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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fairy Drops Treatment Base Mascara

Most of you should all know by now that the original Fairy Drops mascara is by far my favorite mascara. The brand recently released quite a few different versions, including a base mascara.
I don't usually use base mascaras...I mean it takes me long enough to get ready in the morning as it is. Buuut I was curious & Yumeko offered to get some for me from Japan.

The Fairy Drops Treatment Base Mascara is a creamy texture that contains some fiber. It's a grey color which is good in case you don't evenly apply your regular mascara, the grey is not as noticeable as white is.
It also smells like vanilla so after apply it, you can smell a faint vanilla scent for a few hours. Strange but kinda pleasant!

Here are my bare lashes, curled.

1 coat of Fairy Drops Treatment Base Mascara on top & bottom lashes.

For mascara, I would recommend using a mascara that doesn't have fibers since the base already has fibers in it. It can get messy/clumpy.
I used the Shu Uemura Ultimate Expression Mascara. This is a decent mascara but not waterproof, which means it makes my lashes droop a bit. I find that it works very well with the Fairy Drops base though.
Used alone, it's nothing to rave about. It's way too expensive too!
The brush is very easy to use on Asian eyes. It gets all the tiny lashes in the corners of my eyes.

The Fairy Drops base does a great job with thickening your lashes. Your mascara will really grip onto your lashes after you apply the base. 
But it can look a bit spidery if you over apply the base. 

One thing I don't like about this base is that it doesn't hold a curl very well. I was hoping that it would hold a curl so I could use this under my non-waterproof mascaras.
The curl on my lashes start to fall a bit after a few hours of application.

Overall, I like the results that these two mascaras give.

The Fairy Drops base is excellent for thickening lashes, especially the lower lash line.

It's a bit hard to find outside of Asia but if you come across it, I'd recommend trying it out. Plus, it smells good!
Thanks for helping me get this Yumeko!! ♥


Since Thanksgiving is this Thursday, what better way to get into the holiday spirit than with...Thanksgiving nails! XD

OPI Bronzed to Perfection with OPI Bling Dynasty on the ring finger.
Just screams Thanksgiving doesn't it? =D
Reminds me of pumpkin pie LOL!


I am only posting this because Macnunu requested (demanded). 
Wtf is this hot mess and why is it so catchy that I can't stop playing it in my head?
Look at their makeup!! OMG there's just so many tacky things going on here that it's awesome.

♫ Boom boom boom boom, I want you in my room. Let's spend the night together. From now until forever ♫

Ok, I'm done being crazy...for now.


  1. Wow this is an interesting mascara wand! Great combination - your lashes look beautiful!
    Orange nail polish!! Nice :)


  2. Wow this base is amazing! I love how it's grey, usually white bases are really difficult to cover up which is quite annoying.

    Would you know where to get this outside of japan?

  3. I really need my mascara to hold a curl. But it can't be too hard to get off. It's a lot of requirements, I know. Do you have any recommendations?

  4. Loving the pumpkin pie nail polish! Definitely reminds me of pumpkin pie! I have bought the fairy drops mascara and have yet to try it :) Hopefully it holds curls well.


  5. This base sounds amazing!! I wonder if if would irritate my eyes. I remember trying a MajoMajo one previously and regretting it bitterly for the stray fibres mashed up my eyes!

  6. so awesome!! I love fairy drops ^^

  7. A totally amazing result! Pretty nails, too!

  8. yay! love the fairy drops base! interesting.. i want to try it!
    love your eyes! and advance happy thanksgiving!!
    love the nails too ><

  9. Oh my goodness! I need to get my hands on that base mascara. The brush itself is quite interesting and the results are amazing.

  10. I didn't ask my parents to get me the base....but I'M SO EXCITED I JUST REMEMBERED I ASKED THEM TO GET ME NORMAL ONE! Ahahahahaha...(my mum is arriving in like..two weeks lol)

    This looks pretty awesome though! Although not holding curl is a bit annoying. If mascaras don't hold curl for me they pretty much are destined for the bin.

    The nail polish is soooo pretty! I dunno if my bf will be able to eat by thanksgiving. I hope so. I'll make him pie if he can! XD

  11. Thanks for this post.. right before my bf goes to Asia.. mwahahahaha, now I know what to make him get me ^___^ Thanks for such a lovely review~ Your lashes look so awesome after the FD Base Mascara & your Shu Uemura mascara was used :) Ahh, I don't really understand Thanksgiving (silly ignorant NZ-er) but I hope you have really good food & turkey! :D

  12. the packaging for the fairy drops is so pretty!! i likey!! haha your eyes are sooooo big!! i wish i had your eyes!

    your nails are so glossy!!! do you use seche vite??

    omgosh so funny i haven't heard that song in ages bahaha!!

