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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Snail Mail!

Evie from A Sidewalk Cafe sent me another package full of wonderful thaaangs!!
Can't believe she thought to send me stuff when it was her birthday in October XD

She sent so much snacks & candy...errr I mean "sweets" as my fellow non-American twitter pals like to put it >.> *cough* Nunu *cough* XP

I've never tried Milo before!! Excited to tryyyy ^o^
Yeah...already opened the Puccho candy before taking the picture lol
Can't believe she sent me Ribena, I loooove it!! Not sold in US =_=

Can't wait to try these body scrubs. Peach scented!!!

More makeup! Can't wait to try errrrthang!
Biore sunscreen is my favorite!! Great minds think alike XD

A package amongst bloggers would not be complete without masks.
Already tried one before taking this picture hahaha


Sephora's Friends & Family sale ends tomorrow. But fear not! I received this fancy shmancy invite yesterday for another 20% off .
Looks like a damn wedding invite...

This time the discount can be used from November 10-14. 
But this is only for VIBs. So if you are one, look out for this in the mail!!


These pictures are here because...TOP is sexy. No other reason. 

Typical angsty staring photo ftw!


New obsession
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  1. wow what a sweet of her!and I've been wanting to try the earl grey macaron mask like forever >.< pls do review~~ hehehe

  2. Can't wait to hear what you think of all those face masks! I've tried the LoveMore one and it really wasn't my cup of tea! Unfortunately!

    GRRR I want Sephora in Australia!

  3. Aiya.. TOP <33 My hubby.. LOL.

    Awww, Evie is such a sweetheart :) Lovely package~ Wait... You've NEVER had Milo before....?! WHAT?! And you don't have Ribena in the US?! WTF. When I send you a package.. expect lots of Ribena and Milo -_____-

  4. hey! new to your blog. and liked it! loved your gift! yummy snacks
    have a Cupcake week;)

  5. Oh TOP~

    LOl that package looks so nice. I want all those snack... *drools*

  6. everything is so cute and dont you just love receiving things in the mail?!


  7. pls love milo! it is yummy!!! i drink it everyday,sometimes use as sprinkles XD

  8. the packaging for the bath sea salt looks cute (:!!

    CMPang x

  9. Looks like you got lots of mail! I really like those facial masks! :) You picking up anything in particular at Sephora? i didn't use my 20% F&F this time around haha

  10. Yay a love package, so sweet of her. You are going to be sugar high, girl! So many things to try. I got that 20% off too, have been waiting forever!! Don't even know where to begin on my list.

    Thank you soooooo much for your encouragement and well wishes on my Etsy adventure, they mean a lot to me :)

  11. I was so excited to get the Sephora VIB coupon! I can't wait to use it. :D

  12. "Candy" shall forever remain the awful nickname given to ppl named Candice.
    And strippers.
    p.s. lazy eye

    And biore sunscreen is really really good :)


  14. That was so SWEET of your friend! It was an awesome package. :D

  15. Heehee I see your correction for Christine :P

    Really? I've never tried Milo either, but they sell it in our supermarkets. It's got so many calories in it though I think I'll stick to Nesquik.

    You guys don't have Ribena?! I don't like it much cos I feel like it makes me more thirsty the more I drink it, but I used to have the one which you diluted when I went to my friends houses on playdates when I was a kid!

    Oooh the peach bath salts should be really nice? And can't wait to see whaty ou think of the Canmake mascara, palette and sunblock! :D

    TOP <3 Showing this to the bf now. I'm like if you could become 1% like TOP I will love you 1000000x more. :P

  16. sooooo much pretty stuff! How awesome is she for sending you all that stuff!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  17. I had no idea that they made body scrubs in pouch form. I really want to try that.

    Sandwiches are just... practical.

  18. I looveee pocky~~!! aww so nice to receive a cute package like that :D

  19. Your friend is so sweet. All of the items she sent looks adorable. And the sweets look delicious. (:

  20. I was happy to receive the discount for Sephora as well :D
    Ahh Peach Scented?? I love peach smells~

  21. Yummy snacks!!!! I bet you and your tummy will be having a blast with those snacks. Nom nom nom!! :D

    Ooh, hello TOP. Hello YB. Sup Tablo. ;]

  22. milo is one of my fav snack when i was young. ironically, i don't drink milo though :P

  23. yay who doesn't like snail mails. seriously these are all great :D


  24. How is it that he has better hair than me? Haha XP Oh my gosh, I got the VIB thingy too and my palms started getting sweaty...lol. Love your super fab love pack! =D

    (Haha...no painting and driving committed! =P Have fun shopping at Ulta! =)

  25. Oh TOP.. where do we start? LOL
    he looks gorgeous in those pics.. like when he is not???

    You got so many yummy things.. Me want.. Teehee..


  26. You always get the best packages. Looks like a lot of good stuff!

    I got my Sephora VIB invite in the mail, and I was so excited. I did not like it that the F&F was just one time use.


  27. Nice mail. I'd want to hear about the face masks. New follower. Hope you follow back too:

  28. Omg so sweet of your friend! OMG the macaron mask!!! I've wanted to try those for so long! I hope you do a review or mention if they're good or not after you use them, but honestly, I have good expectations of MBD =P I haven't received me sephroa vib discount yet! ><

    Wah! Thanks for your kind words! I agree, it's odd how some people just can't be happy for others. IF my friend got something nice I would be so happy and excited for her! Sure, I might be envious but Im still happy for her and would never say anything negative!!!

  29. the invitation is so pretty! and you are so lucky to have such a thoughtful friend! <3 i guess snacks and masks are a must in blogger packages hehehe. :D

  30. Aw so many wonderful things! Snail mail is amazing! I love pen palling a lot :) Hope you enjoy all the stuff you got!


  31. Asian snacks ftw!

    I grew up on Milo! Every single morning before school. Yums!

    Re Marmite:
    Muahahaha the advert here is super cute! They have Paddington Bear spreading marmite all over slices of toasts at a dinner party and nearly all the guests spat theirs out or gagged, but Paddington Bear happily munched away. "Marmite-Love it or Hate it" hahaha what a tagline

  32. So many yummy 'sweets'~~~ Hehe

    I love Milo, especially hot! I have a large tin at home XD



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