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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting My Culture On

So... I'm not super cultured. I don't even like going to museums when I travel -_-
But once in awhile it's nice to do something different.
My friend dragged me to the de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco awhile ago.
I have lived here my entire life and have never been there. XD
To be honest, I haven't done a lot of the tourist things in SF. I've never ridden a cable car, never walked on the Golden Gate Bridge, never been to Alcatraz!

The de Young has the most interesting architecture.

My picture sucks. Here is a much better picture!

Right across from the de Young is the California Academy of Sciences which I've actually been to. It was so foggy that day, typical SF!

The museum wasn't as boring as I thought it'd be. The Picasso exhibit was going on but I am not artsy enough to want to pay $25 extra to see it. 
The entrance fee to the museum was actually really cheap, ~$6. I used my student ID to get a discount (even though I already graduated...shhhh). 

They have a bar and a band playing on Friday nights. 

Now on to some artsy things XD


Why so serious??


On that paper chase...

Care for some fruit?

Reminds me of Inception for some odd reason...

We went up to the top of the tower/observatory. Great view of the city...if it weren't so damn foggy!

City by the Bay 

Most of the time I am too distracted by the bums, hipsters, & protesters that I forget how nice SF can look.

California Academy of Sciences: Where the Albino Alligator lives!

The de Young had a Balenciaga exhibit a few months ago, I can't believe I forgot to go!! That would've been worth seeing.
It was actually pretty fun to go to a museum. It wasn't overly crowded with school kids so that was good XD
If you're ever in the area, check it out! 


I guess this week is 90s boy band week!
My fave BSB song!!! 
Look how cool they look in those baggy wide-leg jeans!! 

So proud of myself, still know every word to this song!! 


  1. The views look so nice! I see that you have cloudy skies like Seattle!

  2. i still know every word too! ;)

    this museum looks really interesting, and i do like to visit museums from time to time too. i should really go to one soon. :)

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  3. Very awesome! I have never been here, even though I go to SF somewhat often. Really you haven't been to Alcatraz?? I went to the night tour a couple years ago, it was pretty cool. One thing I love visiting in SF is Japan Town, of course :D I love living close by SF!

  4. yo bro!! SF looks gorgeous, i'd like to visit some day! ^o^ Canadian me thought that Cali (all cities) was always gorgeous and sunny all year long. never thought it could get foggy or rainy haha ignorance.

    its the same thing for me in Montreal, when ppl visit and ask me to bring them to touristy places...i'm like...."ehhh u wanna go shopping?" lmao

    anyhoooo BSB are the shitttttttttt i love themmm!! all my fave songs are in millenium ahahah feels weird saying (typing) that word again...sounds a bit outdated.

  5. That's got to be the most interesting building ever!

    I still love the Backstreet Boys! They don't music like they used to *shakes head*. 'I Want It That Way' was my favourite song from them! I loved 'Larger Than Life' as well! AHAH nostalgia.

  6. Despite the fog, the view looked spectacular! And lol... I'm not very "cultured" either, I'm not really a big fan of museums, but I love going temples and ancient oriental structures haha And it's great you went to that place minus the usual school field trips, at least it wasn't too busy.

    And oh gosh... That song takes me straight back to high school LOL I remember the dance club of the school danced to this tune in one of our school programmes haha


    A Single Girl's Musings

  7. HAHA I love the captions you came up with on your photos. You made it your own, fun, unique experience. Which was great! I love artsy stuff. I wasn't always like that, but as you grow older you learn to appreciate it. Awesome pics girl! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  8. That seemed like a fun day exploring museums. There are ton of museums where I live but i probably only went to one or two. OMG, I used to like BSB!!! Nick Carter used to look so freakin cute.

