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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Bit of UK Love (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Jian, owner of Pinkfish Tart, sent me a belated birthday gift which I received in the mail last week. I've gotten to know Jian quite well in recent months via Twitter conversations about nothing in particular ~(^з^)-☆

Even though we've never met in real life, she was thoughtful and generous enough to insist on sending me something.
I am evilly plotting my birthday gift to her slowly. When she least expects, I'll attack!!

She freaking drew her own Hello Kitty stickers. Can you believe it?! Hahaha she reasoned that it was because she did not have any cute tape so she made her own.

Teehee so cute!!

Even though she's super busy with school, Jian still took time to pick out stuff for me =]

I've never tried Sleek palettes before so she offered to pick out a couple for me to try. Sleek palettes are super affordable and the quality is amazing!

Jian got me the ever so popular Storm i-Divine Palette. It's beautiful!!

This palette is mostly shimmer shades. Only 3 matte shades.

The shadows are incredibly pigmented and soft. But there is quite a bit of fallout.
I don't mind too much, I just quickly clean up with some concealer after doing my eye makeup.
These are all swatched with no primer & dry.

Top row

Bottom row

The other palette I got is the Oh So Special Palette. Very feminine palette with lots of pinks, which I have never tried before.

This palette has a lot lighter shades than the Storm palette. There are mostly matte shades in this one.

Top row

Bottom row

Both palettes are lovely and are so versatile. Great value for the price!

Jian also got me a lipstick from the new Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Collection!
This collection isn't released in the US (at least I couldn't find it) so I am super happy I got to try it :D

The lipstick smells like fruity candy. It's rather strong but I like it XD
I have Shade 05, a berry color. I have never had the guts to try anything this bright/bold but I love it! It flatters my skin tone quite well.
Thanks Jian for making me try new things!! ^_^
It is a semi-matte finish and lasts pretty long. It can be a bit drying so I'd recommend putting on a lip balm before applying or finish with a gloss.

Jian also sent me 2 Nail Paints by Barry M in shades Grey & Vivid Purple.

The formula is great on these. Grey is very opaque and looks reallyyyy similar to Dior Gris Montaigne which I also love.
And I love purple, can't get enough of it!

Also got a box of lashes! These are handmade and very natural. Jian knows me freakishly well!
The band on these is super flexible so I should be able to successfully apply these :O
Love them!! Very natural...as natural as fake lashes can get lol

Thank you soooo much for everything Jian!! (◕‿◕✿)


I finally got around to making Hello Kitty cookies with the cutters from Yumeko. 
My recipe was the wrong kind I think because the cookies spread a lot & made the kitties look demonic & deformed & wrinkly (︶︹︺)
Some still came out really cute though. Will try a different recipe next time!

My guy friends enjoyed them but barely looked at the design on the cookies & just shoved them in their mouths. (;¬_¬) SMH men...


In HK related news...I got some Hello Kitty stationary! 
I hadn't set foot inside a Sanrio store in years & couldn't resist buying XD


Just released today!! Love this song way more than his other one I posted last time lol.
This song is super slow so for once I can actually understand what he's singing! LOL
The video is so beautifully shot too.

*sighhh* why so good looking?! ♥_♥

Ok I'm done talking...for now ヽ(^。^)丿


  1. How sweet!!!!! That's so nice of your blogger friend to send you a birthday gift and with makeup and stuff to boot! =D

    The cookies look so cute! hahahaha I like the ones with half the body =P As for the stationary I've made myself immune to cute stationary, if not I would have such a huge collection I could probably burn it to fuel my home by now!

  2. Awww what a sweet gift from Jian, she knows you so well =D I want a Sleek palette too after reading your post and looking at your amazing swatches, shall purchase one soon-ish!

    I bought ziplock HK baggies recently, and I went back to the store to restock, they were all OOS!

    So sorry to agree with you, the HK cookies at the bottom do look a tad demon-ish haha~

  3. Aw so many awesome UK goodies. The Sleek palettes look great, thanks for the swatches.

    Aw I wish Kate Moss collection would come to U.S. , color is gorgeous.

    Barry M!!! I love their nail paints, enjoy all the awesome stuff!

  4. Wow! Great gifts! The sleek palettes of course look amazing :D

  5. What a fantastic love bomb! She has great taste!!

    Love the HK cookies - tres kawaii!

