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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Eyeliner Tutorial

I am going to attempt to do a tutorial on how I apply my eyeliner since quite a few of you always ask me. I hope it is at least somewhat helpful even though I am horrible at explaining things.

This is just what has worked for me after years of trial and error. I find that liquid liner is the only thing that will not smudge my my lids. Have been using liquid liner since high school! After all these years, I think I've finally figured out how to apply it decently.

I find that a liner with a thin pen tip works best for me. It's the easiest to control & allows me to draw lines of various thicknesses. I am currently using the Kiss Me Heroine Make Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I heard this is discontinued in Japan T_T but there are other similar ones.
The Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner also works similarly.
I have heard that the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Eyeliner works very well, it's readily available in the US too.

Ok...I will attempt to explain now. LOL I hope it makes sense! There's really no magical techinque...just practice!

I have found that it is easiest for me to not draw a continuous line across the lid. It is easier to do it in sections. I like to start at the outer 1/2 of my lid first.
Because my lid space is quite small, I like to tightline. Just fill in the gaps in your lashline with the liquid liner. This way it is easier to form a line that isn't too thick. Your lashes will guide you to make a straight line (if that makes sense...)

When my eyes are opened, it looks as if the liner is quite thick, but when I close my eyes, it is not too visible since most of the liner is on the lashline.

Now it's time to wing out the liner. This is the part where most mistakes will happen lol. I prefer to wing my liner upward & out but if that doesn't suit your eye shape, you can just extend the liner straight out.
Play around with it and see what looks best for you.

Slightly thicken the outer edge of the liner then slowly start to extend the end upward and out.
Close your eye lightly and see if the line is straight. If it isn't just slowly go over the line in small strokes to even it out.
Do this step slowly.
If you're starting out, just try and extend the liner straight out rather than upward at an angle. It may be quite difficult to get the wing angled the same on both eyes if you are just starting out.
The pen liner should be easy to control & give you a nice pointed end.

Once you've got the wing drawn out, connect the liner from the outer corner of your eye up to the end of the wing. Fill it in.

If you are not super confused yet & actually managed to figure out wtf I am talking about then... the hard part is done!
Now just tightline the front 1/2 of your lashline.
Fill in any gaps in your lashline.

Close your eye and make sure the line is even & not weirdly jagged. If you prefer a thicker line, adjust thickness here.

End result

With my eyes opened, the liner is visible and looks quite thick.

But when I close my eyes, the liner is barely visible & does not take up too much lid space. This way, my lashes are still visible.
When liner is too thick, it is hard to see your lashes.

Add some mascara and done!
No idea why it looks like there's a fat gap in my lashes O.o Mascara mishap perhaps!

Hope this sorta helped those of you who always ask how I do my liner! And if I further confused you...sorry XD
It may be easier to practice with gel liner first just to get the technique down. Then move on to liquid liner.


I always love Park Bom's makeup, especially her eyeliner. Her lashes are always crazy thick and look so heavy.
But her eyelids kinda creep me out though lol, girlfriend needs to go back to the surgeon and get it fixed!

♫ It's ok baby please don't cry ♫

October is here!! Time to eat lots of Halloween candy :D


  1. Wow, I love how you do this. I think it is going to take me a lot of practice to try to recreate it.


  2. You've got skillz! Thanks so much for the tips - I'm really bad with liquid liner.

  3. Dang, you have such amazing eyes!!! This is a very gorgeous neutral look. So jelly of your double eyelids.. ): lol darn my monolids! That eyeliner is so precise! I will def try out the P.F Version and hopefully it's close enough. <3

    P.S Thank you so much for joining!!!! :) I've just entered you. ^_____^

  4. I looove the way you do your eyeliner and eyemakeup! It always looks so sophisticated!

    Thanks for this tut! I agree though, it is absolutely 100% practice!

    These days I actually find that BB long-lasting gel liner stays on me (+ UDPP/benefit creaseless shadow)!!! The first few times I used it smudged all over the place. God knows why it stays now, but I'm not complaining! I did use MM auto liner before, but I get realy annoyed cos you have to twist it and far too much seeps out!!! Cba to use it anymore! XD

  5. So pretty! Wow this really makes me want that eyeliner now :/ tsk discontinued really? how lame

  6. Omg you are so talented! This is perfect :D Thanks for the tutorial you explained it very well ^^


  7. I seriously cannot tightline my eyelids because my eyelashes don't grow in a straight line! AHAH. They're all over the place!

    Your eyeliner is so neat - it all looks so tidy and that's how I want mine to look! Sighh.

    Love Park Bom's eye make up. Always so dramatic!

  8. waaah I love this post! I read it from a to z! hehe...you lined it neatly and nicely, you're so skilled >.< but, I find that using gel liner is a lot more difficult. and it smudges like crazy. so yay for pen liner. I recently received a pen eyeliner too (from the GA)and I think I've fallen in love with pen eyeliner, they're handy! do you have any suggestion what pen-liner I shd try? thank you xD~~

  9. beautiful application!
    i really SUX at using liquid liner so thanks for sharing this tutorial!

