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Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Sleek

I have been obsessed with using my Sleek palettes lately. There's so many wonderful endless possibilities!! So many shadows, only 2 eyelids...sighhhh

I used the Oh So Special palette this time. I did an EOTD with the Storm palette here.
I grew some balls & actually used 1 of the pink shadows this time.

I thought the pink shadow would make my eyes look puffy, like I am suffering from bad eyelid surgery lol, but it turned out ok!
I only put a tiny bit in the crease & blended it out a lot.
It turned out kind of purple since blue & red make purple, & pink is related to red?? I know nothing about colors, can you tell? HAHA

Thankfully the blue isn't a light blue or else I would've ended up looking like a cheap hooker.
My mother always warned me that light blue shadow on Asians will make them look like hookers. She scarred me for life! I run like hell if I see light blue shadow XD

This blue is closer to a gunmetal grey/blue. Was able to avoid a catastrophic "luv u long time" look!

These shadows don't fade at all! Lasted all day for me.


Current nails!
Yay for vampy Fall shades \^o^/
Sonia Kashuk Taunting Teal & OPI Brisbane Bronze on ring finger

The Sonia Kashuk polishes are actually pretty nice quality! 
Formula is a bit on the thick side but I actually like. They're very opaque, can get away with just one coat. 
You can find them only at Target for $5.
OPI Brisbane Bronze is an awesome orangey bronze color. It's sooo metallic. Definitely need at least 2 coats for this.


Hyori is so hawwwt!
Every time they say "girl" I lmao because they pronounce it like "gurrrr" hahahahhaa
Ohhh engrish, how you entertain me!!
It doesn't help that she says "gurrr" in like every line ^o^



  1. I totally agree with your sentiment. Somedays when I'm putting on makeup, I get so disappointed that I have but two eyelids.

    You see protests at Santa Monica too? That's depressing.

  2. Love your look with this post. Sleek palettes are amazing, just got mine in the mail!

  3. Hyori is my idol. LOL.

    That palette is so cute! There's watermelons on three of the eye shadows!

    As usual, your eye make up looks fantastic!

  4. LOL our mothers.. i agree.. our mothers influenced us mostly.. i love your eye make-up and that shade is beautiful.. i am so convinced to get the sleek makeup palette..

  5. lol lol now i scarred by your description,hmm light blue does kinda look hooker-ish XD

  6. Oh gosh, so gorgeous!!!! U're always soooo good with blending the colours they're like perfect eye shadows, a bit of colour but not too over the board, sweet!
    lovin ur mixed coloured nails as well!


  7. LOL thats exactly how I feel about blue shadows too!! I get super paranoid. My mum never said anything, but I just kind of picked it up from somewhere. I also worry that white + blue eyeshadows plus red lips = trannie. So I don't even go there LOL

    Dude...I keep saying this time and time again, but I seriously can't do my eyemakeup the same way as you! I love the way you combine different unrelated colours to make them look so pretty! It makes colours like blue a hell of a lot more wearable! I gotta try this.

    LOL GURRRRRRR...Hyori is so hot!!

  8. Hey Dorothy, just a random thought but does anybody calls you Dot? xD and btw Sleek had a Fridays specials where they had free shipping but you need to purchase a minimum of 40 USD so I was like ahh ~_~ and they had problems with their site too

    I love that song! super cute!I love Hyori's hair :)

  9. I love the EOTD, it looks fabulous, good one, my dear. Haha, oh Asian mothers, they can be a tad overbearing sometimes, but their advices makes a lot of sense :)

    And Hyori... boy, she is just hot. Even as a nerd in that vid, her hotness is undeniable lol. And yeah, it does sound like "grrrr" when they say girl haha


    A Single Girl's Musings

  10. I love the polish! and that palette looks like fun to play with :) very subtle

  11. that's a really pretty look ! i still need to invest in one of these Sleek palettes !

    xxx Vee

  12. Girl, you have a serious obsessesion since you want more than two eyelids..hehe. How about I volunteer mine so you can experiment more colors? That pallette is sweet, I like every color. Love what you did, gorgeous spectrum of colors. I better not wear blue eyeshadows when your mama is around haha. I find that blue can be quite tricky on Asians.

  13. i can understand why you are so enamored by the sleek palette. :)

    thr oh so special palettes color are so nice and you did a great job with your EOTD! i like the placing and blending of your eyeshadows. ;)

  14. We should start putting eyeshadow on our foreheads xD
    Did you feel Oh So Special using this palette?

  15. I love your posts! They're so full of everything I like!! <3

  16. Love the look! It looks great :D the pink blended well with your gunmetal grey ^___^ aha, i learnt from seeing my neighbour that blue eyeshadow (especially the light as kind) reminds me of a clown. & i hate clowns XD I love your NOTD too!

  17. i really want the sleek palettes I've had my eye on them for years! they're so pretty. i love the color on you

  18. omg. I totally love this look. And that opi shade is just amazing.
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  19. Glad you tried the pink and blue eyeshadow. It looks awesome on you! Sometimes you just have to go there. Both nail polishes are pretty too. Really loving the OPI Brisbane Bronze. Great reviews! :D Have a nice evening.

  20. HYORI <3 definitely my kpop girl crush!!!

    i love how soft and sexy this look is =D
    the lower lash line is gorgeous, the gradient *sigh*!!!

    HAHA BRILLIANT color theory!!!!!!!

  21. I love the colors that you used and it's gorgeous on you! Love that blue color!


  22. You have such pretty, big eyes! I think everything will look great on you. :)

  23. Love the eye makeup & this palette too <3
    Nice blog honey...I'm having a giveaway-
    Hope you enter!

  24. LOL you're too funny! Your mum was right, tho, at least in my case, light blue eyeshadow made me look like the girls who work at night.

    I agree Lee Hyori is super hot! I'm not into K-pop at all or anything K-entertainment for that matter, but Lee Hyori really stands out for me. I like that she's not obsessed about super fair skin, but goes for the tanned look and she's so sexy omg
    Total gurrr crush

    Btw, you mentioned a swap? I'd love to, but thing is, I'm not really big on make up as I swear I'm the laziest woman out there, so I'm not sure how swapping would work out. I'm into nail polishes and lippies are great, but that's about it...

  25. Light blue is not a scary colour, but once misused, it can look very weird, not hooker-ish. I associate dark vampy colours with hookers for some reason hahaha.

  26. Love your eye makeup! I'm normally not a big fan of pink, but yours looks so pretty!


  27. Pretty color combo on the eyes! I like the nail color combo too.

  28. luv u long time look? LOL!!! Oh my god, I laughed so hard at that! I think we all try to avoid certain ethnic stereotypes. I have always avoided the lip liner and thin eyebrow look because I don't want to look like a chola (im mexican). Ahh that is simply too funny.
    Loving the color combo you used! The gunmetal blue really pops!
    I SERIOUSLY need to try Sleek!

  29. great palette! I love your make up colors are so beautiful *__*

  30. That pop of dark blue is so pretty on you! You definitely make me lem for the sleek palette :P Gorgeous nails! I have something similar to OPI one from Canmake but it's proper glitter! LOL

  31. So pretty 'o'

    I have been randomly clicking through your blog and I love it! So you have a new follower yay :3



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