  9. Stunning pics! I love museums and try to go whenever I can. SFMOMA is a fave.

  10. BSB!!!! I can't believe I finally saw them live last year!! Sad that Kevin wasn't there tho :(

  11. SF has got to be my all time favorite city in the USA. I still have fond memories of the place. The 7th photo looks like a Maori carving from NZ. Is that correct?

  12. I don't know if I've never been to SF. I think I have, but it was a while ago. I might just have to go again.

  13. I love museums, but I rarely go either. It's a good way to spend a whole afternoon indoors though if the weather isn't so nice. Some of the pieces look really nice - that one you mentioned does look like something from Inception!

    Haha the BSB is one of my guilty pleasures. I still remember like 90% of the lyrics to that song :P

  14. OH do I remember this song...I was a senior in high school...omg I am so old! These photos are awesome I especially love museums!!

  15. You're like me I'm not that much into museums... hehe~ After I visit them, I enjoy it but not too sure what I'm looking for. :X

  16. Aylwin & I had a scoutmob coupon for like 50% off the de Young, but it expired last month and we never used it :(
    I've been to the CA Academy of Sciences & saw Claude! :D
    Oh that's the alligator's name btw, lol.

    I'm not that surprised that you haven't done that much stuff in SF. Because I know that there's a ton of things and different eating places that I haven't gone to in the LA area, and I grew up there. I think we tend neglect the areas we live in because we figure we could always go to them, but then we never do. lol


  17. The views are gorgeous!
    Visiting Alcatraz sounds interesting!


  18. Those artworks are pretty interesting~ I giggled at 'Why so serious' sculpture. Hehe.

    And what a nice view!

  19. wow, SF looks pretty cool.. :O you have an albino alligator?! I wanna see that.. or is it not visible to the public? haha glad you got a little bit more tourist-ey and into your American culture. The views look amazing~ even tho it's foggy it still looks beautiful!

  20. Haha...those jeans are awesome. XD I'm not the artsy type either. I still can't quite believe that I went to a museum on my Chicago trip. @_@ You took some really great pics!

  21. Ahahahahahahahahah I love how you stuck a BSB music video at the bottom. The 90's were very interesting. These pictures are stunning! There are museums left and right in my town but I have yet to take advantage of them and take a peek. I should definitely get on that... xD

  22. Wow such an artsy and cultural post, i love it!!! I hardly got to museums too except for amazing ones, and looks like this one is an amzing one!


  23. hahaha I love that song and the pictures are great, you make me want to go to San Francisco!! I always see the SF steak house restaurant here but have only tried there once. I can sing this song too the lyrics are easy peassy hahaha! Backstreet Boys are awesome! <3

  24. I love all of these pictures. It looks so amazing there. Very beautiful.

  25. Omg the view and architecture are indeed excellent! LOL for the inception thing - complete know what you mean! :)
    Great photos!!


  26. I'm not a fan of museums either even thoe I did art school ! I like to see artsy stuffs but don't count on me to stand for 10mins in front of Mona Lisa ! (you can't get close enough to her anyway!!)

    This is one of my fav BSB songs aswell !!! =)

    xxx Vee

  27. That picture of George Washington is really cool. I have lived here for 10 years and still haven't been to the museum (but I have been to Alcatraz 3 times).


  28. I am just not cultured enough to appreciate fine art. I don't blame you for not shelling out 25 bucks to see Picasso exhibit cos I don't really get him!

    Definitely a nice view of SF though! I've never been, but I guess now I think about it most photos I've seen of Golden Gate are foggy...

    I take it you've probably done all hte touristy things now your relatives have come to visit? I've done most of the touristy things in London TO DEATH. My poor boyfriend hasn't been to most of the touristy places in London cos I refuse to go with him. Maybe I should be nice and offer to go with him for his birthday or something xD although I'll probably end up complaining cos I'm bored and he won't have a nice day......ehhhh.......

  29. BSB <3
    first the hansons now BSB you're making me nostalgic =D

    i love galleries && museums =D

    OMG i agreee so inception-esque~~~



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