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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Get'cho Nails Did!

Suhprise suhprise! I love nail polish!!
I couldn't fall asleep the other night so I decided to count how many bottles of nail polish I have.
I felt kinda guilty because some people on Twitter told me that was a lot. But then I found out today that Macnunu has over 300 :O
So I am a small fry compared to a hardcore polisher like her XD

It really doesn't look like too much in these containers. I thought it would only be ~50 or so.
I've been obsessed with nail polish since I was a little girl. My aunt would paint them for me & my cousin every weekend.
But like most other Asian girls, I played the piano & my polish would always chip >o<
Anyway, I've been a long time nail polish addict, 20+ years addicted & going strong!!

I just realized I have a shit ton of China Glaze polishes because I went a little cray cray after I discovered a wholesale nail polish site.
They sold China Glaze for ~$3-$4!!
I also have quite a bit of OPI & Sephora by OPI, the usual brands.

I'm weird & started collecting Dior's LE holiday polishes a couple years back. They always release a few LE holiday colors & I always freak out & buy them.
Yeah, I'm anal & keep them all in boxes lol!

It seriously does not look like that much, right?! How can there be over 80 bottles?! I don't understand!!


Despite my shock that I own so many...I accumulated a few more bottles recently. :D
Can't help it. I am loving the dark Fall shades!!

OPI Brisbane Bronze 

China Glaze Brownstone

Sonia Kashuk Taunting Teal

Revlon Facets of Fuchsia 
This is apparently a very close dupe of Deborah Lippman's Bad Romance (which I don't own). 
Except this cost me $3.50 at Target. Bad Romance costs $16 at Nordstrom >.>

Chanel Peridot!!
Was most excited to try this one. It reminds me of the oh-so-earth-friendly rainbow sheen in a puddle of motor oil. 

This is my current nail color. I seriously took like 50 pictures of my nails because each picture showed the polish to be a different color. 

Ok enough picture of my fingers!


I'm a tad obsessed with Halloween candy. The small sizes are just so fun!! But I really only like Kit Kats. Oh-so-wonderful!! 
Except I never think to buy Kit Kats any other time of year. It's for the better, lol.
Also got Starbursts & another mixed bag to put in packages :D

I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in awhile & she gave me this Hello Kitty bracelet!! She said she walked past a stand & it reminded her of me hahahaha 
So nice of her!!


My giveaway is still going on!! 
If you haven't joined, there's still time =] 


Some of you might not even recognize this song T_T but *NSYNC is the shizzle!!!! Psh, Bieber ain't got nothin on these guys!!
Seriously, how can this NOT be THE SHIT!!?!?!
Every boy on the schoolyard attempted to learn this dance. You just weren't cool if you couldn't do this dance.

Take a chill pill haterzzz, I love Backstreet Boys too but that's a video for another day XD



  1. My nails are not painted right now and I don't really have time to paint them because I have to study. However, I have a feeling that they're still going to be painted before the night is done.

  2. Awesome nail polish collection! Don't feel bad, if you love them and it makes you feel happy then all the best! I have like over 100 now. haha Fellow addict. I really really want to try Sonia Kashuk np, let us know how know how the formula is.

  3. *Yay* nail polish collection~! I think I should start counting my nail polishes too... don't think I have more than 40 tho.. ^^; The Revlon one looks really pretty you should do an NOTD with it!! xx

    O and NSYNC lol I used to sing that song in the shower all the time haha

  4. yay nail polish collection!! I have a shit load of nail polishes! I also feel guilty...but then I see the pretty colors and then I am happy again! I love Peridot! Such a gorgeous color <3

  5. Wow, what a great collection you have there. I think I only have 8 nail polishes at the moment! Lol

  6. Very impressive - I love Peridot! I'm lazy though - I got to a salon once in a while!

  7. Your nailpolish stash looks amazing. o:

  8. 80+ bottles of nail polish!! I've only got the one from Chanel ever since I chucked out the other 2 bottles from Rimmel. I might get another Chanel because their colors are so beautiful.