  13. How can your eyelashes is so loooonggggg??? *w*
    I want to try fairy drops too, but yeah hardly to get in here, I must find someone to help me get it XD
    thanks for the review <3

  14. Hmm... I've never tried using a mascara base ever, so this is all new to me. I'd love to give this a try, cuz I'm really curious how I'd look if I used a mascara with fiber (or in this case, a base). Though we share the same predicament, it's kind of hard to find Fairy Drops over here as well (but then again there's E-bay for me lolz).

    And OMG on your video post lolz. I swear, that song truly sticks into your head, it's like last-song-syndrome horror lol.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  15. I always get smudges every time I wear mascara
    I do love that dynasty colors!


  16. omg Doro your lashes looks long! I want to try this out xD I love your camera, what do you use?

  17. Bwahahahah! Aren't they absolutely fabulous?! The Venga Boys not so much the base, but only cos I am a lazy old pirate who can't be bothered with applying 2 products to my lashes in the morning xD

  18. LOL that MV is hilarious!!! And YES I watched the whole thing hahah

  19. I love Yumeko's blog hehe.
    That base has such cute packaging and it works well!
    Seems like a great buy <3

  20. I've never heard of this brand but I think this mascara works wonders on your lashes! Also, the OPI colour is gorgeous too, it reminds me of Concerto in Copper that I bought years ago!

  21. Thanks for the review! This mascara base looks like it really does help to thicken your lashes, but the non-curling aspect of it is a bit of a let down. I think I'll stick to my HG Shiseido mascara base for now :)

    I love your nails and your brows btw! You have such perfectly arched eyebrows!

  22. Your eyes are so gorgeous and so glad you liked my post. I hope it travels all over the world for everyone to see. LOVE that nail polish. Glad to see you wearing it. Awesome colors on you! :D

  23. Oh wow, I just adore your nails. What a perfect Thanksgiving color.

    I didn't know they mad mascara base coats. Very cool.


  24. oh wow! the mascara looks absolutely stunning!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  25. Looks like I need to check out Fairy Drops mascara base...Is it easy to wash off?

  26. Your lashes are looking lovely hun. I like the mascara wand.

  27. omg. that base mascara does magic.. i wonder where can i get it in the philippines?!


  28. ooo i like the fairy drop mascara result!!! the brush is so unique and the result is so natural!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  29. Fun nails! Now I feel like pumpkin pie too...haha :) You're lucky that you don't need base mascara. My stick-straight lashes pretty much require it. :\ Haven't tried the Fairy Drops one but it sounds nice! :)

  30. beautiful lashes you have. i like shiseido base mascara. holds up the whole day.

  31. I love the way you did your nails, the slightly different shade makes it interesting.

    xo erica

  32. love your nails and the mascara base looks amazing! i must try one soon. maybe i should try majolica majorca's because fairy drops isn't locally available in my country. :(

  33. Ooh I actually have this! haha. I ordered it from an online Japanese website, thinking it was the mascara...not realizing until I received it in the mail that it was a base. D: I do like it though. It does help with my short and stubby lashes. ^^ Great review!!

    Love mani!!! So autumn/Thanksgiving inspired!! :D

    LOL. Oh these 90's vids are great! Brings me back to them good old days. People say that there was not real 90's culture. I beg to differ! 90's pop was THEEE best! And to think I bought the whole Venga Boys CD...*smh*

  34. I have wanted to try Fairy Drops mascara for a while, but I am so cheap when it comes to buying more expensive mascaras @_@
    Completely unrelated but I love your eyebrows!

  35. Wow, your lashes look amazing! The base thickened it up so much! I may need to get the Fairy Drops mascara base!

  36. Killer lashes! The combo is definitely working! Yes, I know the feeling of having LOTS of trouble finding the right mascara for our finer lashes! I swear by Kiss Me Heroine mascaras! They do magic! Are very very waterproof, don't clump, give fantastic volume and length and hold curl like crazy!

  37. man... im too lazy to apply a mascara base, but this combo looks great!!! I also like that it's grey =]

    damn it... i regret pressing play.... boom boom boom boom... lol it's an awful mv hahahahah but so damn funny!!!!



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