  6. cuuuuuttteee hello kitty!! >.<
    Thanks for that sleek swatch, the color is so pretty :D

  7. LOL at demonic deformed wrinkly hello kitty! hahaha its not that bad!

  8. AWWW, that is incredibly sweeeeet!!! :) I've noticed people in the blogging community are just so generous and kind. I love making new friends on here. ^____^ I can't believe she DREW HK herself!! She's quite the talented artist. And on top of that, she picked out a GREATTT birthday present! BTW- Happy belated birthday, love!!!!<3

  9. That was so sweet of Jian! I loved her handmade Hello Kitty tape--so cute!

    The Storm palette looks really pretty. I have Bad Girl and really like it a lot.

    The Hello Kitty cookies came out so cute!


  10. aaah love lee hom too!! :D and Jian can really draw!!! :D

  11. Awwww she's such a nice person and yep, talented in hello kitty drawings too i guess! Heheheh, lovely cookies too, ure making me drool :p
    Happy belated bd to u btw! :)


  12. Omg great present <3 I love the pigmentation of the sleek palettes.. it looks great, please do some EOTDs with it! :D the cookies are SO cute! Trust males to ignore the presentation of the food -____-"

    omgg, Wang Lee Hom <3 I love this song.. i feel so outdated I havent checked up with his latest songs.. same with Jay Chou :'( This song is so super sweet.. he looks younger here! His hair cut makes him look SO cute .. even or a 35 year old!! Ah, i love the songs you pick out ^___^

  13. OMG you did keep the hand drawn HKs! I see them attached to the letter?? LOL

    You really don't need to attack me for my birthday! Honestly! ^^ I really enjoy our twitter convos about nothing much and EVERYTHING at the same time! :D

    Hope you get the fallout problem sorted. I think just need to put loose powder under your eyes and then brush it off? That's what I do anyhow. Although most of my fallout is on my...nose?

    :D Hope you get some use of of the falsies! My mum got like 3 boxes for me, and I have only used 1 pair so far! I thought you'd put them to better use! XD

    Ok now I'm tempted to get some more Barry M polishes :P I don't actually have those colours! And the second sleek palette! I had actually ordered you a blush, but for whatever reason sleek didn't send it. :S They didn't invoice me for it either..(it was the NARS orgasm dupe), maybe it was just out of stock.Weird...

    Hehe pls show us when you try the cookies again! Must've been the recipe. They do look a little demonic...

    You guys have Sanrio stores?!!! WHY DO WE HAVE NOTHING OVER HERE. All my cute HK stationery is sent by my friend in Korea, who buys me ANYTHING HK related....

  14. What an awesome haul! You really have some great friends in cyberspace. I really hope that you do a post with the eyeshadows and the false lashes. I always love your makeup posts :)

  15. That is just darn tootin sweet of her! I love the cute HK stickers she made! hahaha they're so creative cute! And you got TONS of amazing stuff!!!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  16. What a thoughtful birthday present that was! She knows you really well, and that was so sweet and thoughtful of her. And she even drew the Hello Kitty stickers, wow she's a really awesome friend :)

    Some of the Hello Kitty cookies turned out alright, at least the ones that you snapped a photo of, that is haha.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  17. Such a sweet package for you to receive! And I love the hand drawn Hello Kitty stickers <3

  18. omg the cookies r sooo cute! Stumbled on your blog randomly and your posts are really detailed i love that! Im also sorta dud with makeup so your tutorials are handy :)


  19. that's so nice of her! your bday presents are so awesome!! i'm thinking of getting myself a sleek palette ^^

  20. AWW It's so nice of her to send you those products!! Jealous! hehe also the cookies are adorable ^^

  21. Jian is adorable and your treats look lovely. Great swatches my dear x

  22. I love receiving snail mail! It's the greatest thing and looks like you got a whole heap of awesome stuff! btw I lOoove Leehom and thanks for sharing!!

  23. What a generous friend you've got there. BTW, thank you for sharing the new song from Wang Lee Hom. I just "discovered" him a few months ago. I can't really understand all the lyrics but the music's great.

    The Hello Kitty cookies are adorable. Must try to order the cookie cutter.

