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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sleek Eye o.O

This is a quick look I did with the Sleek Storm Palette Jian got me!!
The palette is so versatile & can be used for practically any occasion. It'll take me forever to try and use all the colors at least once!

Here are the shades I used for this look. 

I am really obsessed with how nicely the copper goes with the dark green. It's still quite neutral but not the typical browns, taupes, etc.

Ok, it doesn't look that different in pictures from my other looks...ehh these pictures all look the same after awhile XD

Sleek shadows are really pigmented so a little goes a long way. 

To minimize fallout, try to pat on the shadows at first. If you immediately start to blend it on when your brush as the most shadow, you'll get fallout everywhere. 
Regardless, I always clean up using my concealer brush with a tiny bit of foundation or concealer on my under-eye area. It will really brighten up your eyes!

Eyeliner & mascara is same as usual. Do I ever use anything different with those? XP
One of these days I will attempt to give gel liner another chance. Will probably end up with smudgy panda eyes!


It's finally Fall but it was freaking 78F today in my part of CA, wth man?! 
Regardless, I have been on a bit of a Fall nail polish binge & searching for a perfect burnt orange color. In the midst of my search, I got distracted by many other shades. 'Tis the evils of shopping!
Will report my findings in another post!

For now, I settled with a new shade from the China Glaze Metro Collectiontheir Fall collection & I fell in love with Brownstone. 
It's a brownish brick red shade. I definitely don't have anything like this so I grabbed it. 
The formula is a bit thick & very opaque. The wear is excellent! I've had this on since last Thursday and there has not been 1 chip yet. \^o^/


Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaway so far!! I'm quite shocked that so many people even entered. I was hoping for at least 2...one for each prize hahaha!

If you haven't entered, what the hell are you doing? Click on the picture & GO NOW!

Remember to fill out the Google Doc form if you are joining! 
I noticed quite a few people did not fill out the form but left a comment saying they wanted to join. If you didn't fill out the form, I won't see your entry. 
I am only using the results from the form to pick winners. 


In honor of my forever favorite kpop star, Rain, who left to join the army today for 2 years, here is one of his sexayyyyy videos ^_~

I will miss your smexiness these 2 years Rain! O.O

P.S. Watch the whole video. You will NOT be disappointed....I promise :O



  1. I can definitely see the green!
    Yeah.. so sad that Rain is joining the army
    We will miss him terribly for the next 2 years!


  2. Heyyyyyyyyy! wassup?! I used to love Rain!hahahaha i have tagged you so hope you'd response for it!v ;) http://tesbah-ala-khir-dance-lily-dance.blogspot.com/

  3. Wow, this eye look is stunning. I love the shape of your eyes!

  4. Wahhhhh I need to learn to do eye makeup like you. I prefer the way you do yours to the way I do mine (like I keep saying).

    I tried it this morning and it didn't work. When I apply shadows I think I go too high up if you know what I mean? So they appear obviously above my crease line. I think it's just a habit I got into...=_=

    soooooo pretty!!!

    And OMG Rain...I'm gonna miss him too!!!! He was hte first kpop singer I listened to. And his freakin body *faints*.

  5. Wow you have done your eye so well.
    Very pretty colors.

  6. I really like that look! The palette seems very versatile!

  7. YO MAKNAE, wae u so byuntae, bruh????

    i'm so jelly u can do such nice things with eyeshadow and eyelinerrrrr. i kennot do any of this!! v___v"

  8. The brown looks so different once on your lids, it is reddish in the pan..

    *jelly* I always clump my lower lashes if I do decide to use mascara, any tips on how you make yours look so defined and separated?

