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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Eye Makeup Tutorial

With only one week left till Christmas, I thought I would do a Christmas look. Someone (Jian) had been requesting (whining hehe XP) for a tutorial on how I apply eyeshadow so here it is!!

I went to a friend's Christmas party today & wore this look. Was not too creative with the colors...literally just used Christmas colors (green, red, & gold). XD

Products used:
Urban Decay Primer Potion (not pictured) 
ELF Cream Shadow in Natural Glow
Inglot Freedom System Palette - shades AMC Shine 25 & AMC Shine 12 (reviewed here)
Rock & Republic Eyeshadow in Envy
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Fairy Drops Treatment Base Mascara (reviewed here)
Shu Uemura Ultimate Expression Mascara

Prime your eyelid & apply a gold cream shadow over your entire lid.
This'll help intensive the colors.

With a flat shader brush pick up some of the shimmery red shade.

Apply it to the outer half of your eye.
Work it from the outer corner inward in a diagonal line (as pictured).

Tightline your upper lashline with a black gel liner. Smudge it out a bit.
This'll give a nice smokey affect when you apply the rest of your shadows.

With another shader brush (or you can use the other side of the previous brush) pick up some of the gold shade.

Apply this color to the inner half of the lid.
Blend this with the red to soften the lines.

Pick up a dark green shade on a pencil brush.

Apply it to the outer-v. Blend well into the crease.
Also don't worry about the fall out, you can clean it up easily after with some concealer.

Blend well with a fluffy blending brush to soften any harsh lines.
If any of the colors have been blended out too much just go back and touch up a bit.

Line the outer corner of the lower lashline with the dark green. Apply the red on the center of the lower lashline & the gold on the inner corner.

Touch up the liner on the upper lashline if you want a darker, more intense look.
Line the upper and lower waterline to add to the intensity if desired.

Apply mascara on top & bottom lashes.


Hope the tutorial made sense (somewhat)!

Don't really have any fancy tricks but hope it helps!!


My festive Christmas nails!!

Used Sephora by OPI Meet for Drinks & Wild About Shimmer.

Wild About Shimmer makes such a cool effect!! I suck at explaining so I won't even bother trying hahaha


I can't believe Christmas is only in ONE WEEK!!! :O It's going toooo fast!
Regardless I hope you all are enjoying the festivities of the holidays and get to spend time with your friends & family :D

Happy Holidays!!!


  1. woww thank you for this awesome post! hehe gotta try this method soon XD

  2. Very pretty!

    I also love your nails <3

  3. So pretty!!! *o* I think I will try this too....XD.
    And lovely nails, as always~ festive is the bestest!

    Miss diva Mariah Carey! I remember first listening to this song last year...SO CATCHY!

    Hope you had a great weekend!!!! ♡

  4. Oh my that look is so gorgeously smokey! I see it going with everything.I swear, if Inglot was locally available I'd go berserk! Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. i find this tutorial very helpful :D thanks! gonna try it out soon. you have amazing skills!:)

  6. Love your tutorials :D It's so simple to follow! Will definitely try it out and see if it works on me ^^

    love these festive nails too :D

  7. Truly admire your patience, taking step by step pictures is not an easy feat!

    How long does it usually take for you to do your makeup?

  8. so much gold! damm i love this season!

  9. thank you for this eye makeup tutorial.. i'm always very one toned with my eyeshadows.. and i've always wondered how people create those gorgeously blended smokey pretty eyeshadow without it being just bleh and dark! this is so pretty i am so going to try this!

  10. I love your eye tutorials! You have such pretty eyes ;) Love the colors too!


  11. you have amazing blending skills dear! thank you for the tutorial! it's sooo pretty! :D

  12. Great tutorial! The look is amazing!

  13. oooh your eyes look amazing! I have to get my mitts on some Inglot products! And I heart your nail colour as well!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  14. This is how my mom usually does my make-up however...I am liking these colours you used! I've been trying to replicate what she does, but have not been able to do the same. Love this tutorial, you did a beautiful job.

  15. ur eyes are pretty as always :)
    and im loving the xmasy nails!

  16. oooh lookit chuu all intense lookin'!
    <3 it! I still can't do that wing thing hahaha

  17. soooo pretty!
    thanks for those nice detailed pictures.
    what kind of lighting do you use when you take pictures?
    i am shopping for legit lightings, i'd love to hear some opinions. :)

  18. Eyes and nails both gorgeous :) how long lasting is the ELF cream shadow?

  19. Hey hun!! :D

    Back, finally, hahah. You're about to be bombarded with comments. lol I'm going to get myself caught up with the last like month and a half. Hope you don't mind :)

    I still haven't gotten the hang of cream shadows, so I just avoid them. haha
    But I'm totally loving those nails! Reminds me that I need to repaint mine. The color's chipping from like a week and a half ago :/


  20. Love this tutorial. Your eye looks are always lovely and striking! And I always envy how your lashes turn out!

  21. You have such gorgeous eyes that I think everything will look great on you! :)

    I love the OPI on top of the red/burgundy color. Is it good flakes?

  22. This is LOVELY! I NEED to get my hands on some Inglot shadows!

  23. Thank you for the step by step tutorial. I really needed that since I"m a klutz at make up application.

  24. Such a beautiful make up style ^_^ thanks for sharing. May I ask what kind of camera do you use? Everytime I try to make tutorials, pictures are too dark etc.

  25. I'm going senile. Genuinely can't remember if commmented.......so if you get two comments. SOLLYY!!!

    It's SHOOOO pretty!!!

    You weren't lying when you said it was easy. You do make it look super easy! It also looks like those shadows are hella pigmented!

    Your lashes look SOOOOOOO long after mascara! Mine never look like that. Do you use some crazy fancy cam??

    Wahhh Christmas polish! I am going to do a proper christmas mani!! Haven't done one yet still LOL!!!!

  26. This look looks awesome on you! I love the color combo. Looks very similar to what I do myself :)


  27. Excellent tutorial! Love those colors. Anything with GOLD is so fab, especially this time of year. :)

  28. awww great post! love love love it.. detailed clear and crisp photos .. yay!

  29. Green... red... and gold... beautiful colours and perfect for this season! I love how you blend the eyeshadows so well! :) Lovely look and nails!!


  30. That is lovely makeup for a Christmas party. Your eyes and nails look so beautiful. The colors are fabulous.

  31. Super pretty EOTD as always and great tutorial! Love your festive sparkly red nails. XD Happy Holidays!

  32. I can't stop reading your blog! Love all the nail posts and details about everything!

  33. This looks beautiful!!! I love all the soft gold! I've wanted to try the fairy drops mascara and Im glad to see you like it!



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