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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Spidery Eye

Halloween's tomorrow so this is kinda late. But it's the thought that counts!
I really am not a Halloween person, aside from eating lots of fun sized candies. I think I've dressed up a total of 2x my entire life.

But I saw some super awesome Halloween lashes at the store so I got them and decided to go cray cray with makeup.
I didn't really have a game plan. (Do I ever??) But somehow ended up with this.

As usual, my lovely Sleek Storm & Oh So Special palettes came in handy again!
I used ELF Studio Cream Eyeshadow in Eggplant as a base. It has great staying power and really helps the pink stand out.

I reeeaally wasn't planning on using purples but I guess my hands had a mind of its own. Before I knew it, I was putting on purple shadow XD

I used NYX Morocco (1 of my favorite shadows ever) for the outer-V wing thing & crease (yeah, getting technical w the makeup terms lol)

FYI those weird stamps on the shadows indicate which ones I used. Some of you were confused last time XD

Can you believe I successfully applied FOUR strips of lashes on each eye?!?!
2 pairs on top & 2 on bottom. *HUZZAH*

The main reason I wanted to do a Halloween EOTD was because of these lashes. Saw them at Ulta awhile back and impulsively bought them. The band is clear & super thin so applying them was really easy.

For the top I also applied the lashes Jian sent me (thx Jian!!) to make the lashes look fuller.
Then I used ES A188 bottom lashes from KKcenterHK

All the lashes are very lightweight so it wasn't uncomfortable to layer them. 

I lined my eyes with MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack but you can't really see them since the lashes are so crazy. Also went over the lash band with my liquid liner to cover up any visible glue.

Mascara is Shu Uemura Ultimate Expression Mascara (will review soon!).

For my brows, I used Integrate Micro Slim Eyebrow Pencil in GY941 (love this!!)

On my waterline, I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Yeyo to help make my eyes brighter & bigger (I don't really think my eyes looked bigger using this lol)

I wish I had circle lenses so my eyes could look even more insane. But...I'm too chicken shit to put on contacts & idk where to buy them. So...normal eyeballs it is!

Without the lashes, this look isn't really that crazy. You could probably wear it out to some Jersey Shore-esque club and get lots of compliments.

Ok I am tired of staring at my eyes.


Not intentional, but my nails happen to match my Halloween look quite well! 
Used Revlon Facets of Fuchsia and it's amaaahhzing! It's all gelly and glittery and freaking wonderful.

The base is surprisingly opaque for a glitter polish. I could've gotten away with 2 coats for full coverage but I used 3 just in case.

Lovely lovely!! Highly recommend if you can still find this. It is LE if I'm not mistaken. 


Not Halloween related, but whatevs.
TOP is fucking hawwwt. Why his voice so sekshiii? Why? Why? Why?!
Excuse me while I go spazz. ♥_♥


Tablo is the shizzle!! Him & Epik High never disappoint :D
Just when I was getting bored of all the kpop crap out these days, he comes back with this.
MUST LISTEN! It's not pop-y bubble gum crap, I promise XD 

Hope you kids have a wondahful Halloween!!! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Got Purple!!!

Gap had a fat sale over the weekend. Everything was an additional 40% off when I took my relatives, who were visiting, shopping.
While accompanying them, of course I shopped too. What would you expect from me, just stand there?! XD

Yeah...practically every item I bought was purple. Cannot help it!!! Me luv purple a lot ^o^

This wool blazer is fave buy! I was so sad that I couldn't find it in my size and went on browsing. Then I found a size 0 on a random rack & almost did a victory dance. Teeeheee
The best part is...this cost me $17.99. Original price...$59.95. Hellll yes *fist pumps* \^O^/

Next purple item is this Houndstooth Blouse
Stupid camera's white balance made it all wonky looking 

I love the subtle houndstooth pattern. It's a soft flowy material.
Only $17.99 after discount too!

Also got this Pointelle scoop neck sweater in aubergine.
This was $22.19 after discount. The most expensive thing I bought that day LOL 
Omg, it's still full price, $59.95, online wtf???