  9. I love your nails haah I entered and btw Rain's body roll thing happened in like a split second? I saw the shirt ripping part all of a sudden and *jawdrop* lol what is that girl doing, sleeping all the time, Are you Korean? I don't understand the song xD

  10. The way you did your nails - perfection. Such a deep and romantic colour too!

  11. Ahh I love Rain!!! Hhaha I used to be SO obsessed. I loved Full House!!

  12. Love this look. I've been wanting to try it out, and now I know the actual colors, I'll definitely be re-creating it on myself! And oh em gee. I am not huge on Kpop, but RAIN is so hot!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  13. Copper and Dark Green really goes so well. It's perfect for day or night wear. And as usual, I'm a big fan of your winged liner haha And haiz... Bye bye, Rain... Two years is such a long time to wait huhuhu but hmmm he's going to be even more buffed when he gets out of the Army hahaha what a way to see the upside of things huh? XD


    A Single Girl's Musings

  14. I srsly love your eyemakeup <3 You make that palette look like gold on your eyes *O*

    whaaat? Rain joined the army :O nooooeeesssss~~~~

  15. ooo love your palette! you are so pro! also loving the nail polish colour! looks great for fall!


  16. Well I had not joined yet, so I just did like 30 seconds ago :D lol

    & I really like how the sleek palettes because of their colors and how well they blend, but I cannot stand the fallout >_< I know it doesn't take that much more effort to use them, but it's just kinda annoying, so I have my sleek palette stashed away somewhere waiting for me to use it again. haha


  17. omgg i want the sleek palette!! my bf is going to UK soon i hope he can help em get one (but i dont think soo cuz its soo weird!! a guy buying makeup? plusss i dont think he knows where to go and which to buy lol)

    btw that videoo.. omg HAWT n disturbing at the same time LOL


  18. OMG is Rain hot or what? I love the eyemake-up you did, and you always do an awesome job with the colours you've combined! Also, that nail colour is gorgeous, I am definitely going to stop into Ulta to get that colour!

  19. I'm craving for a sleek palette! I love them! Beautiful makeup look :) and great nail polish colour.


  20. Are you kidding, the look is gorgeous! OMG seriously, I live in Cali too, and it was 86F where I live!

    Oh my...must watch that video...

  21. Omg The Rain news is all over the place! Even my cantonese radio channel announced his leaving! LOL and I don't even know who the heck he is! Well....just a gist but I was never really a fan =P But I love how you put that clip at the end of the post hahahahaha

    Omg I love fuzzy socks, they take socks to a whole new level of warmth! =D Thanks for the giveaway btw!!!! The goodies are awesome!

  22. Wow, your nails look amazing. I adore that color. Of course, you eye makeup looks perfect, as always:)


  23. Sleek palettes.. Oh how I want them. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! I love your look and I especially love how you winged your liner!

    Seriously girl? A Rain gif?

    SMH, LOL.

  24. holy he has a nice body! and going to the army with that hot body and pretty face is such a waste LOL!! love your eye makeup btw :D

  25. Love the eye make up! Seen so many eye looks with Sleek palettes, but yours is definitely one of the nicest. Love the winged liner, too. I wish I had more skills with make up.

    Just read through your posts and saw that you got the Kate for Rimmel lipstick as a gift. Yay! I'm quite liking mine in fact. If you'd like to try more colours from the range, let me know and I'll send you some :)

    So excited that you're holding a giveaway. Will defo join when I get home from my travels :D

  26. Hey gorgeous- I love the myriad of colors on your eyes. You really have a knack of getting the colors to blend so that they mix well with eachother but are still independent (does that make sense?). Anyways, I hope that you have a great weekend!

  27. ohh man i've been wanting to get my hands on the sleek palette! They're so pretty!! i want! lol

  28. I love your eye shape, you have a pretty eyes :D

  29. I seriously love your nail color! IT's such an interesting choice and really flatters your skin tone! ^^

  30. Damn girl, your eye make up stills is amazing <3 I love the way it gradients!! :O

    Also, *drool* .. Rain's body is so..... -sigh- YUMMY <33

  31. that is soooo HOOOTTTTT!!!! i mean your EOTD is! LOL! you did a great job with the palette! ;)

  32. love your eotd! your eyes are naturally very pretty!Such a pretty smokey look! Your eye makeup is so clean and pretty!

    I used to be a big fan of Rain! I read he's been enlisted - sad to see him go I'm sure he'll be back before we'll know it!

  33. I like how the dark green shows up on you =) really pretty !!

    xxx Vee

  34. damn you and your pretty eyess!!! lol another pretty EOTD =]

    ohhh the nail polish looks kinda gelly i like =]

    rainnnnn <3 full house... *swooon*



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