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Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (*^▽^*)

It's that season of giving and receiving!! I have been on the receiving end of way too many gifts these days. I still cannot believe how many lovely friends I have met through blogging!!

Jian was only suppose to send me a Christmas card but sneakily sent all this! Can't believe she sent me another Sleek Palette :D
The Flake bars & Maltesers are way better than American candies. Not sickeningly sweet!

Vicky was only suppose to send me some extra lashes she had but being the queen of sneaky...she sent all this!
I now have enough lashes to pass them down to my future children hahahhaa
Hello Kitty overload!! ^o^
She also sent me a boatload of candy but I already ate all of them before I took the picture LOL

Goodies from Tiffany, my California homie ^_^
Have always wanted to try the Korres Lip Butter!

Sheila organized a Secret Santa gift exchange and my package from my SS arrived.
Not being able to open this yet is serious torture. I wanna know what's inside so bad!!
Thank you Secret Santa!!!!

Thanks errrrbody for the lovely Christmas gifts!!! I can't wait to try out everything.
Me lahve you all long time (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


Another festive NOTW!! 
I used Barry M Nail Paint Vivid Purple (thx Jian! ♥) as a base. 
Added 1 coat of Sephora by OPI Be-Claus I Said So for a super festive holiday manicure =]  

I love this glitter top coat. The glitters are very dense.

Never realized how lovely purple & red go together!


Taking a break from all the Christmas music XD



  1. you're my heart heart heartbreaker~ its stuck in my head now D: lol. omg the ladies are so sweet to send you extras! sneaky as always :) can't wait to see what your secret santa sent you!!

  2. YAY FOR LOVE PACKAGES! ;D I was hoping you hadn't tried anything from Korres yet. Let me know how you like/don't like it!

    Your nails are so festive! AND YAY FOR PURPLE!!!

    Ahhhh~ GD!!!!!! He my Big Bang bias and first kpop love. kkk. Your my heart heart heart heart hearttt breakuhh~ chika chika chika tae! lol.

  3. So festive! ^___^ looking forward to your reviews on some of the goodies you got :D love the festive nails too ^^

    Haha, GD's heartbreaker song reminds me SO much of Lady gaga when i first heard it!

  4. Love the nailpolish :) Definitely very festive and glittery :) I just posted your interview today! :) Hope its ok :)


  5. I love all the love packages too! Love your nails!

  6. *splutters* that vicky is one seriously SNEAKSTER!!!

    But yayy for packages!!! <3 And yaay for being on the same timezone as someone :P (tiff)

    I didn't even recognise the barry M nail paint under that red. I was like WOAAAAAH CHRISTMASSY! I need to do a christmassy nail I think. But I'm not full of inspiration atm...Hmmm

    <3 GD!!! *sigh*

  7. wahh!! so many goodies! XD blogger loves.. hehe i cannot wait to see what my SS got me too wahahaha

  8. You always have the best nailpolish colours. Liking the look of this one - it's so. . .festive and sparkly! I like it! Really liking the red/purple combination.

    Aren't you a lucky duck for receiving so many parcels?! Jealousss!

  9. how lovely! :)
    blogging is so rewarding and fun with fellow blogger with same kindred spirit.

  10. well, well it seems that you are really loved by your friends and i think it's not hard to see why haha! :)

    i really love the combination of your NOTD. i ought to do something with my nails. i've been so busy that i haven't had a manicure for almost a month now. -_-

  11. Huzzah for packages!!! Mine are slowly trickling in!

  12. Packagesss <3 <3

    Haha be prepared, this sneakster is here to stay and will continue to be sneaky! XD

    I LOVE your nail combination! The red glitter is so pretty!

  13. You're my make up guru. Your blog is where I go to pick up little tidbits of information about anything and everything to do with make up. BTW, you've just reminded me to watch polar express. I've got the DVD forever and have yet to watch it.

  14. Oooo I need some blog friends to send me some gifts! That is awesome, I love all the items they've sent you and also that hello kitty toy is too cute :) Your nails look gorgeous...

  15. Looks like you got some awesome, awesome things!

  16. I love receiving packages, not being able to tear into them will seriously kill me so I know exactly how you feel! hahaha

    Babe sorry I haven't been around much, too many things to do in SG and not enough time to go online or even shopping >.<

  17. I love love receiving packages ! It's definitely the best time of the year for it. :) You definitely can't go wrong for swaps or secret gifts :)

  18. wow!!! indeed the most wonderful time of the year! lovely lovely goodies! *drools*

  19. That is awesome! It just proves you've been a good girl! HAHAHAHA Love the items you received and can't wait to see what's in the Secret Santa package. Enjoy!

  20. ahhh so lucky! all those goodies to unwrap and use in the new year i'm jelly!!! haha.. i love that last package with the adorable gingerbread sticker! OMGOSH SO CUTE!

    btw i'm OBSESSED WITH OPI BY SEPHORA GLITTER NAIL POLISH best glitter nail polishes EVER!!

  21. Gift exchanges... hmm my favourite part in this time of the year ^^
    Beautiful NOTD :D


  22. so many gifts for you to "play" with over the holidays~~~

  23. that's such a great package!
    I fully envy you specially with all those falsies. I love the taiwanese handmade lashes you've got pictured, they're the bomb!

    p.s: love your blog! check out my blog too and maybe we can follow each other?



  24. you got tons of goodies! makes me wish I did some secret santa/swap for Christmas pressies!

    I also adore your nails. I keep on forgetting that purple and red go together really well. Gotta try this look soon!

  25. oh my gosh so jealous of all the new things you got hahah! Ahh, looking at Christmas package warms my heart ^^



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