  9. wow, ur nail polish collection is amazing!!! mine is so small compared to yours!

  10. NYAAAAAA!!!! :D 84 is not alot,compared to 300. and i think its too little!!! XD i'm so into nail polishes lately,i find changing nail colors very very therapeutic. I used to love changing my hair color,but that is waay damaging than nail colors,so yep,nail polishes ftw!!!! :D

  11. OH EM GEE,what happen to my comment? T.T nyaaaaa.

    Anyway I'm not sure if it is waiting for approval but im just gonna try one more time.

    84 nail polishes is very little compared to 300,and i say,get more! :D XD* bad influence,wolf.

    I love collecting nail polishes and had been purchasing alot lately! i find changing nail colors very therapeutic (^^~) i used to love changing my hair color but that damages my hair alot,so nail colors it is! :D

  12. see, I only have one of those boxes. I genuinely feel liek I don't have enough colours though...I actually wonder for quite a while what colour I should paint my nails but I'm more swayed by the formulas of the polishes than the colours. Do you know what I mean? Like, I know certain polishes apply better or have a nicer finish than others so I always stick to them! XD So I can buy lots and lots of different colours, but I won't use them unless I like the brush and formula! So in essence what I'm saying is...I should go to the shops and stock up on Dior and Chanel polishes after school today :P

    Anyway.....I still haven't bought any Halloween candy for our neighbourhood kids. I need to set myself a reminder next week. Otherwise the kids are gonna end up with like Chinese milk sweets cos I have loads of them xD

    Omg love your watch! And the HK bracelet is pretty cute! ^^ It was super kind of her to give it to you!

  13. aww, what a pretty colection :D
    your nail is so pretty too :3

  14. Im so jealous of your nail shape.. they're so long & elegant looking~!! Things really don't look like much after they're organised >___<;; I love the chanel polish.. but it looks a lil streaky in your photo.. is it or is the photo deceiving me? D:

    HAHA, NSYNC ftw! That's our childhood right thur.

  15. Wow.. 80 nail polish! That is amazing and mind-blowing at the same time :)
    Loveee the teal color!


  16. Girl, you have quite a beautiful collection of nail polishes and that's what I always say I love colors you pick. Good lord, I am currently having two bottles..haha...you win.

    That China Glaze one in deep red wine/maroon is jaw dropping GORGEOUS.

  17. you have quite a large and very pretty collection of nail polishes! :)

    i love candies hahaha! <3 the HK bracelet is superrrr cute!

  18. if YOU're small fry, then I'm a potato peel. Your collection is impressive!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    enter my Shabby Apple giveaway

  19. Ok, girl, the NSYNC video at the end of the post made me go wahh!! Hello nostalgia! My gosh, that songs brings back a tad load of memories!

    And my gawddd you have quite the collection there, sweetie! And don't worry about keeping your precious collection in their original packaging, you're not the only one who does that *cough*metoo*cough*. And I love that nail colour you're sporting!

    Lovely post, girl!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  20. omg you have tons of nail polishes, for a non avid nail polish collector like me, that's a lot lol!! I would be overwhelm by that amount xD OPI costs way too much here, btw I love Nsync! JT was so cute back then but even hotter now :D

  21. Shhhhhh!! don't let the whole world know of my disease!xD
    Haha the problem with nail polish is they're cheap, and there's so many different finishes so you don't even get to say "but I have something like that".
    I am afraid to photograph my stash.

  22. OMG ur nail polish stash is one neail paradise!!!! U lucky girl! haha, and i love ur Chanel collection, I think I should get one!
    ps: Starburst candy rules!!


  23. omg so many!!! <3!!! also love Nsync ahah

  24. You have some awesome colors in your collection!!! I only have about 8 bottles. LOL Love that CHANEL on you! I've been buying DIOR. I've truly enjoyed the Fall rich colors that came out. They've proven to be a very nice twist. Ohhhh I love Hello Kitty and Bye Bye Bye ROCKS! Thanks for posting. :D

  25. i have the same revlon nail polish - and I'm wearing it now!!! hahaha I actually swatched the bad romance one and i figured for $10+ less, the revlon one was good enough for me! hahhaa i know what you mean about nail polish bottles not looking that many.... i haven't counted but i'm prettyyy sure i have a lot now that i read your blog cause i have ~1 box full of nail polishes!

