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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Got Purple!!!

Gap had a fat sale over the weekend. Everything was an additional 40% off when I took my relatives, who were visiting, shopping.
While accompanying them, of course I shopped too. What would you expect from me, just stand there?! XD

Yeah...practically every item I bought was purple. Cannot help it!!! Me luv purple a lot ^o^

This wool blazer is fave buy! I was so sad that I couldn't find it in my size and went on browsing. Then I found a size 0 on a random rack & almost did a victory dance. Teeeheee
The best part is...this cost me $17.99. Original price...$59.95. Hellll yes *fist pumps* \^O^/

Next purple item is this Houndstooth Blouse
Stupid camera's white balance made it all wonky looking 

I love the subtle houndstooth pattern. It's a soft flowy material.
Only $17.99 after discount too!

Also got this Pointelle scoop neck sweater in aubergine.
This was $22.19 after discount. The most expensive thing I bought that day LOL 
Omg, it's still full price, $59.95, online wtf???

Omg, a non-purple item! This is the Paneled dot top. I got it in taupe (because they didn't make it in purple lol)

This was final sale at the store. For good reason...it cost me a measly $11 :O

This alpaca sweater vest/wrap thing was also final sale for $12. Really nice quality, perfect for fall :D

Oh, I also picked up this awwwwesome leopard print tee at Banana Republic for $13.99.
Leopard is the shizzle!!

Awhile ago, H&M had a 25% off coupon so I picked up this blazer. They almost never have coupons so I took the chance to get this blazer I've been eyeing for awhile. 
It's a very casual, thick cotton material. Kinda like a sweatshirt. And it has really cool elbow patches!

It runs a bit big so I got a size 2. I got this for $26.


Holiday season is upon us!! I got 2 boxes of UNICEF cards at Ikea XD 
100% of the proceeds goes to helping kids around the world. Good cause! Check it out :D

They are so cute. Maybeeee you'll get one come Christmastime ^_~ So if I ask for your address, don't think I'm some creepy stalker. 


Did any of you go pick up your free L'Occitane hand cream?? They had a promotion going on where you can get a coupon for a free hand cream if you "like" them on Facebook. 
FREEE!! They're usually sold for $10 so it's a awesome deal. I think it's still going on right now. So go "like" them!

I wasn't planning on buying anything but they had a LE Desert Rose hand cream and I love their rose line so I got one. I got 15% off because of that Facebook coupon ^_^
The LE packaging is so pretty!


I was gonna post a Kpop video but MACNunu just told me about them and now I cannot stop watching their videos & laughing my ass off. I can never listen to BSB songs with a straight face ever again!
The guy sitting in the back playing video games just baffles me. He is completely unfazed by what is going on. The least he could do is join in. SMH



  1. Lol to the fist pump! haha

    When you said "fat sale" you sure meant it!!
    Goodness, it was so cheap! :D I'll fist pump with you to that, lol

    & You aren't the only one who couldn't resist shopping ;)
    Except I'm waiting for mine to come in the mail! hehehe


    PS: I gave you a blogger award :]

  2. What an amatzing haul! I love purple too!

  3. The blazer looks awesome. What amazing sales you have there. o:

  4. Ooo I like purple too! I only have two purple jumpers (sweaters) in my wardrobe though. Need to buy mooooore!

    You seem to be so good at picking up bargains. I must not try very hard...either that or I'm just crap.

    Ommmg I need some leopard print in my life. I was eyeballing a really cuuute leopard print sweater in Mango..

    Free hand cream?!! I've seen the LE hand cream as magazine freebees I think. But I 've bought so many L'occitane minis i my time that I have't used I didn't get them!

    OMG you never knew about the back dorm boys?! Man they were so famous back in the day!!!! That dude in the background is always there on his computer, and in one he is eating ramen. Once to my memory he actually turns around and joins in for a bit. They gave me so many LOLs..

    You know they were even big in China! They appeared on like TV shows and I think they might have even made it onto one year's New Year show!

  5. Girl, I love the clothes haul! That wool blazer is a steal! And I guess it's meant for you since you found your size tucked somewhere in a random rack. Gotta love the feeling, made you feel like going little Jersey Shore huh? haha I also love the H&M blazer, love looove the pink cuffs!

