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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Forever 21 x Hello Kitty

Last week Forever 21 released their Forever 21 x Hello Kitty collection!! Being the Hello Kitty freak that I am, I couldn't help but get at least one thing from the collection.

A lot of it was a bit too...fob for my taste lol.
Like...I would never wear something with this fobby bow print XD

This sweatshirt caught my eye even though I still think it's pretty fobby. But there's no weird engrish written on it so it passed my test.
The material is decent, since it is mostly cotton.

I am not sure if I will ever wear this in public ^o^ but it's so cute I decided to buy it.

I really wanted this shirt but they didn't have any more smalls =_=

At the last minute, I caved & got these socks. The winking kinda makes HK look like she lost an eye o_-

People didn't go super crazy for this collection, not like the H&M x Versace collection, so there's probably still some stuff left in stores.
It's also sold on the F21 site.

Painted my nails with Dior Czarina Gold which was part of Dior's Holiday Collection last year. 
It's a dark brown with gold shimmer in it. 

It looks really pretty in the bottle but the gold sparkles don't shine as vibrantly when applied on my nails.

I hope those who celebrated had a great Thanksgiving!! The weather was really nice that day. The changing leaves look so pretty =]
Took this in front of my house.

 My aunt made the turkey & this thing was huge. Barely fits in the container she brought it in!

My grandma made the Chinese food & everyone else just brought whatever they felt like eating, pretty much XD
I made mashed potatoes & baked a pie. And managed to not burn down my kitchen... *Huzzah*

(Do you like the Christmas napkins? Guess my grandma didn't get the memo about it being Thanksgiving LOL)


The holiday season is in full swing!! 
Christmas music plays on the radio 24/7 & the tree in SF Union Square is up!

I went to the mall on Black Friday in the afternoon. Sales were mehhhh. Did not end up buying anything :O


Because I find this song super catchy.
Also because Taec looks ridiculously hawt in this performance with his hair like that & when he took off his sunglasses...ohmahgawd *_* (runs off to spazz )
Nosebleeds may occur hehehehehe

Hope you all have a good week!


  1. Aww this top looks so comfy! So cute :D I'm not a very big fan of Hello Kitty but I like its adorable designs ^^


  2. Cute socks! Knee highs? ^^~ looks like you had a great thanksgiving celebration! your grandma is so cute! Ehh, is that what a turkey looks like? :O (i've never had turkey lulz)

  3. Dior's Czarina Gold looks so pretty and festive! I usually steer far away from shimmer/sparkly nail polishes, but this one looks okay. The shine isn't so blatant.

    I wonder if we have this over here. Hmmmm !

  4. Wow, there's a lot of Hello Kitty in there. The food is also making me drool. :-)

    Come visit me too.

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

  5. I love that nail polish so much. The color is perfect for the holidays. It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  6. Thanks for sharing! Brings back memories of Thanksgivings in the Bay Area for me! Cute UK and great nail polish!!

    I love the chopsticks with the Thanksgiving meal :)

  7. OHH how i miss union square!! especially during the holidays i love going to neimans and looking at the giant christmas tree!!

    your thanksgiving looks so nommy your pie looks delish are those cranberries in it?

  8. whoaaa, awesome thanksgiving dinner!!:)
    i love the hello kitty sweater, you can definitely wear it outside!:)

  9. I agree, I think the majority is prolly a bit too fobby to wear. I have a HK sweater which I only wear over my PJs at home, or when I'm cleaning.

    The problem with buying that sorta stuff from such a mainstream shop is that the other people you're likely to see wearing it is a tween, a FOB-wannabe (yeah there's fob wannabes these days) and other people like us. LOL

    The only thing that caught my eye from that entire display of HK is the red tote. But it's quite steep at $16.80 I think? Just me? I'd prolly use that kind of thing as a book bag lol. And the socks, I agree I think it looks like someone poked her eye out, but it'd be uber cute to wear with Ugg boots! <3

    That Dior polish is sooo purty even though the gold shimmers aren't as obvious as they look in the bottle.

    LOL at your mix of chinese food with trad thanksigving food! Hahah nothing wrong with xmas napkins!

