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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips [not really for babies' lips]

I first saw these interesting things on a few Youtube videos. I was quite interested but didn't see them in my local drugstores or Target (I refuse to set foot in Walmart unless held at gunpoint, & even then I'll have to think about it).
These damn lip balms are about as hard to track down as an Hermes Crocodile Birkin.
MACnunu practically dedicated her NYC trip to finding these Babies. She rambles less than I do so go read her review, it's way better than mine XD

In the end, I hit the jackpot at the CVS that's 5 minutes away from my house...really??? I never go there so of course that's where they'd be -_-
I only wanted to try out the pink one for sure but went a tad overboard & left with these...Hey, don't judge! I've been looking for these for over 2 weeks!!
They were BOGO 50% off too. Woot!

I picked up Pink Punch, Peach Kiss, & Cherry Me.

I've only tried out #25 Pink Punch so far. It's the one I wanted to try the most! :D

It looks cray cray in the tube. A super bright pink. But fear not!!

It actually goes on a nice sheer pink. The color is buildable to a certain extent. It has a very faint fruit punch scent. I really expected it to be a super strong & artificial fruit punch scent but it's barely there.

I don't like doing lip swatches. I think it's slightly creepy/weird to have a picture of just lips. But for the sake of this post, I will suck it up. Oh, the sacrifices I make for blogging!! XD

The lip balm is very moisturizing, not waxy at all. But it doesn't last too long, definitely not 8hrs as it claims on the packaging.
I also like that it has SPF 20.
I'm Asian, I want everything to have SPF in it!!! God forbid my lips get a tan :O

These are ~ $4 at drugstores. I think that it's a very good product for the price. For me, it is crucial that my lip balm does not make my lips gross & waxy (i.e Burt's Bees!!).
I've read reviews that the other tinted shades are not as pigmented as Pink Punch is but I think it really depends on the shade of your own lips.

I have way too many lip balms so just this one will tide me over for now! A few others will be gifted & the rest returned lol.


In snacking news...my Aunt & Uncle decided to make an impromptu visit from Taiwan. The perks of working for an airline...free airfare!!! 
Ugh, too bad I am vertically challenged or I'd apply to be a flight attendant =_= Then I could travel the world & be all chic & cool like on Pan Am. 

Anyway,  they brought loads of snacks. Yay!! 
Look at my super sad snack HAHA I've no idea what it is but damn, Asian packaging is always a winner winner chicken dinner!

Lots of pineapple cake!!! I love these but they're probably extremely obesity inducing. When you open one up, all you smell is butter ^o^
These are different fruit flavors.

And these are vegan & organic pineapple cakes. I thought it would taste gross & hippie-like but they're so good. You can really taste the fresh pineapple. And I guess they are somewhat healthier, no butter since it's vegan!
The packaging is simple but cute ^_^


I shall end 90s boy band week with this...
Dedicated to MACnunu HAHAHAHA 
Ohhhh the 90s how I miss you!!
I had a friend who's room was literally covered in Hanson pictures from wall to wall. Hardcore fan man!!


P.S. Giveaway is still going on!! I promise to "luv u long time" (no, not like that. get ur mind outta the gutter XP) if you join!!!!


  1. Ooooo pineapple cakes????? I haven't had one in YEARS and they're so delicious!!! I've never heard of babylips, and wow it is that much of a rarity and so hard to track down? That is insane! Just Fabulous is actually pay as you go, just warning....all items are animal friendly. You can do what you will with that info ;)

  2. Ohh, we don't have this in Australia! We have Baby Lips, but they're colour-less. Just a straight out lip balm.

    The balm really looks like a crayon in the tube but is this gorgeous baby pink on your lips!

    OMGGG I LOVE PINEAPPLE CAKE! It's so hard to get nice-tasting ones here because most them are really oily? Vegan and organic sounds so special! AHAH

  3. Oh wow! That's so awesome! I wanna try the baby lips!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. I miss the 90's so much! Im probably like 11/12 ish but i remember the music from back then so much :D

    btw,i loled at the im asian and wanting everything to contain spf.lol. and D: i didn;t know that lips can get tanned! :( should start applying lip balms more often now.

  5. OMG!!! the baby lips there are waaay better. The one we have here is colourless :(

  6. LOL!!! this post is awesome, I love how it's so well written and when I read "I'm Asian, I want everything to have SPF in it" I was like, LMAOing x)

    p/s What's a winner winner chicken dinner?

  7. we have baby lips here since last june heehee but our packaging looks different from yours!!!

