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Sunday, September 11, 2011

When In Taiwan...Visit Hello Kitty!

So I go to Taiwan to visit my family nearly every year. And every year I always want to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe but never get a chance to. So on my most recent trip there a year ago, I made it a priority to go hehe!

I don't have any female cousins & the friends that I know there are all guys too so no one would go with me T_T Finally, my aunt and my mom pitied me and agreed to take me. ^o^ Finally! I've been wanting to go for like 5 years hahaha

I went to the one in Taipei and it is called Hello Kitty Sweets. My aunt made reservations since it's known to get very crowded on weekends. Sorry I don't know the address, tried to google but only got stuff in Chinese >.<

Eeeek! Super adorable window display (=^x^=)
I can't stand pink but this is pretty rad lol

Their desserts are so pretty!

Their food is rather pricey, by Taiwan standards. But it's average if compared to the US.
I think they concentrate most of their efforts on making stuff look like Hello Kitty, not really how it tastes hahaha

Who woulda thought that the first time I'd try snails would be at a Hello Kitty cafe...not too bad. Idk why people freak out about them =\

I forget what this is called but I will admit I only wanted it because of the HK bread bowl =_= it tasted alright.

Everything and anything that could possibly be made into an HK shape will be in HK shape.

My drink. I think this was like a strawberry float. 

Their desserts are actually really good, much better than the actual food. The cake is so yummy! This one was mango.

Basically, people come here to take pictures of everything and oggle at how cute stuff is. If you drag someone who isn't an HK fan here, they will be miserable since the food isn't all that great.

I had a blast hahaha


I wonder if this was his first job choice, making Hello Kitty cakes hehe

Overall, it's a great tourist attraction. I don't think locals come here often. I mainly saw some Japanese tourists and little girls haha

I'd recommend coming here for afternoon tea and just order dessert if you have a chance to go.

I never do touristy stuff when I go to Taiwan so I had fun XD

And if you're ever at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport...hit up the Hello Kitty terminal. Way better than the typical black and grey terminals that make you feel miserable.
But it plays eerie children's music that freaked me out because I was there at like 2am and no one else was around -_-
There's also a Hello Kitty nursery but... I didn't take pictures, it was too pink for me haha!

And yes...I bought Hello Kitty gum at 7-Eleven. Tasted horrible >.<


So this is quite random & not HK related but...it's still super freaking awesome I had to share. 
I am obsessed with Anna Sui cosmetics. Because it's not available in the US, I always visit the counters when in Asia. They have the most amazing displays! 
Pretty much every department store in Taipei will have an Anna Sui counter. 

Whyyyyy can this not be my room?!

♥_♥ PURPLE makeup sponges...arranged to look like a rose! 
I wanted to swipe the entire container but I didn't...too chicken shit to steal XD

I love Anna Sui cosmetics. Everything they make is rose scented. I have a few of their glosses & lipsticks & they smell amazing! Even their nail polish has this amazing rose scent that lasts for a couple days. I did a post awhile back about the ones I bought.

SAs over there are rather...eager to help/borderline pushy. It annoys me when I just want to browse. They watch you like a hawk & follow you around as if you're about to steal >.>
But this SA turned out to be quite nice & spent like 20 min talking about nail polish with me ^o^
Plus her nails were super cool! 

So this ended up being a rather random post...Hope you still enjoyed it! ^.^


  1. I'm not even a big hello kitty fan but I must admit the food and everything else looks absolutely adorable. Most gimicky places won't serve you great food but at least it wasn't terrible. That sponge bowl ... lol It's just a bowl of sponges but if I saw that I want to take it too.

  2. What an adorable cafe! It would be so fun to eat a Hello Kitty themed meal. They did a great job on everything, reminds me of Disneyland efforts. Glad you finally got to go. :)

    Oh Anna Sui cosmetics! I've heard about their famous rose scented products but I've yet try them. I need to visit Urban Outfitters because they sell them of their products.

  3. I'm fainting! I had to show Hubs your HK pics! Thanks for the Anna Sui pics too!

  4. You had me at the third picture. AHAH. Soooo cute! Everything just looks so adorable! Sad that the food doesn't taste too good though.

    I wonder why I didn't see the Hello Kitty terminal when I was over there! Hmm. . .

