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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ho-Dduk (호떡)

Have not posted a cooking tutorial in a long time!
I bought this Ho-Dduk mix at the Korean market quite awhile ago and finally had a chance to make it this week.
Ho-Dduk is a Korean pancake that's filled with a brown sugar, cinnamon, & peanut mixture. When fried, the sugar mixture turns into this hot syrup. It's really popular street food in Korea.

Maangchi has a video for this on her yt channel. She makes it from scratch. Check it out for the authentic version...my tutorial is for lazy people XD

The mix comes with English instructions on the back. *huzzah*

The mix comes with all the important stuff:
Dough mix
Instant yeast
Filling mixture

All you'll need is:
Vegetable oil for frying
Water 280ml

Combine the dough mix, instant yeast, & water into a large mixing bowl.

Mix and work the dough for about 5 minutes.
It'll be very sticky & kinda hard to work but keep going!
After 5 minutes, make sure everything is working thoroughly.

Empty the bag of filling mixture into a bowl & set aside.

Now it's time to portion the dough & make 10 balls.
Roughly the same size is fine. (Instructions say 70g each but I don't have a scale so I just eyeballed it)
Make sure to oil your hands well so the dough doesn't stick!

Time to fill them!
I used gloves because it's sanitary (also didn't wanna mess up my manicure LOL)
To fill, flatten the ball of dough & spoon 1Tablespoon of filling into the middle.
Don't over fill, it'll be really hard for you to seal the dough.

Grab opposite ends of the circle and pinch them closed. Then do the other ends.
Make sure the ball is sealed shut or it'll be a hot mess when you go to fry them.
Don't freak out too much if a bit of the sugar ends up outside the ball. You'll get the hang of it after doing a few!

Make sure to place them seal side down.

Time to fry them!!
Cover the pan with oil & heat up on low heat.
When the pan is hot enough, place the ball seal side down for about 10-15 seconds.

Flip the ball over & take your spatula to flatten the ball.
Apply a good amount of pressure slowly.

Evenly flatten to about the size of a pancake.
Should look something like this!
Cook it for about 3-4 minutes till golden brown on that side.

Flip over to brown the other side.

Was suppose to be 10 but my dad managed to eat 2 of them while I was frying the others. >.>

They are chewy and delicious!
They hold up for about 1 or 2 days after. Just reheat in the microwave or toaster oven.

If you try, let me know how it turns out!! ^_^


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Jian, you can stop whining now. Here's your video, an extra long one!! XD
Omg Cha Seung Won is so hawt...even though he's way old...& has a son near my age I think lmao. 
Ehh whatevs, still super hawt & an awesome actor ^o^

I really like this song, even though it's uber cutesy T-ara. 
The chorus kinda reminds me of Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time hehehe

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day! Have a great 3 day weekend Americans!!


  1. omg yum yum!! I think I've tasted sth like this somewhere before,hmmm :)

  2. I'm droooooooling! I need breakfast!

  3. Bf and I love those!!!!! We bought some from H-mart (pre-made of course), and toast them up. It's so delicious! It's so cool seeing the recipe. :D

  4. I love Ho Dduk! Its so chewy and yummy. Most of the time I burn myself because of how hot the syrup is inside. Haha.

  5. YUMMY *____*
    We have similar ones on the street here~ It's much more expensive though, so I think it's time for me to DIY it & use this post :D

    Your dad is a ninja =DD

  6. HEEHEEHEEHEEE....:D My video! You weren't kidding..it's really long O_O guess I can't complain now. Pretty crazy..I almost thought it was like a couple of songs! Sounded like it xD And I can see the resemblance to Britney Spears!

    Ahhh I am super tempted to make Ho-Dduk now! Look so tasty! I've never had them before actually, but I think it should taste super good. Korean street food is soo tasty! :3

    Hahaha your dad eating your pancakes! XD My parents dont have sweet teeth at all. I'm always like TRY ONE..they're like...what is it. I'm like JUST EAT IT. Ahahaha...

  7. ooh, i love korean street food! but i never tried this before, looks delish!

  8. I love this stuff! There's a little cart here in K-town that sells it for just $1 a piece. We usually stuff our faces with a couple...lol. Nice cooking tut! XD

  9. Oh they look so yummy. I've never tried these before but they sound so good. Brown sugar, cinnamon, and peanut goodness? I don't think you can go wrong with those ingredients.

  10. This looks so yummy! I'm gonna have to hunt down a Korean supermarket and try this put! Happy 111111!

  11. Because of this post, I went out & got some 호떡! LOL, been craving it! Got the same kind, but mine is the one in 단호박 (pumpkin squash). But I rather have the 찰 one like you! ): Oh well, it will have to do.. Lol

  12. I'm short too! But I'm so clumsy that I wear flats more than heels...lol. ;)

  13. Looks yummy! It is similar to Chinese pancakes? I want to go get some Korean groceries, but the nearest K-market closed down a few months ago, so now I have no clue where to go in LA for Korean groceries. :( Plus my immune system finally caved into the viral infection I had been warding off all week... which sucks because I called in sick @ work today. My boss prolly didn't believed I was sick since it is Veteran's Day. Have a great 3-day weekend.. I'm going to rest all weekend to get rid of this cold!

  14. wowwwww! i want to try it.. super yummy looking.. thanks thanks hun for sharing.. new recipe for me and my baby! excited to do it.. the ingredients is easy to find.. ahha

  15. I love pancakes!!! omg must be so good that your dad had two before you even finished cooking the rest haha!! xD

  16. This one looks really yummy, But I haven't seen this stocked up at the grocery shelves. Hmm... maybe I'll go check the Korean grocery sometime... though I know I'm just going to pwn myself when I find one there cuz the instructions are going to be in Korean bwahahah! Oh well, on the brightside, I can always refer to your guide ^_^

    Thanks for sharing!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  17. I've made these before!!! It takes quite a long time, but it's SOOO WORTH IT!! <3

  18. Those look so delicious! I want some! *O*

  19. Yummy!!! it's a pity i can't find the ingredients here in Italy :( btw your blog is sooo lovely and interesting because I can see many product not avaiable in my country! :) I started to follow you, have a look at my blog if you want :)


  20. I've never tried these before, but they look really good! It looks like a lot of work to knead and stuff them though...I'm super lazy when it comes to cooking or baking anything haha :P

  21. oh wow i have to try these pancake! they look so gooood. I'll have to look out for these when I go to K-Town!!

    Interesting MV form T-ara. Haven't heard much of their stuff..I really like Secret XD

  22. I love those things! I used to work with this Korean lady that made them in all sorts of flavors! My favorite had chives *_* SOOOOO TASTY!!!

  23. i had something to say abt the recipe.. but forgot as soon as i saw cha seung won <3




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