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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ulta Haul

Another haul post! Sorry to bore you, but no more for awhile after this, I plomise XD
Ulta also had their FF sale that ended last Saturday. They sell both drugstore & high end beauty stuff. They also carry all the salon nail polish brands such as OPI, Essie, & China Glaze

I only picked up a few things. The place was so crowded I was too annoyed to stay longer & look for more useless things to buy!

Decided to stock up on some haircare. I like to rotate around 3 different types of shampoos & conditioners since using the same stuff for too long can cause build-up in your hair. 
My slippery & fine Asian hair is always in dire need of volume so I decided to try out the Big Sexy Hair Big Volume Shampoo & Conditioner
I've read countless great reviews on their hairspray. But since I only use hairspray like 2x a yr I didn't get it.

I've tried the shampoo & conditioner a few times now & it does a pretty good job adding some volume in my hair. My hair feels a bit fuller. 
This will not help my your hair feel super silky & shiny though. Usually shampoo that does that will make your hair flat, I find. 
I like this so far.

They were having a buy 2 get 1 free promotion for this brand so I picked up the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Treatment
This is a hair mask. You use this after shampooing & leave it in your hair for a few minutes. 
This stuff is really thick & adds a good dose of moisture into your hair. 
Don't use too much near your scalp or it'll make your head kinda greasy & weigh it down.
Smells really...natural & herbal. 

Of course I picked up nail polish XD
Ulta had a 2 for $10 promotion on certain discontinued OPI polishes. There wasn't much left when I went but I managed to get Bling Dynasty & Bronzed to Perfection
Also picked up Essie Bobbing for Baubles from their new holiday collection. 


I am on a serious glitter polish kick these days. I blame the holiday spirit lol! 
Painted my nails with Bobbing for Baubles which is a really dark blue. So opaque I only needed 1 coat!
I was gonna go over all of them with Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular Top Coat but couldn't commit to full-on glittery nails >.<
I ended up only painting the glitter on the last 2 fingers on my left hand & first 3 fingers on my right hand. Weird, I know ^o^

Sephora by OPI Spark-tacular Top Coat is...spark-tacular!! The multi-glitter colors are really pretty & subtle. It's mostly silver glitter with a bit of light blue, fuchsia, green, & gold. 
Highly recommend!!


Herrrooo to all my new readers! I can't believe 200 people bother to follow my blog. Sannnkk yoooo!! 
And thank you to errrrbdoy who joined my giveaway!! Will pick winners soon, before Thanksgiving for sure! :D


2PM!!! I really love the violin background music for this song. Sometimes I even manage to tune out the singing hahaha
♫ Listen to my heartbeat ♫

Oh Taec, why you so damn epic? ♥_♥

Ahhhh Thanksgiving is next Thursday!!! I am excited because I love food XD 
Expect some Thanksgiving dessert posts these 2 weeks! 


  1. Gorgeous polishes! I adore OPI and Essie polishes <33 :D

  2. I love the multi color glitter over the blue it looks nice. Arg I need a hair mask or scalp mask. The winter is killing my skin even on my scalp.

  3. that sephora for OPI glitter polish is pretty!!!!! Good for Christmas!! XD

  4. I love the different sized glitters ^^
    This is a great haul <3
    Taecyeon is so good looking!
    Wooyoung is my favorite though. He's just adorable!

  5. You always have such lovely nails ^_^. My nails are kinda small and square shaped - I envy your nails~ XD

  6. I really like Bobbing for Baubles!

  7. I LOVEEEE Big Sexy Hair products. And they actually work! They are just so pricey sometimes. Your nails looks fab, doll! The polish has so much thick chunks of glitter, I love!

  8. im in love with your nail polish



  9. Yes I agree, I need to rotate shampoos. My hair wasn't feeling really clean anymore T_T I've just changed to a different brand and my hair is the cleanest it's felt for ages!

    Sparkle sparkle!! You should have gone all out and put them on all fingers! Sparkle = good! :P

    That dark blue is so pretty O_O

    Congrats on >200 followers!

    And yaaaaaay video. :D

  10. the glitter is soo pretty, I love glitter things its soo bling bling :D

    and taec *O*

  11. Love your spark-tacular nail polish! :D I wish I had an Ulta heree lol

  12. sparktacular looks like Milani gems too!!!

  13. An Ulta just opened up in my city, so I am basically always there. hahaha. I love hauls, so keep them coming!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    enter my Too Faced and Hello Kitty Giveaway!

  14. Girl, I need to ban your blog. Look at these hauls, temptations..temptations!! Today is the last day to use the VIB discount, I may eventually give in..lol. Love the nail polishes.

    Congrats on your 200 followers.

  15. Ok, I don't think I've ever commended you for your flawless nail polish application, but girl I am so jealous! I am an epic fail at doing my own nails huhu T.T Your application is flawless, omg! And that glitter polish is amazing! If it was me, I'd only wear the glitter polish ones cuz errr I don't think I can screw that one up bwahaha! And lol your hair care haul just reminded me I need to do one of my own, as my conditioner's running dangerously low =.=

    And *faints* on that Taecyeon GIF...


    A Single Girl's Musings

  16. Love the nail polish! You've really pretty nails, btw, not sure if I ever mentioned that.
    Looking forward to your Thanksgiving post, love reading about celebrations in other parts of the world.

    P/S: Yeap, I know what Skittles are. I love the ones in the green bag, the sour ones! :D

  17. I used to use Big Sexy Hair, but I have super thick hair so it made it ridiculously big! Love the Essie shade though!

  18. I love your nails, great post. I am following you now! Have a lovely week <3<3

  19. Hey girl! I need to try a hair mask! I've never done that. I've done hot oil treatments but never a mask. Your review has been very inspiring. It sounds so great. LOVE LOVE LOVING your glitter nails. I'm loving the whole glitter craze right now too. I think it's so fun and festive. Your nails look awesome. You picked some great nail colors. I can't wait for you to showcase them. Hope you're having a fabulous Monday.

  20. I'm so going to be a fatty this Thanksgiving O_O

  21. Awesome haul! I love the dark grey nail polish and the glitter really adds some pop to it! :)


  22. I think I may need to ban you from sephora and ulta for a while..hehehe! How do you rotate amongst 3 different shampoo and conditioners? That is impressive. I am die hard redken fan, specifically the smooth down line. i've used it exclusively for 7 years! BTW, my dad in a tux says he feels like how you do in a suit, he thinks he looks like a waiter. lol.

  23. The colorful glitter nail polish looks hot on black! I'm so tempted to get it now after seeing your swatch... hehe~ :P

  24. Fab haul! I need some new hair stuff..wish we had an ulta!

  25. Nace haul! I love how Spark-tacular looks on that dark color!

  26. What a haul! I rely on you for the latest picks of skincare and cosmetic in the marketplace as well as keeping up to date with Asian music which I'm completely clueless about.

  27. I'm an idiot. I didn't know Ulta carried China Glazes and OPI. LOL WOW now I know where to find it, lol

  28. great haul!! love the opi glitter swatch hun! thanks thanks for sharing, i want to get one... i'm so into glitters lately hahaha

  29. I really like the sparkle top coat! I don't think it looks weird on just two nails. I usually do something odd like that on my nails as well.

    AND OMFG WAS NOT EXPECTING 2PM GIFS HERE. /new read & also a Hottest. XD

  30. I live the sparkles on a dark polish!! Haven't tried it but very festive :D


  31. ahhh these nail polishes! I have so many already but these are sooo pretty!
    I also recently hauled at Ulta: http://dreamcatchiing.blogspot.com/2011/11/haul-black-saturday-ulta.html



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