    By the way, your ending vid PWNS N00BS! I was dying in laughter watching those two. And yeah, the guy at the back's just lame. I mean sheesh you can't be so oblivious (or perhaps camera shy?) from all raucous going on behind him lol. The least he can do is sing a line or two and get back to playing CS.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  6. Excellent buys. This video is still hilarious!!

  7. I hunted high and low in GAP during their Columbus Day sale but came out with nada :(
    I just introduce you to the finer things in life xD
    hahah the guy in the background is always there and he's forever playing Counter Strike. Once I think he went to answer the door.

  8. You got some great things girl! Love that purple jacket and LOVE THOSE UNICEF cards!!! Those are awesome! And 100% of the proceeds are donated. Awesome!!!

  9. Fabulous haul! I love the jacket and little tank - so cute :)

  10. AMAZING clothing haul =D LOVE the houndstooth blouse =D

    hehe chinese bsb =D

  11. HI, you have great taste in clothes (and, in bargains!). I love the sweater vest and that sexy leopard print top (meow!). And Occitane has the most awesome hand creams, they are so rich and work great on your feet as well :)

  12. Love your clothing haul~ Especially the scoop neck sweater!

  13. I really love that purple sweater, especially the colour! the design is cute - definitely something I'd go for XD Great purple hue picks!

  14. I really LOVE GAP sales. they really mark down their pieces and you got some great ones right in the nick of time, too!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  15. great haul and since I love purple - I am a huge fan of the jacket!

    Thank you so much for your comments and don't forget to enter my two giveaways!

  16. You got some really good buys. I've never tried l'occitane but I've always wanted to. Really liek the blazer, and the leapord print tee and vest look nice too. You scored some deals!

  17. Lovely post! :D <3

    Girl, you got some awesome deals at the Gap! Dang it...I should've stopped by. lol. I love the purple trend in your purchases too. The quality of Gap clothes is so good~ glad you were able to pick up some great items!

    Aww, those cards are adorable! I love sending out cards too. hehe.

    Ooh! I just got my email this morning. Don't have much time to go get it...but I must! Never tried any of their products before.

    HAHAHA...oh man. I remember seeing this video back in high school. CLASSIC.

  18. Yeah purple ♥ my fav colour too ^^
    Omg I love all of them!! Great haul!


  19. nice choices of outfits!!! i so love the gray vest wrap, the blazer with pink color accent and the leopard print shirt... so love them!!! you bought beautiful things at a lower cost, very wise!!! love you.. the video i so love!!! backstreet fever on the house!!!! loved your blog..following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!!


    ENTER MY INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY! WIN A SATCHEL AND FABULOUS ACCESSORIES! HERE'S THE LINK--> http://voguelyvan.blogspot.com/2011/09/september-october-international.html

  20. awesome deals hun.. love your picks!!

  21. I like the blazer and the sweater vest! they’re both so chic for office attire!

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  22. Gap has a lot of cute clothes this season and so affordable too. Great haul:)

  23. I like the blazer!

  24. You got so many great things! I really like the sweater wrap and the leopard tee - they look so cute! And you got a really great deal on a lot of these items too. Seeing your post makes me want to do some shopping for winter clothes and sweaters now :P

  25. you've bought such awesome pieces and these are some great deals. I'm also hoping to send you a christmas card :) swap?


  26. woah so many great buys!
    and purple is one of my favourite colours! droll

    style frontier

  27. Purple!!! ♥ I love purple~ lol
    I really like the vest/cardigan you got ^^

  28. Hi, hahaha I asked because my neighbor's name is Dorothy and everyone calls her Dot :p Doro is cutee!!! I've watched the video before omg its so funny!! xD

    Have you watched the how do you pronounce L'Occitane? It's super cute!! Search it on youtube :D

    I like purple too but haven't seem to have any desire to shop for clothes lately booo

  29. You got some really nice items! I'll have to check H&M out for a new blazer. I keep on wearing my too small blazer because I love it so much and have been too lazy to buy another one! XD

  30. Am in love with the alpaca sweater vest, so pretty!!! And just for $12, am super envious!

    Girly you must be tiny!!!! Size 0 and XS?! Gahhh I'm gonna go sulk in a corner...



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