    OMG the tweee! It's soo bigggggg :O

  10. Hello Kitty galore, omg!! The FOB in me is very very jealous of you right now >.<" That pink sweater with the HK prints all over it is just soo cute! Okay, tell your grandma her Christmas napkins are awesome! It's adorable! lol And oh my, I'd love to try your mashed potatoes recipe, if it's not too much to ask, can you make a recipe post about it pretty puhleeze with a Taecyon on top??? :D haha!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  11. Lfajldfajkjfka *____* aw that top looks so cute!! Omg I want to have that!
    Really need to visit f21 soon!

    Cotton Candy

  12. YAY! thanks for sharing hun! love all the hello kitty that you got, plus the nail polish! ooohh lala! LOL Happy thanksgiving, i'm sorry i know i'm quite late.. been MIA for a while.. I MISS YOU!!!!

  13. My little girl will go nuts when she sees your Hello Kitty goodies. Your Thanksgiving spread is similar what I have during Chinese New Year :) and looks utterly delicious.

  14. Haha that top is so fob xD
    I wish the t-shirts in their collection were full length instead of Flash Dance length.
    I like how there is a very American Thanksgiving meal that is going to be eaten with very Chinese chopsticks xD

  15. oh ohhhh teamfobbybyuntaes ftw!! as u can see i got tons of hk crap too!! and you gave me even more HK hahaha i'm such a happy girlie!! i'm not a CRAZYYYYYY hk fan like you, but sometimes, i just can't help it, she's just too adorbs to pass!! did u guess my bag yet?

  16. Love the Dior polish! I was super excited to check out the HK collection too, but was not overly impressed with it. I got the pink crop tee and some knee socks!

  17. I love hello kitty too! And I'm wayyy older than you. HaHa Great stuff. You and your family had a wonderful meal. LOVE IT!!! And that Christmas tree is gorgeous. I remember getting a preview of it from you on Twitter. GREAT POST!!! :D

  18. I didn't get to see the Hello Kitty release at forever, but the crop top does look cute. The pullover you chose is nice and simple.

    oh my lol i love the napkins your gma bought. lol that's something my gma would do. i love that you guys used chopsticks! sticking to the roots! that's the way to go.

    belated thanksgiving doll!

  19. hehe the HK stuff are quite fobby, but I like the pink cardi when I saw it on Sheila XD

    That nail polish is super duper pretty!!

    Nom nom nom, your meal looks delish. I love the chinese touch to it, my mum does that a lot XD


  20. hello kitty never gets old for me! its too bad they didnt have any more smalls :( i hate it when that happens!

  21. LOL...I have to say, after looking at some of the HK pieces they were a bit on the fob side, but what do you expect? F21 is a Korean clothing company! The Thanksgiving feast looked amazing, and nope of course...azn parents never get the memo on exactly what holiday it is, as long as there are napkins or decor then it's for use. Hehehe

  22. I totally wish I could go shopping right now! I definitely LOVE all the hello kitty items! I don't care if it's fobby or not :)
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  23. I thought the collection was relatively cute, but way too fobby for me. Some girls can pull it off but I don't think I could. I didn't get anything.

  24. cuteee I love hello kitty! :D
    The road in front of your house is sooo pretty, just like in the movie XD

  25. Ah, the Hello Kitty collection! I actually was quite excited about it when I first saw the email. Then I heard from a friend that the quality of the clothes wasn't so great. I thought the bow pattern scarf was cute...but I also heard that it's SUPER PINK. lol. By the time I went to my local f21, most of the stuff was gone. I kinda wanted the black outlined HK white sweater. OH WELL. Saves me money. :P The top you picked out is cute! If you have a plaid button up to layer under, I think it'd looks super uh...KAWAII. keke.

    Love the nail color! So fall appropriate with the changing colors of the trees. :]

    Looks like you had an amayyyyjing Thanksgiving! Dude, your turkey looks like my two turkeys combined!!! HAHA...and gotta love the Christmas napkins and the chopsticks all around.

    Hehe...this song...

  26. I love your hello kitty sweatshirt!! I was actually gonna look for it at forever21 here in 2 days haha! have you seen the hoodie? Is that one okay ? xD because I might order some online if I can

  27. love your turkey pictures! I wished turkey was more common in Japan >_< Cute HK sweater!

  28. omg... i completely forgot abt the launch... gonna try to see if theres anything left lol

    *sigh* i love grandmas =] always so cute and silly

  29. Im so jealous of your hello kitty sweater! I can't wait till the collection hits Canada! I hope it does ><! haha your grandma is sooo cute!!!!! <3 <3 <3



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