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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Spidery Eye

Halloween's tomorrow so this is kinda late. But it's the thought that counts!
I really am not a Halloween person, aside from eating lots of fun sized candies. I think I've dressed up a total of 2x my entire life.

But I saw some super awesome Halloween lashes at the store so I got them and decided to go cray cray with makeup.
I didn't really have a game plan. (Do I ever??) But somehow ended up with this.

As usual, my lovely Sleek Storm & Oh So Special palettes came in handy again!
I used ELF Studio Cream Eyeshadow in Eggplant as a base. It has great staying power and really helps the pink stand out.

I reeeaally wasn't planning on using purples but I guess my hands had a mind of its own. Before I knew it, I was putting on purple shadow XD

I used NYX Morocco (1 of my favorite shadows ever) for the outer-V wing thing & crease (yeah, getting technical w the makeup terms lol)

FYI those weird stamps on the shadows indicate which ones I used. Some of you were confused last time XD

Can you believe I successfully applied FOUR strips of lashes on each eye?!?!
2 pairs on top & 2 on bottom. *HUZZAH*

The main reason I wanted to do a Halloween EOTD was because of these lashes. Saw them at Ulta awhile back and impulsively bought them. The band is clear & super thin so applying them was really easy.

For the top I also applied the lashes Jian sent me (thx Jian!!) to make the lashes look fuller.
Then I used ES A188 bottom lashes from KKcenterHK

All the lashes are very lightweight so it wasn't uncomfortable to layer them. 

I lined my eyes with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack but you can't really see them since the lashes are so crazy. Also went over the lash band with my liquid liner to cover up any visible glue.

Mascara is Shu Uemura Ultimate Expression Mascara (will review soon!).

For my brows, I used Integrate Micro Slim Eyebrow Pencil in GY941 (love this!!)

On my waterline, I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Yeyo to help make my eyes brighter & bigger (I don't really think my eyes looked bigger using this lol)

I wish I had circle lenses so my eyes could look even more insane. But...I'm too chicken shit to put on contacts & idk where to buy them. So...normal eyeballs it is!

Without the lashes, this look isn't really that crazy. You could probably wear it out to some Jersey Shore-esque club and get lots of compliments.

Ok I am tired of staring at my eyes.


Not intentional, but my nails happen to match my Halloween look quite well! 
Used Revlon Facets of Fuchsia and it's amaaahhzing! It's all gelly and glittery and freaking wonderful.

The base is surprisingly opaque for a glitter polish. I could've gotten away with 2 coats for full coverage but I used 3 just in case.

Lovely lovely!! Highly recommend if you can still find this. It is LE if I'm not mistaken. 


Not Halloween related, but whatevs.
TOP is fucking hawwwt. Why his voice so sekshiii? Why? Why? Why?!
Excuse me while I go spazz. ♥_♥


Tablo is the shizzle!! Him & Epik High never disappoint :D
Just when I was getting bored of all the kpop crap out these days, he comes back with this.
MUST LISTEN! It's not pop-y bubble gum crap, I promise XD 

Hope you kids have a wondahful Halloween!!! 


  1. Your are so amazing with your makeup. I love this. Your nails are fabulous. I need to find this.


  2. OMG OMG I love this halloween eotd!!! Great job!!

  3. Love the Spider woman look, your eyes really pop.

  4. what a dramatic eyelashes! and I love your HQ pics too <33 happy halloween :D

  5. The lashes are so fun! I hope you get the Violent Lips lip tattoos by tomorrow in the mail! *crosses fingers*

  6. Awesome look ^___^ you & your amazing eye make up skills~ seriously, damn. Gonna go hunt for the Revlon polish now.. after i finish posting this comment :P

  7. I LOVE those spider lashes and the nails are fab!

  8. Omg I LOVE this! Your eyeshadow, lashes, and nails are perfect.

  9. That is so cool!!!
    Your eyes look huge already so no need for the circle lens :)

  10. So intense looking. The lashes are really cool :]

  11. This seriously looks amazing! It's paired so nicely with the purple eyeshadow as well.

    I tried putting on some fake eyelashes today. AHAH. Total fail. Totally admire your ability to use falsies and make them look so perfect!

  12. amazing lashes for an amazing look ! well done =)

    xxx Vee

  13. Gorgeous eye makeup and the eyelashes look amazing, you did such a great job applying them. I'm horrible at fake eyelashes. And I love love your nails, I'm going to go look for that nail polish now.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  14. OMG I AM SO LOVING THIS!!!! Very spectacular and beautiful, no one can't take their eyes off of you. Those falsies are awesome, they do make your already beautiful eye makeup look even more pronounced. LOVE it girl.