  10. You've done it so perfectly, absolutely perfect eyeliner! Such pretty eyes too!

  11. Could you do a more perfect eye line!? I am swooning!

    Must try this liner next x

  12. Woots, thank you so much for this tutorial! Seriously, I avoid using liquid eyeliners because I mess them up all because I always start drawing my line from the inner corner outward! Haha and nvm about creating a wing, I'm a total noob at that too although I cannot tell you how much I want to don them on lol

    And yeah, love love Park Bom's make-up, love it cuz she highlights her eyes most, but gotta admit her lids are a little disturbing.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  13. Thanks for the helpful pictures and instructions. You do a flawless job. I love Park Bom's voice! But yeah she was so pretty and fresh looking before and now she looks kind of plastic. Amazing talent still! LOL

  14. you did a great job, the lines so so smooth. haha mine always have small bumps on it, and the sleepier i am the more bumps there are

  15. Wow, your make-up looks so pretty!

  16. Thank you for the eyeliner tutorial. Will definitely try out your way cause when i do it i always mess it up ><

  17. Great tutorial :) I was happy to see you use the same eyeliner that I use which I picked up in HK :)


  18. Hi Dorothy, great tutorial haha thanks for the offer I already asked a guy friend to help me get it hahaha xD but I will ask you if he forgets lol are you getting that too? I think it's the greatest value compared the rest aside from the brushes haha!! hello kitty forever lol!!

  19. great tutorial!! i love it. I'm going to definitely try it the way you do. You've got more control than I do. My eyeliner is always all over the place lol

  20. I just took a look in the mirror and my line is like 0.5cm thick and crooked.
    Ah well xD

  21. Great tutorial. You have such lovely eyes! The eyeliner and eyeshadow look gorgeous!

  22. Loved your tut! I am a liquid e/s girl too. I do it slightly different but will try your method as it looks easier and nicer! :D

    (Haha...I'm just old school :P)

  23. wow, i love how you apply your eyeliner! it's so perfect and beautiful! now if only i can do the same... ;)

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  24. Park Bom!!!!! <333 I love this song~
    haha, i still admire the way you do your eyeliner.. even though I'm slightly confused about the upwards angling of your eyeliner.. *gotta practice* Is it discontinued?! Eep, time to go get one XD

  25. I just bought that brand of eyeliner!! I suck at making line and this really explained how to do it :)

  26. I'm always so impressed by what people can do with their makeup, so this was really cool to look at! ^^

  27. Awesome tutorial! I've used Physician's Formula Eye Booster liner and it does work a lot like the Japanese brands. The one that I didn't like was Revlon's Color Stay liner. I use K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner. It is my favorite. I've been doing my eyes for years too but I still can't get the wings on each eye even! You are so skilled!


  28. Girl..thanks SO much for this tuturial, your step by step pictures and instructions work great. I think I mostly fail because I try to draw one or two strokes and hope it turns out good. Obviously, not the case lol. Can't wait tor my dollywink liner to arrive to practice. Good to know that Physician Formular works nicely too.

  29. GOSH.. i'm totally impressed with the photos and your skills! FAB! love your brows and your eyes!
    perfect application, perfect eyes, perfect tool! winner!
    love it.. superrrrr

  30. Your camera picks up everything magnificently! Goodness. Hahaha, I love how you were so candid about the fat gap in your lashes. I hate when that happens. I end up standing in front of the mirror for as long as possible to get it just right. But alas, my Korean eyelashes are just not thick nor long enough. I envy the asian boys who end up having the longest and thickest lashes. They don't need them!

    Loved your tutorial! Do you know of any places that sell the Dolly Wink liners online? I've always wanted to try them out but I've never come across them even in asian supermarkets.

    <3 Park Bom. I like 2NE1 in general but my heart will always belong to Brown Eyed Girls

  31. Oh how I wish my hand was steady enough to pull this off. It looks amazing.

  32. This tutorial came at the perfect time! I just got a liner similar to yours from Meet Mark...not sure if it is as finely pointed as yours but I'll give it a try. We'll see if I can make the winged tip happen later for now..the straight line is what I need to master... Thank you!

  33. Perfection :) I definitely have to practice.

  34. this is one of my fave liners ever... I looked up their Japanese website - we're in luck.. not discontinued .. just renamed as Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N :) You can line your eyes fantastically!

  35. I love your tutorial ^-^. You have such pretty eyes and skin! The quality of your pictures are always so good and clear, what type of camera are you using? I thought I saw the Kiss Me Heroine liquid eyeliner at Nijiya in SF, but don't hold me to it. I heard good things about this eyeliner, I am going to see about getting one.

  36. Perfect eyeliner! I'm impressed!

  37. Thank you for this tutorial! I usually use pencil eye liner but practicing with liquid liner seems like it would give me a better result.


  38. I really love this post! thanks for the tutorial <3

  39. MU HAHAHHAHA i know the secret to your perfect winged liner everytime!!! lol

    lovely tutorial =] simple and direct!!!

    ps i LOVE heroine make kiss me eyeliner =] super nice staying pwoer

  40. i love doing the liner like this and you have done it perfectly...

    following you on gfc now:)


  41. i discovered your blog via A Single Girls Musing when she linked this post on er blog =) ! this is a really cool tuto, I always struggle with my eye liner !!

    xxx Vee

  42. Nice! Thanks for teaching us how to apply eyeliner effortlessly. This is indeed very helpful. Nice blog by the way. I'm a new follower. :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.

  43. I just discovered your blog, this tutorial is very useful, thanks :)

    I love your eyeshadows combo on this post, do you remember what products did you use ?



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