  8. Those lip balms look so yummy! And that cake!

  9. maknae u make it tempting for me to go hunt those lipbalms down!!! did you know that CVS is Pharmaprix in Quebec? lol random...sorry.

    you have such cute lips!! dont be afraid to show them off. bro you also need to selca more. fb pictures of you being drunk just isn't enough and not very good if you wanna find a suitable gentleman you call husbinn.

    urghhh its currently 8:19 right now and seeing your snacks makes me wanna get some in my next grocery trip. O.O

  10. they look awesome..i know what you mean about posting photos of just lips..i find even looking at my own close-ups creepy.i have posted twice but i don't like it at all

  11. Woww really nice colour! I havent seen the tints here yet, just the normal lipbalms. Will hunt for these! XD

  12. 1. haha I hate lip pictures too... the lip balm looks great on you tho!

    2. My friend was listening to that hanson song in his car the other day lol

  13. Hmm... Baby Lips huh? I usually just breeze past Maybelline counters and head straight to Etude House, but this time, when I go to the shopping centre, I'll go see if they have this here, I really like the swatch and I'm a fan of tinted lip balm with SPF. Probably because I'm Asian as well. I love everything that does more than 2 things at the same time, value for money, lah! haha

    And omg... your snack posts, unfair, it's 12mn here, so no snacks for the missy ;( the packaging is so cute! I LOL'ed at the one with the teary-faced kid too lol.

    And gosh, MMMBop had me bopping back in high school, literally. We danced that during our senior's acquaintance party back in high school lmao!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  14. Gosh, if you had that much trouble finding it there, I wonder if it'll even be available here. Just for fun, I should take a look around while shopping. REALLY?! What's wrong with Wal-Mart?

    I don't eat anything pineapple because the acids cause sores in my mouth but they do look so yummy.


  15. Girl you cracked me up with this post, I nodded my head in agreement about SPF & being Asian lol. I am literally whiter than my husband who is a caucasian!! I used to "bathe" in sunscreen but not as extreme anymore when I realized I needed some vitamin D for my aging bones.

    Those lipsticks look cute, love the colors especially that pink. I haven't seen one, must be rare like you said. Oooh, Asian snacks...yummy.

  16. I actually picked up the Pink Punch one last week! I like it a lot~~ pigmented chapsticks ftw!! :D I like how they're not waxy too. Woot!

    Ooh! Asian snacks! Yum yum!! I hope to visit Taiwan some day. I heard the shopping + food is good and cheap!!

    LOL. Mmmbop! To the top! Now doooowop. I never liked Hanson back in the day, but this song will forever be catchy. XD But I will admit...I was crazy of the Spice Girls. Girl power!!

  17. I really really want to try this lip balm too - am going to check CVS now!

    And I love Taiwanese snacks :)

  18. Great...now I'm gonna hum this stupid song for the rest of my days.
    Haha still better than majority of the shiz on the radio nowadays (you know you're old when you say that!)
    No wayz I'm gonna post about my nail polish disease, I'll get so much judgy face from it!

  19. I want the pineapple cakes!
    and that huge lip balms juicylicious.. yay! yummylicious!
    love the shade and pigmentation too..
    thanks for sharing..

    I Miss you btw, super duper Miss you!!!!
    love all your post huns..

  20. SOOO much awesome stuff in this post!

    I've been hearing so much about those Baby Lips! They look super pretty! Have to keep that in mind.

    those pineapple cakes look oh man so delish. I have a weakness for pineapple pastries. I will gorge on them like crazy!

    thanks for putting Mbop on this post. throwback that will never get out of my head.
    Have a happy weekend!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    enter my Shabby Apple giveaway

  21. I've heard of that new Maybelline collection too... looks nice on your lips :D yeah I know it feels weird for me too when I do lip swatches! xD
    Might search for these baby lipsticks some time!


  22. Hey it looks really moisturizing on your lips! I've posted tonnes of lip only pictures.. Don't find them creepy at all xD

  23. So glad you found them and that color looks great on you! Have a great weekend! ((HUG))

  24. Still cracking up about the Walmart comment.. I agree it's suuuuppah ghetto as shit, but I'm a cheapskate, so I'll go to Walmart. Plus, I grew up in a "ghetto" area (sup to the Sanatana homies!), so I'm already used to the trashy/ghetto environment. The Walmarts over in Virginia aren't bad... if you don't mind being in Redneck City, hahaha!