  15. OMG'd those spider eyes are FABULOUS! They look great on you and I LOVE that nail polish! WICKED!!!

  16. I see you giving me the side eye there. Yeah baby, I know you want me.
    Ice Ice Baby polishes will get more than 10 whored out pics my blog. Omg I can't wait til they arriveeee!

  17. LOL I know what you mean - recently my hands can't stop reaching silver/grey things... :) This is totally gorgeous! Purple = mysterious and strange. Perfect for Halloween... and your lashes... well you've found a treasure! :) you have such a wide variety of lashes! I love!!


  18. Amazing makeup style for halloween! Very sexy :).
    I really like your nail polish too

  19. OMgosh. Your make-up looks amazing.


  20. Wow that looks amazing!! I love the nails too :)


  21. Oh my GOODNESS!! This is amazing!! Those lashes look great on you~ This is such a striking look~ I love it!

  22. the makeup is FANTASTIC and your lashes are out of this world!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  23. wow! i love this makeup! now i'm going to have to buy all the stuff u used to recreate this look XD .... rip wallet.

  24. Lovin' your Halloween eyes! *_* Those spikey lashes are awesome!!! Yay for putting your Sleek palettes to more use! I should put mine to more use too..heh. Always can count on them for bright colors though. :]

    Wah, love that polish! I saw it once or twice...but never picked it up. Meh. Kinda regret it. lol. Oh well.

    Heh heh. TOP and TABLO! And I saw the link you posted of TABLOE & YB! Wooo ~ :D

  25. ughhh i hate you... you and your distractingly pretty EOTD!!!! can i just say IM IN LOVEEEEEE with this look.... im not a big purple person but *squeal so pretty!!!

    Love how your eyeshadow and brows head towards the same direction !!! and the LASHES.. can't believe it's 4 pairs =0 I always blink funny when i have both top and bottom lashes done. It's so wildddd but I want to try it one day =]

    TOP <3 i love men w/ sexy deep voices... such a turn on =]

    i feel like one can never get sick of kpop... almost never... they do offer the same stuff over and over from different groups etc... but you always get something new somewhere between all that =D <3 tablooooo~

  26. Your nails looks amazing! very cool with the lashes

  27. seriously, this look is super amazing!!!!!! you look so fabulous with it!

  28. Woots! Love the EOTD! This is just perfect for Halloween, especially if you're not really into the whole costume thing. Love the colours you used, I would love to try this out. And 4 falsies??? You are a pro, seriously. I've been practising how to apply falsies but lol... fail XDD. And oh goshhhhhh.... T.O.P. is just uuber hottt *faints* His voice gives me goosebumps, not in a creepy way of course lol but haiz.. this guy just ooze sexy!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  29. I love your lashes and nails!! Looks so dramatic haha! the shu uemura mascara looks so huge! Issit good? :D

  30. I love this look! I personally would have added another pair of falsies to both my bottom and top lashes to just add to the drama but this look is great! And the purple is gorgeous.

    I am so jealous of your Sleek palettes. I will always be jealous. If I ever go to the UK, I will only go to purchase Sleek palettes.

  31. LOVVEEE!!! That outer V colour is so pretty, your lashes are awesome!

    Facets of Fuchsia is one of my fav polishes <3

    Ahh Tablo!! I'm a new Epik High fan XD Loved Run! Need to check out his new album :D


  32. So pretty! You're seriously on a purple streak, huh? hehe
    Love the nails, too. Super glittery!

  33. I LOVE THIS LOOK!!!! I want to buy the NYX purple now~ It's so pretty! You did an awesome job~

  34. this is an awesome halloween look. it's pretty, feminine, and yet has a halloween feel to it :)


  35. Wow that is insanely awesome! I love how the lashes look with the eyeshadow <3333

  36. I love the spider lashes on you! Kinda creepy but kinda sexy at the same time! Great makeup! hehe

    Ahhh I saw that TOP MV too. He is hot! There something sexy about GD top. I saw Tablo's video with taeyang - good song you gotta check it out ;)

  37. OMG this is amazing to the max! 4 pairs of lashes on one eye!!! :O

    Dude why is your eye makeup so gorgeous? You have mad skills. I wish you lived nearer so you could teach me. Whenever I do it it's never as nice as that.

    Btw nothing wrong with natural eyes! I don't ahve any real circle lenses either. It's such a waste if you ahrdly use them right? Although I am often tempted to get them just cos they look pretty in EOTD photos.

    Yeah Facets of Fuchsia is gone already over here. I can't find it anymore T_____T I didn't grab it when I had the chance and now i'm regretting it like crazy. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

    Oh well, I suppose life goes on.

  38. amazing!i love the eye look! <3 and i don't think you need circle lenses anymore because your eye already looks very pretty. ^_^



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