  24. How sweet of her to send you so many wonderful things. Everything is beautiful. And I love Hello Kitty!

  25. Jian is the sweetest! Hope you enjoy everything! your HK cookies look so cute!

  26. OMG how fab is JIAN! She is amazing, her taste is impeccable and I love the eyeshadow palette she sent you, it is gorgeous! Also those hello kitty stickers were drawn??? That is amazing, what a thoughtful gift and yes.....we need that kate moss lip colour in the US!

  27. Haha that's cute how she drew her own stickers :D Love the things she sent you! I want the Oh So Special palette so badly after seeing it on everyone's blogs all the time. I have the Storm palette but haven't even gotten around to trying it yet >< The purple Barry M polish is really pretty too!

  28. it's a very nice of your friend sending those stuffs, they are look great :)

    oh and the cookies look adorable!


  29. Wow. Hello Kitty Cookies. That's really neat. Listening to the song now.

    Cheese is so awesome. I had goat cheese for the first time today.

  30. awww..that's sweet of your friend Jian :) i definitely love the makeup palettes and the lipstick. :)

    P.S. the hello kitty cookies looks cuuute! :)

  31. Omg I'm dreaming of owning a sleek palette!
    The Rimmel lipstick is gorgeous!
    Awesome haul :D


  32. Hi, thanks for telling me :) I have been eyeing for sleek, I hope the fallouts aren't too bad! They get on my nerves haha

    I love the hello kitty cookies! I feel the same way, my brothers don't care about the design

  33. that's a great friendship you have,
    I've never used the sleek palette but the combination of colors look nice.

    Always following the great work you do on this blog
    The Dolls Factory

  34. Such great gifts! ^__^ you're so lucky! :)

  35. What a sweet package! I've never tried Sleek before either but I've seen and heard great things about it!

  36. aww that's super sweet of her to send you a package! Love it :) sleek palettes i'd love to get my hands on them!

  37. The Sleek palettes look great! They swatch beautifully.

    The Hello Kitty cookies are so cute!

  38. its so sweet of Jian! <33
    and the hand drawn hello kitty is soo cute! have lousy arts skills =.=
    have never tried sleek eyeshadows before but heard good stuff about them!
    yummy cookies!maybe you can add frosting on e eyes to "lighten them up XD
    was a fan of hello kitty when i was young but suddenly all these new wave about HK is making me interested in them again haha..
    ooh lee hom! one of the few mandarin singers i like!.i wonder how he maintain his looks for so many years~~

  39. I have an award for you :)

  40. That kitty cookies don't look demonic at all
    It looks yummy actually :)


  41. Happy belated! *^_^* So sweet of her to send these goodies! The palette and lipstick look so nice. =D Hee hee...the cookies are cute and yeah, that's guys for ya. @_@

  42. aww the hello kitty cookies look so cute and good :) but isn't it sad to eat hello kitty?lol

  43. i love the hello kitty cookies!
    And, the sleek palettes are beautiful! pretty shades!
    enjoy hun!

  44. AHHH I totally just saw the music video for Wang Leehom & Wong Fu Productions! Yes, he is very, very good looking. Mhm. :)

    Ah that is so kind of Jian! I've been pining after the Sleek products and I hate that they aren't sold in the U.S. I remember looking at shipping and it was about $10 to the U.S. But OMG, the Hello Kitty stickers are adorable! Love them and I can't believe she hand drew them! Happy belated birthday as well. I hope you had loads of fun

  45. Happy Belated birthday and these are some cute gifts!

    Also, I am hosting a giveaway @ MyLyfeMyStory You should definitely enter for your chance to win a custom made bracelet!

  46. That was super nice of her! Jian is awesome! She sent you some great makeup and beauty stuff. Now that is sweet. I still love everything Hello Kitty. Your cookies were cute!!! I learned about your blog from Wi (eyeliner tutorial). She did an amazing job! I'm definitely following you now and can't wait to read more of your future posts! ((HUG))
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  47. Wow, that was a fantastic birthday gift. What a sweetheart.

    I think your cookies turned out pretty well. I would eat them:) They definitely look like Hello Kitty to me.


  48. awwww that's so sweet~

    sleek =] i need to buy some soon!!! the swatches are always so pretty!!!! love the colors =D especially the rusty red color in the storm palette!!!

    cute cookies!! haha i know what you mean... "sweettt foooood" nom... lol



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