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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Gift: Tory Burch

Remember how I lusted after a certain pair of Tory Burch boots?? Ok, you guys probably don't remember lol.
Well my mom got tired of my whining I guess & offered to get them for me for Christmas :D

I have always said I hate buying things at full price. I never thought these would go on sale but holy crap they went on sale at Nordstrom! *\^o^/* They were about 30% off.

These are the Tory Burch Blair Mid Heel Boot.

The leather is sooo smooth. They were a bit stiff at first since the leather is quite thick but after wearing a few times, they are very comfortable.

I love the gold zipper!

The lining is really pretty, with the signature Tory Burch logo.
Do you notice that these are actually not made in China?? Do you know how rare that is these days?! Unless you are buying designer shoes like Louboutins, practically allllll shoes are made in China >.>
So glad these are not, they are made in Brazil.

Have brought these boots with me on vacation & wearing them all the time!


Don't really know the group but the dance is really coooool :D Such a catchy song, omg o.o
Only heard this song because they were featured on Eat Your Kimchi's KPop Music Mondays hehe

This is my last post for 2011!!! 2011 was ehhh for me but I am looking forward to 2012 :D


  1. I LAHV YOUR BOOTS! *o* One time...I was out with some friends and then some girl was crossing the street and we all loved her boots and said to each other "Those are Tory Burch boots, huh? DAMN IT!" loll. And yay for it not being made in CHINA!

    Oh darn you...catchy song! LOL.

    Looking forward to 2012 too! Year of the (G)DRAGON! hahaha ;]

  2. what a great gift. love Tory Burch. have a Cupcake sweet New Year!

  3. Love the boots! They look really cool! Hope you're having fun on your holidays :)

  4. Those are so cute, I really like the gold zipper too. They are very chic, so glad your mom got them for you. :)


  5. i have to agree ,like 95% of stuffs nowadays are made in China.. --___--

    cool boots! :) very sleek choice and yay for awesome moms.

  6. They look soooo nice. Them being made in Brazil probably explains why they're more expensive.

  7. Aww I want this so much!!! So gorgeous :D you're so lucky to have such a gift ^^


  8. Love the boots! Will be back in my warm ones very soon!

  9. Love the boots. Couldn't help but ooo and aaaa while looking over the pictures. They are great looking boots and 30% off is awesome.

  10. Damn those are expensive O__O lucky lucky you got them on sale!! :>

  11. These boots are so chic with gold zip details, I like them. How cool they are not made in China?! So rare these days. Hope you have a bright and shine 2012, girl!

  12. Congratulations on getting those beautiful boots! They're absolutely stunning! :D

  13. Congrats on your awesome gift!! It's such a rare and awesome deal to get designer goodies for 30% off. The heel is the perfect height and thickness. Ahh I love the inside lining as well. Your mom is super sweet. Happy New Year!!

  14. wow fantabulous!

    wear em!


  15. aww that's lovely!! Merry Christmas hun! and Happy new year in advance before the network go crazy... and before i get so busy... i miss you dearie mmuahah!

  16. ahhh go ROCK those boots girl! so chic!

  17. lucky girl these are gorgeous. i hope you have a great new year! rock these boots!

  18. I love the boots! The heel isn't too tall and the style is such a classic. I'm sure they will remain in style for years to come! And I love how you always post Kpop videos at the end of your posts - it gives me new songs for my Ipod haha :D

    I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  19. Congratulations! They are absolutely beautiful. I have boot envy:)


  20. Merry xmas and happy new year
    your new boots are so pretty!!!!!!!!! :)



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