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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sephora FF Haul!!

My Sephora Friends & Family order finally arrived yesterday. Thought I'd show you guys what I got since the VIB Holiday Shopping Event will start on Nov. 10th.

I seriously had like $500 worth of stuff in my cart because I kept adding random things I came across.
But I cut it down to just "essentials" and a few Christmas gifts for friends & family.
Slow clap for me having so much self control!!!

Took this opportunity to stock up on perfume. Dior J'adore is one of my favorite scents. I really suck at explaining but it smells light & kinda fruity.
When buying fragrance, I always try to buy the gift sets because they're a better deal, you usually get a lotion & sometimes a bag for the same price. LOL yes, I know, I'm hella Asian ^o^

I got the J'Adore Gift Set

I got this Ole Henriksen Seven Skincare Sensations set as a Christmas gift for my mom.

This Sephora By OPI Four Piece Set was a great deal.
The set contains 4 full size bottles of wonderful glitter polishes.

Got a backup of the Urban Decay Primer Potion.
New packaging...let's hope it sucks less than the original!

Also got a backup of the MUFE HD Powder.

Got this Sephora Collection Precision Pore Cleansing Pad to try out.


The rest of the stuff I got are presents for others so no point in showing XD

Like I said before, 20% off sale starts again this Thursday so get your list ready!
Tis the season of spending!!! \^o^/


Ummmm this is freaking adorable. 
omg omg omg can't stop staring  
teeheeeheeeee (=^x^=)



  1. This is a nice haul! I hope you do swatches of the nail polishes. They're gorgeous. :)

  2. You got the glitter polish set ^_____^ So pretty!!

  3. LOL $500 worth of stuff. I'm the same! When I shop online, I open pages n pages of stuff I want then close like 90% of them, convincing myself I don't need all that

  4. nice haul! It was a great sale indeed :D

  5. Very impressive! Sephora bailed out of the UK years ago, so I do my damage at Selfridges and Boots!

  6. Great haul! As far as the UD primer, make sure you use it like everyday. Don't stop using it. It will get really hard after a while. So as long as you use it often, you should be fine.
    Are you planning on getting anything else during the VIB sale?

    Waah that is the freaking cutest thing I have seen! <333

  7. ohmigosh!! teh kitten is the fluffiest and cutest ever! :3

    great haul dear! i recently spent $350+200 on makeup and skincare too. x)it's good to know that you guys there are enjoying sales. in my country, everything seems to be a bit more expensive during the holidays. ^_^

  8. Yaaaaay hauuuuul!

    Huh, somebody bought me J'Adore a long time ago when I was a teen, and I thought the scent was a little bit...salty? I don't know if you know what I mean. I swear it has a slight savoury note to it...maybe it's just me.

    OMG the Sephora by OPI polishes are <3 When I was in USA I REALLLLY wanted the silver and gold ones, but they didn't have them in stock!!! D: It's ok tho cos I asked my parents to pick me up some canmake polishes which look exactly the same. xD

    Oooooh I got that primer too when I was USA! Cos it's like £4 cheaper than over here, even when it's not on sale. :3 Glad I read the comments of your thing though, I don't want it drying up! I'm still using my doe-foot applicator tube. I KNOW there's more in it, it just won't come out. I doubt I'll saw it open though...too much effort.

    Oh, and I was close to buying the HD powder....I tried it on the back of my hand and I really liked it, but for some reason another didn't. Even my parents feel bad for me that I didn't buy that much makeup in New York. My dad's going this weekend and my mum keeps asking me if I want anything, but I highly doubt he has time to go shopping!

    Um excuse me! The cat is cute but I DOTH PROTEST MUCH. Where is my video????? D:

  9. What a lovely haul! I really like Dior gift sets.

    I love rubbery cleansing pads - I have a white one which I got with the Loreal facewash and also a pink one I purchased from Sasa. I feel they remove makeup so well. I should get back to using them - I've been lazy.

  10. Good work ! I This haul should keep you going for a while ..I'm a fan of J'adore too


  11. I wanna try the sephora pore cleansing pad. will wait for your review about this.

    New follower here

  12. Haha I'm the same way! It's all good until I see the price and I'm like do you REALLY need these??? Great haul though! Those polishes look adorable!

  13. I am drooling at your Sephora haul... especially the Dior Gift set! Like you, I prefer gift sets over the lonely bottle cuz well.. value for money bwahahaha! Me very Asian when it comes to that ;p And the samples oh gosh how I love them LOL. Awesome haul, gurl!

