commented on this...maybe not.


    Whatchu mean your eyes too big and roud? I dont see it at all!!!

    Funny thing is, I haven't used any of those shades that you used in that palette yet. Need to try them methinks!

  36. I like the way you mix colors *_*



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