    So jealous you don't have pigmented lips - I can't wear anything sheer, esp. colored lip balm cuz the color doesn't show up on my super red pigmented lips. The color you have on your lips is soooo cute!

    When I lived @ home with my parents, my mom used to give me so many Asian sweets, it was redic. I kind of miss not being in a Chinese/Taiwanese/Vietnamese area. I live in a predominately White area, so the closest Asian I can get is Gardena, and even then, it still doesn't feel like back down in Orange County. :-(

    I didn't really like 90s pop as much as alternative rock (The Smashing Pumpkins FTW!!!), but I was really into Britney Spears (back when she was uber-hot, pre-cray cray/hot mess days), and Savage Garden (Ooh I want you, I don't know if I need you but
    Ooh I'd die to find out). Ahhhhh... miss music from the 90s. Like Macnunu said - stuff nowadays sucks, and you know you're old when you're pining for stuff over a decade ago! (I feel old now!! X_X)

  25. Ahh i love the snacks pic hehe..

    The pink lip balm is lovely on you! I wanted to pick one up but it's made from China in Japan.. is the same for you guys? Nice haul!

  26. i want to eat pineapple cakes now. >.<

    congrats on finding the lip balm! i think the baby pink one looks great on your lips! i hope i can also get these in my country. :)

    have a great weekend dear! ^_^

  27. I've never seen or heard of these baby lips. I bet they don't have them in Canada. I'm surprised you guys don't have a TopShop in Cali since it's so popular in NY. Maybe one day soon!


  28. By the way I forgot to tell you that you've won an award from me :D congrats! come and check it out here: http://daphyin-makeupisart.blogspot.com/2011/10/versatile-blogger-award.html

  29. I actually saw the lip balms the other day, but wow! I love how it looks on your lips so much!

    Haha, one of the snacks you have says "Hokkaido" on it...kind of weird. The kanji just really stuck out when I saw the picture.

  30. I feel slightly better knowing that the Maybelline lip balms are $4 for you.. it's about $4-5 for us so it's not too much of a difference ^__^ I'm so disappointed that we don't have those 3 flavours here >.<;;

    The minimum requirement for a flight attendant is 170cm isn't it.. =.=

    Oh.. yummy :O those snacks look GOOD. like, drool worthy good!

  31. I hadn't heard of the Baby Lips, but now I want to find them. I am a lip balm addict, bonus when it is tinted.
    You always know the best new products out there.


  32. Lol wow you really went all out at CVS! Those tinted balms do look pretty good though. The color is pretty pigmented considering it's just a balm. I haven't had pineapple cakes in forever...now I've got a craving for them. That's really nice of your aunt and uncle to bring you back so many goodies! I love it when relatives bring back food from their travels :D

  33. the baby lips are at cvs? i've got to check out my local cvs. these are something i want now lol

  34. Pineapple cakes looks sooo good! I will be trying those in 2 weeks when I go to Taipei :)
    As for those Maybelline baby lips I have one - its a pink one but I forgot what the flavour was. Was actually quite moisturising :)

  35. must buy some! i have their normal lip gloss and its quite good!


  36. You have the smoothest, softest lips! Pink Punch looks so good on you! Can't wait to see what the others look like =)

    I've had the ChiaTe pineapple and they're really good =)

  37. Did your relatives bring any cosme/skincare over? hahahahaha~ :ove food too, but skincare etc takes priority *shifty eyed* Ok fine, I lied, a pool formed in my room due to my saliva, those goodies look yummy!

    Love your lip swatch. Barely any lines, and the the shape of your lips is just purrfect!

  38. Pink punch looks soooo pretty on you! :D

    LOL...yeah we don't want freckly lips now do we xD

    You can never have too many lip balms imo. I always lose them when I'm walking around and especially wehn getting in/out of cars! They just fall out of my purse/pockets. :( Plus I keep like at least one in each coat/jacket pocket!

    So much yum! Have you finished all of it yet xD Nah, you're probably not a big a piggy as me!

  39. LMAO!!! i hate it when that happens... you find things in a place you've banned/ ignored because they rarely have anything XD

    ohh peach kiss sounds pretty =]

    the color look gorgeous on your lips!!!! omg such a pretty shape.... 0.o is that a weird comment?? lol wtf?

    OH MY GOSH ME TOO!!!!!! i'd love to be a flight attendant but can't... lol i'm too clumsy XD


  40. The lip balm has SPF, but do you know what is the active ingredient? I'm allergic certain chemicals, but I need to know before I buy some... hehe~

    I don't know why you're embarrassed to show your lips. You have cute lips!



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