Omg, a non-purple item! This is the Paneled dot top. I got it in taupe (because they didn't make it in purple lol)

This was final sale at the store. For good reason...it cost me a measly $11 :O

This alpaca sweater vest/wrap thing was also final sale for $12. Really nice quality, perfect for fall :D

Oh, I also picked up this awwwwesome leopard print tee at Banana Republic for $13.99.
Leopard is the shizzle!!

Awhile ago, H&M had a 25% off coupon so I picked up this blazer. They almost never have coupons so I took the chance to get this blazer I've been eyeing for awhile. 
It's a very casual, thick cotton material. Kinda like a sweatshirt. And it has really cool elbow patches!

It runs a bit big so I got a size 2. I got this for $26.


Holiday season is upon us!! I got 2 boxes of UNICEF cards at Ikea XD 
100% of the proceeds goes to helping kids around the world. Good cause! Check it out :D

They are so cute. Maybeeee you'll get one come Christmastime ^_~ So if I ask for your address, don't think I'm some creepy stalker. 


Did any of you go pick up your free L'Occitane hand cream?? They had a promotion going on where you can get a coupon for a free hand cream if you "like" them on Facebook. 
FREEE!! They're usually sold for $10 so it's a awesome deal. I think it's still going on right now. So go "like" them!

I wasn't planning on buying anything but they had a LE Desert Rose hand cream and I love their rose line so I got one. I got 15% off because of that Facebook coupon ^_^
The LE packaging is so pretty!


I was gonna post a Kpop video but MACNunu just told me about them and now I cannot stop watching their videos & laughing my ass off. I can never listen to BSB songs with a straight face ever again!
The guy sitting in the back playing video games just baffles me. He is completely unfazed by what is going on. The least he could do is join in. SMH


Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Sleek

I have been obsessed with using my Sleek palettes lately. There's so many wonderful endless possibilities!! So many shadows, only 2 eyelids...sighhhh

I used the Oh So Special palette this time. I did an EOTD with the Storm palette here.
I grew some balls & actually used 1 of the pink shadows this time.

I thought the pink shadow would make my eyes look puffy, like I am suffering from bad eyelid surgery lol, but it turned out ok!
I only put a tiny bit in the crease & blended it out a lot.
It turned out kind of purple since blue & red make purple, & pink is related to red?? I know nothing about colors, can you tell? HAHA

Thankfully the blue isn't a light blue or else I would've ended up looking like a cheap hooker.
My mother always warned me that light blue shadow on Asians will make them look like hookers. She scarred me for life! I run like hell if I see light blue shadow XD

This blue is closer to a gunmetal grey/blue. Was able to avoid a catastrophic "luv u long time" look!

These shadows don't fade at all! Lasted all day for me.


Current nails!
Yay for vampy Fall shades \^o^/
Sonia Kashuk Taunting Teal & OPI Brisbane Bronze on ring finger

The Sonia Kashuk polishes are actually pretty nice quality! 
Formula is a bit on the thick side but I actually like. They're very opaque, can get away with just one coat. 
You can find them only at Target for $5.
OPI Brisbane Bronze is an awesome orangey bronze color. It's sooo metallic. Definitely need at least 2 coats for this.


Hyori is so hawwwt!
Every time they say "girl" I lmao because they pronounce it like "gurrrr" hahahahhaa
Ohhh engrish, how you entertain me!!
It doesn't help that she says "gurrr" in like every line ^o^


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips [not really for babies' lips]

I first saw these interesting things on a few Youtube videos. I was quite interested but didn't see them in my local drugstores or Target (I refuse to set foot in Walmart unless held at gunpoint, & even then I'll have to think about it).
These damn lip balms are about as hard to track down as an Hermes Crocodile Birkin.
MACnunu practically dedicated her NYC trip to finding these Babies. She rambles less than I do so go read her review, it's way better than mine XD

In the end, I hit the jackpot at the CVS that's 5 minutes away from my house...really??? I never go there so of course that's where they'd be -_-
I only wanted to try out the pink one for sure but went a tad overboard & left with these...Hey, don't judge! I've been looking for these for over 2 weeks!!
They were BOGO 50% off too. Woot!