  5. So cool! I wanna go in this Hello Kitty café too *__*. Never heard about Anna Sui cosme I thought it was only about fashion ^^

  6. OMIGAWD. I want to go to Taiwan now. So much Hello Kitty! :O That's so cute~ They don't speak English there though do they.. =/ problematic. Your trip looks like so much fun! You can't get Anna Sui in the US?! Not even at department stores or like duty free stores (not at the airport)? I'll definitely have to send you some sometimes ^^

  7. ohh the hello kitty cake is sooo cute! I love that entire store haha

  8. o my
    that Hello Kitty cafe looks heavenly!


  9. I am in HK heaven! I wish the US would carry Anna Sui cosmetics too ^_^

  10. i didnt know about the hello kitty cafe when i went to taiwan 5 years ago... i wish i knew coz that would have been the #1 place i would have gone!! hahahha but if i ever go to taiwan again... i will definitely try to remmeber to go!! the cakes and everything look too cute to eat :)
    and i like anna sui too~~ but i find their stuff really pricey!! but they are all soooo nice!

  11. Wow! wow! so much Hello Kitty food!
    I love Anna Sui as well, everything is so pretty and elegant, thanks for sharing ^^

  12. everything is so stinking cuteee!!! too bad it didn't taste good, kinda like the toilet restaurant i wanted to go in HK, everything is poop shaped but ppl said it didn't taste good... it closed before i even got a chance to try =[

    i love anna sui decor, so girly, romantic and alluring =] omg yah..i hate pushy SAs, the way they tail you make me uncomfortable and not want to buy stuff ><

  13. I have loved Hello Kitty since I was a little girl. I would love to go to this cafe. So adorable.

  14. Oh my gosh, I die. These are so freaking cute. Those cakes are too pretty to eat!

    *My Chanel inspired look*

  15. Hi Dorothy ^_^ omg hello kitty sweets is soo cute!!! I wanna go someday too! I love your random post!

    Anna Sui is not new here but I never liked how pricey they are so every time I pass by I just think of it as an adult version of kids stuff because..they look kinda cutesy-ish compared to the rest of the beauty brands haha! I prefer the look of Gwen Stefani's harajuku stuffs, the SA's here actually let me take all the cute sponges I want hahaha! you should ask next time :D

  16. Oh my I think I would absolutely enjoy that Hello Kitty Cafe. Honestly I think that even if you're not a huge fan of hello kitty it's just an awesome experience overall going to a restaurant that's completely themed. I'm jealous cause everything was absolutely delicious looking

  17. I still remember when Anna Sui stuff was sold at Sephora. =\ Oh well. One of the million reasons to visit Asia...haha XD Freaking love their displays! Hope you got some really cool stuff. And omg, seems everyone that's been to Taiwan has gone to the HK Cafe! *is jelly* I've been to Puroland but this is a must-visit for me!

  18. OMG I have not been to Taiwan since 1989.... WOW this little hello kitty cafe is too cute, and if I go, totally have to make a stop there! Everything looks too good to eat and how cute are the little figurines! And the Anna Sui counter is fabulous..could totally see you use that as your inspiration for decor! Thank you for sharing these photos and I am so glad to hear you visit annually...gotta work on that ;)

  19. OMG I'm in Hello Kitty heaven!... hehe~ Lucky you got to try so many cute things. :)

  20. I almost started frothing at the mouth when I saw this post!!!! I showed EVERYONE that was by me at the time (read it on my iPhone). OMG this is definitely one reason i MUST visit Taiwan one day! And who cares if it don't taste good IT LOOKS LIKE HELLO KITTYYYYYY!!!

    And I DREAM of a room like that too...but I just have really cheap containers containing all my makeupto keep it in a somewhat orderly fashion :(

  21. This is freaking awesome! I also hate the color pink, but when it comes to Sanrio, I don't mind the pink. everything is way too cute!
    Anna Sui cosmetics are really cute as well. i don't own any, but I would love to try some of their products.

  22. Hello Kitty overload!!!! They serve escargot at the cafe??? Never would have expected that LOL~

    I've been to a couple of Anna Sui counters but I haven't seen one that pays so much attention to detail. I mean, they even arranged the makeup sponges to resemble a rose?!! That's uber impressive o.O

  23. OMG This post was awesome! My friend is in Taiwan as we speak. Where should I tell her to go?! I want her to bring me back some hello kitty trinkets!

  24. i got to stop reading your taiwan posts as they makes me wants to go there NOW!!!...haha the SAs here are all like that! they would make the stinky eye at you if they think you are not buying anything..makes me afraid of going up to the counter to try anything..ahh but as long as the HK looks cute on the food i guess its alright! XD...why are the things in taiwan cost so much cheaper than other asian countries! *shakes fist*



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