    And omgsh can that kitten get any cuter???? I wanna grab that kitty and hug it!!! Waahhh so flufehhh indeed! *faints in cuteness overload*


    A Single Girl's Musings

  14. omg lol the cat,sooo cute <3 nice haul!!! loving the glitter nail polishes :D btw i have to agree,gift sets are better value !

  15. Girl, BROVO to your self control! That is exactly what I do, I would add a bunch of craps within my sight then remove them. Great exercise. I still dont know what to buy with the VIB discount, it id such a fabulous saving.

    Your goodies look great.

  16. haha, I laughed at your bit about being "hella Asian" because Yes. I am that way too. Awesome haul!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    enter my Too Faced and Hello Kitty Giveaway!

  17. Wait it's coming around again? Dang it now my shopping budget is going down again.


  18. Great purchases. Wish I had the funds to just buy stuff :) Hey hun can you do me a favor and email me your mailing address or just email me? My stupid account lost everyone's contact. I wanted to email you about something, Thanks :D

  19. Yay!! I just got my package yesterday. :) Nothing for me though! All gifts. :D I might use the other 20% off coupon and snag myself some NARS lipsticks. ^^

  20. Slow clap for me for not ordering a single thing!!! but that is mostly cos of jacked up Mooseland Sephora prices T.T
    Haha I'm also like you, I get perfume gift sets cos it comes with extras xD

  21. oh i would love to try the nail polish (: glitter great for fall !nice haul

    CMPang x

  22. First of all, that kitty is adorable! I want to squeeze it.
    Second, I love Sephora. It's my toy store. Urban Decay products and Dior are the best.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  23. I never run out of perfume. I got one over 2 years ago and it's still 80 percent full!

    If you're eating an apple a day, that's really healthy!

  24. You got a lot of awesome stuff, and I love J'Adore! It smells so good and Ole Hendriksen is awesome... Too damn bad he stopped making the roll on blemish attack! That sucker got rid of my zits in 2 days!!!

  25. I love the nail colors!! Sooo sparkly...


  26. Great haul! The presents you bought are so cute! aww this kitten is so adorable!!!


  27. Exciting haul!

    i love that kitty video :)

  28. Haha...that kitty is adorable! XD You have a really nice haul!! Love that polish set.

  29. KITTEH! <3 so cute. I want them to forever stay little & fluffy T___T;;

    Lovely Sephora haul ^____^

  30. Im addicted to glittery things atm and those Sephora polishes look amazing *__*


  31. I don't know if I should say this, but, Daiso has a cleansing pad that looks just like the Sephora one, except size of the bristles are uniform.

    Show us what's in the Dior gift set?

  32. aah yes, I've seen a cleansing pad that look like yours at daiso too. and I've read a lot of review of Urban Decay Primer Potion, now I feel like buying it >.<~ dunno, and the kitten.... since I'm an absolute ailurophile....so frikkin CUUUUUTE omg xD~~~~

  33. please do a review on the pore cleansing pad if you can :) great haul. i should have pick up the UD primer potion for backup. i forgot +_+

  34. I'm super jealous of your haul. Do you like the j'adore set? I'm thinking about getting it, but I not sold. What are your thoughts?

  35. Aww the little kitten made me smile.

    What a great haul. I agree gift sets are definitely the way to go when buying perfume. Always love the little extras that make it such a better deal

  36. wow, that's quite a haul. You're lucky to get access to Sephora. They have the most amazing selection of make up and skincare range. That little kitten is just too cute for words!

  37. Girl, you racked up!!! I love it! Plus I love the fact that you take advantage of a great discount. SMART GIRL!!! I love everything you bought. Keep us posted about that pore cleansing pad. Loving that glitter nail polish too! :D

  38. now that's what I call a haul.. it's like xmas when you open the big box LOL. Nice haul! I want to live by a sephora one day! hahaha

  39. *slow clap!! hahaha I'm proud of you ^^
    I've never smells j'adore but I bet it smells really good! I shall smell it the next time I go to sephora (: I really like marc jacobs daisy though! smells really good~

  40. I'm so jealous!!! I don't think we had this chance in Canada :'( but I think it worked out...I don't have the money to spend it .. Too broke n stressed out from school :P I love the bf powder too!!^^


  41. yay for the glitter polish set!! excited for mine to arrive.. but you seriously got awesome picks.. thanks thanks hun for sharing!

  42. fabulous haul... && even cuter kitty!~~~~~



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