I picked up Pink Punch, Peach Kiss, & Cherry Me.

I've only tried out #25 Pink Punch so far. It's the one I wanted to try the most! :D

It looks cray cray in the tube. A super bright pink. But fear not!!

It actually goes on a nice sheer pink. The color is buildable to a certain extent. It has a very faint fruit punch scent. I really expected it to be a super strong & artificial fruit punch scent but it's barely there.

I don't like doing lip swatches. I think it's slightly creepy/weird to have a picture of just lips. But for the sake of this post, I will suck it up. Oh, the sacrifices I make for blogging!! XD

The lip balm is very moisturizing, not waxy at all. But it doesn't last too long, definitely not 8hrs as it claims on the packaging.
I also like that it has SPF 20.
I'm Asian, I want everything to have SPF in it!!! God forbid my lips get a tan :O

These are ~ $4 at drugstores. I think that it's a very good product for the price. For me, it is crucial that my lip balm does not make my lips gross & waxy (i.e Burt's Bees!!).
I've read reviews that the other tinted shades are not as pigmented as Pink Punch is but I think it really depends on the shade of your own lips.

I have way too many lip balms so just this one will tide me over for now! A few others will be gifted & the rest returned lol.


In snacking news...my Aunt & Uncle decided to make an impromptu visit from Taiwan. The perks of working for an airline...free airfare!!! 
Ugh, too bad I am vertically challenged or I'd apply to be a flight attendant =_= Then I could travel the world & be all chic & cool like on Pan Am. 

Anyway,  they brought loads of snacks. Yay!! 
Look at my super sad snack HAHA I've no idea what it is but damn, Asian packaging is always a winner winner chicken dinner!

Lots of pineapple cake!!! I love these but they're probably extremely obesity inducing. When you open one up, all you smell is butter ^o^
These are different fruit flavors.

And these are vegan & organic pineapple cakes. I thought it would taste gross & hippie-like but they're so good. You can really taste the fresh pineapple. And I guess they are somewhat healthier, no butter since it's vegan!
The packaging is simple but cute ^_^


I shall end 90s boy band week with this...
Dedicated to MACnunu HAHAHAHA 
Ohhhh the 90s how I miss you!!
I had a friend who's room was literally covered in Hanson pictures from wall to wall. Hardcore fan man!!


P.S. Giveaway is still going on!! I promise to "luv u long time" (no, not like that. get ur mind outta the gutter XP) if you join!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting My Culture On

So... I'm not super cultured. I don't even like going to museums when I travel -_-
But once in awhile it's nice to do something different.
My friend dragged me to the de Young Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco awhile ago.
I have lived here my entire life and have never been there. XD
To be honest, I haven't done a lot of the tourist things in SF. I've never ridden a cable car, never walked on the Golden Gate Bridge, never been to Alcatraz!

The de Young has the most interesting architecture.

My picture sucks. Here is a much better picture!

Right across from the de Young is the California Academy of Sciences which I've actually been to. It was so foggy that day, typical SF!

The museum wasn't as boring as I thought it'd be. The Picasso exhibit was going on but I am not artsy enough to want to pay $25 extra to see it. 
The entrance fee to the museum was actually really cheap, ~$6. I used my student ID to get a discount (even though I already graduated...shhhh). 

They have a bar and a band playing on Friday nights. 

Now on to some artsy things XD


Why so serious??


On that paper chase...

Care for some fruit?

Reminds me of Inception for some odd reason...

We went up to the top of the tower/observatory. Great view of the city...if it weren't so damn foggy!

City by the Bay 

Most of the time I am too distracted by the bums, hipsters, & protesters that I forget how nice SF can look.

California Academy of Sciences: Where the Albino Alligator lives!

The de Young had a Balenciaga exhibit a few months ago, I can't believe I forgot to go!! That would've been worth seeing.
It was actually pretty fun to go to a museum. It wasn't overly crowded with school kids so that was good XD
If you're ever in the area, check it out! 


I guess this week is 90s boy band week!
My fave BSB song!!! 
Look how cool they look in those baggy wide-leg jeans!! 

So proud of myself, still know every word to this song!! 


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