  26. Omigosh you are such a nail polish hoarder. I think that you need help, let me call 'intervention'. Haha. Seriously though, everyone has their crack and it seems like nail polish is yours. I actually have not had my nails painted for almost 5 years. This is because I am lazy and blame motherhood for having icky hands. But you always have such gorgeous hands :)

  27. you have a big nail polish collection! OPI St. Petersburgundy really looks like that China Glaze you have there!

  28. AHHHHHHHHH! Finally FINALLY a music video I am familiar with! I love NSync....:D 84 is a lot and Kalmo confessed to having over 100..I think it is more like 200...did you ever see her post when she reorganized her nail polish??? OMG I almost fell out of my chair!

  29. 84 bottles isn't bad :) I love that Chanel peridot color!

  30. Omggggggggggggggggggg Kit Kats FTW!!!!! I am OBSESSED with Kit Kats!!! I'm so going to Target the day after Halloween to pick up all the Kit Kat bags they have in stock!

    I'm kinda obsessed with nail polish too, which is hilarious because I used to bite my nails like crazy when I was younger! My mom used to spank me for biting my nails, and she tried everything for me to stop biting my nails. I'd have my nails painted, had acrylics, etc., but nothing was permanent. It wasn't until 2-3 years ago when I made the decision to stop biting my nails. Wasn't as hard to stop biting my nails once I realized that it was all a mental thing, and now my nails have rarely been "bare" since! :) I haven't officially counted my nail polish collection, but I have a huge obsession for OPI, Essie, CG, and Zoya. OMG, I went CRAZY with Zoya when they had their nail polish sale! I have over 100 bottles of Zoya alone, HAHA!

  31. Omg I am so jealous! I only have like 10 bottles T_T XD

  32. Done up nails is a small luxury that can instantly make any girl feel better! It only makes sense that we have quite a collection since nails need to be repainted so often! Don't feel guilty about your collection! :)

  33. how can ppl not know who nsync is!?
    ok i am more a bsb fan but tats ok too.

    hey i know who NKOTB are, do u? XD heehee

  34. 80+ isn't much, you should get more hahaha ;D

    I wanna see a NOTD with Facets of Fuchsia! Ohhh, going to check out my Revlon stand for it, so purdy!

  35. What an awesome collection! I only started collecting lately and accumulated many bottles this year alone. I love the new ones in Revlon and Sonia K. you picked up. My latest acquisition is Chanel Graphite, it is so pretty!

  36. You have a beautiful nail polish collection. 84 is a lot to me. I think I have somewhere around 8-10.

  37. Nope I don't think thats a lot at all considering all of the colors in this world! Plus, the fuschia one, sooo pretty! I love them all though. If I had the time/patient to do my nails everyday I WOULD! 365 colors for 365 days :)

  38. Great collection, babe!!! LOVE!! I have a pretty big nail polish collection too, but I love the colors you've chosen. <3 lol, can't decide which one I like best~

  39. Oh my goodness, nice collection you've got there! :D

    This post reminds me, I've gotta take pictures of some polishes that I bought recently.
    Or well the more I think about it, it wasn't so recent... I bought them during the summer -___- haha


  40. I counted mine the other day and I have 42 ... And I was feeling bad =D Now I know I'm not such an addict :p hehe

    xxx Vee

  41. I'm exactly like you with the nail polishes - i haven't counted my collection yet but when I reached US - what did I do? Buy more!!! haha


  42. OMG ... now N'SYNC??? btw if you can't tell i'm reading your posts backwards LOL anyways LOVE this songggg~ lol when the situation comes i always do that hand mouth "bye bye bye" =D

    WICKED nail polish collection!!!! really doesn't look like 84 =0 lol i'm worried about my collection now haha



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