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Saturday, November 12, 2011

[CLOSED] It's GIVEAWAY Time Errrrbody!!! ヾ(★^o^★)ノ


Thanks to errrrbody who joined!!!! Will pick the winner very soon :D
Have a great weekend! 


Tis the season of giving so...I'm having a GIVEAWAY!!!! YAYYY!! *\^o^/*
Okay, I'm no Oprah so don't expect cars & houses!
They're just random bits & bobs that I've tried & loved or things that I think are cute (i.e. Hello Kitty XD)

I've decided to split the giveaway into two sets.
I will pick 2 winners: 1 international & 1 US reader :D

Set A contains:

3 sheet masks

O'slee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask
Orly Bonder Base Coat

The Face Shop Bake Triple Color Palette in 07
Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Pearlescent Pink

Nail Stickers
Hello Kitty Post-Its


Set B contains:

3 sheet masks

Hello Kitty Nail File
Hello Kitty Compact Mirror

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Palette in I'm Getting Sunburned

Nail Stickers
KOSE Blotting Sheets


★★★ Giveaway ends on 11-11-11 at 11:59 PST ★★★
Yes...I made it end on that day because the date looks cool XP

How to enter:
  1. If you're under 18 years of age, make sure your parents are ok with you entering & receiving stuff from me...a stranger on the internet. But don't worry, I won't send you anthrax!
  2. ★★★ FILL OUT THIS FORM ★★★ If you don't fill out the form, you won't be entered :O
And FYI: Everything is BRAND NEW!! As mean as I am, I'm not gonna send you any used, crusty makeup. And I picked out & bought everything myself because I am thoughtful ^_^

A million thanks again to all of you who read my long & rambling posts!! ヾ(◕‿◕✿)
Virtual gold stars for all of you who entered!!! ★★★★ 
Tell your friends! Tell your mailman!! Tell errrrbody!!!

And to all my Canadian folks Happy Thanksgiving!!! I found out today that you guys eat turkey too. Who knew??!! HAHAHA


  1. Great giveaway! I have tweeted for you xx

  2. Ahaha you saying you're mean..You're not mean at all! Looks how much lovely stuff you are offering to your readers!! :O

    Such a hard choice. i'm going to have a think about it, and then fill the form in. Hope it works out for you so it's easy to process! :)

    Is it thanksgiving?? Wahhh as much as I don't like turkey, I wouldn't mind another holiday!

  3. Awww hun, you are super generous! I can get some of the items easily so I won't be joining, am giving others a chance to win them instead *as if 1 person makes a difference hahaha*

    Anyways, I'm wishing everybody who joined good luck!

  4. Giveaway rawrrr!!! Ohhh.. I love this giveaway, gosh I hope Lil Miss Lady Luck's on my side with this one cuz I looove the MM Mascara >.<


    A Single Girl's Musings

  5. Yay for giveaways! I'm so excited that you're including an US reader :)

    I would like set B since I've been dying for the Majolica Majorca mascara.


  6. This is a wonderful giveaway! I most definitely want in! I am a follower on GFC, of course! and I'd love to get my mitts on Set A!

    Happy Monday!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  7. Hi,

    I got here from Wi's blog when she talked so comically about succeeding in lining her eyes and credited you so I decided to check out. What a surprise to stumble upon a giveaway.

    I would like to enter and I would love to try my luck at Set B.

    I will do all the necessary things later like following etc.

    Just wanna let u know that I'm following you not because of the giveaway but rather because of your slightly humorous way of writing.

  8. I'm a follower and I'd love to enter for set A!

  9. Thanks for the giveaway :) I'm in :)


    p.s I have recommended your blog here :

  10. I laughed out loud at 'errrybody', so cute and funny!

    What a generous giveaway. I would love to win Set B!

    GFC: Popblush
    Twitter: @popblush

    Thanks for hosting!

  11. I hope your giveaway goes well :) It looks awesome! I will definitely join probably later when I'm not at work and I can do all of the requirements, haha.

  12. I'm entering! this is a great giveaway <33~~

  13. would love to win set A!

    Following through GFC!
    Followed u on twitter with the name @Miss92elle.
    Also tweeted bout this giveway

    I also posted this giveaway on the sidebar of my blog!


  14. Awww~ So nice of you to have a giveaway and not only for one person, but two. You're not mean at all but extremely sweet! :)

  15. Awesome giveaway! :D Put my entry form in... I didn't really know what to write about myself though. xD

  16. Done all steps!!! you're so thoughtful and sweet!!! :)


  17. LOLL at the Oprah comment! hehe when ever i watch her shows her audience always got fabulous goodies!! how to be a participant for her audience eh? having a obasan mentality here..XD

    you are having some reall goodies here!! XD
    ohohoh speaking of the wnw..they are faaabbuulous, they glide on so soft and pigmented! in eyeshadow heaven..thank you so much for them!<333

  18. congrats to youu and yay giveaway!!

    thank YOU!

  19. looks like really nice items you are giving away! good luck with the giveaway hun!!

  20. I entered hehe thanks for this giveaway, you are so thoughtful :D!!

  21. HAHA @ the oprah comment XD

    ohhh all the prizes look good =D how do i pickkk??? lol

  22. great giveaway! I JOINED :)!

  23. thanks for the giveaway!

    xoxo elle

  24. you have chosen really good prizes for your giveaway :) Thanks for giving a chance xx

  25. thanks! I entered the giveaway! :D

  26. this is cool, great giveaway. love them and of course , I am joining :).




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