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Thursday, September 8, 2011

When In Taiwan...Eat!

So right now I am somewhere in Montreal, most likely spazzing with Queenie & Agasshi  ^o^
But I didn't want you guys to be lonely HAHA! So this is a vacation post!

I went to Taiwan last year to see my family. All I usually do there is eat...a lot. And buy a bunch of stuff because when you're traveling, foreign money just doesn't seem like money hahaha

This will be a food porn post! I am sorry if you are hungry while reading this. And if your internet lags from all the pictures XP

I love fruit. Fruit by itself, fruit in dessert, fruit in salads, fruit in actual food. If there's fruit in something I'll probably order it XD
Taiwan has so  many cool fruits!!

I was obsessed with passion fruit when I was there. I ate like a whole plate everyday.

Guava. I don't really like the pink ones. Too mushy!

YELLOW WATERMELON!!!! Tasted normal though -_-

Not sure what it's called but it tastes amazingly sweet.

Food Court Eats
Seriously...how can food court food taste this good??? American food courts = sadness on so many levels.
Yes...I ate steak at a food court.
This was at the food court at the Taipei 101 building, that place has the best food court! So many choices. Since I can't afford anything from the fancy shmancy designer stores at Taipei 101, I just go there to eat LOL

It's an omelette wrapped around a pile of tomato fried rice. I saw a little boy eating it so deliciously so I bought one too ^o^

Random Eats
This guy just sits here all day & makes noodles. All. Day. Long.

End result: so simple yet so good! Sorry I don't know the restaurant & dish names. This was over a year ago & my Chinese sucks =_=

MOS Burger > McDonalds

Sweet potatoes coated with a thick layer of hard candy & sesame seeds. OMG amazing!

Kind of the same thing but with cherry tomatoes. Those black things are bits of dried plum...not ants lol!

Unagiii!! (That was a Friends reference. If you didn't get it, you're lame-o...or too young >.>)

I always doubt the extremely sketch & semi-sanitary food spots in Taiwan. My uncle always loves to drag me to weird hole in the wall places & I always protest. But...the food always ends up being amazing. Don't be so quick to judge a dingy place LOL
This place had amazing food...and I didn't get food poisoning. Win!

Made to order green onion pancakes with egg.

Most creative menu ever.

All you can eat bbq? Yes, please!!

Hotels in Taipei have the most amazing buffets ever. This was the most amazing hotel I've ever been to.

I even saw MBLAQ, a kpop boy band, arriving as I was leaving. Hahaha the fangirls had signs just like in the dramas. I saw the Wonder Girls too but didn't get pictures.

Apparently 2PM was there that day too but I missed them T_T

I didn't know who they were at the time and the kind fangirl holding up a sign next to me tried to explain to me in English "Korean group. Very famous!" LOL

Dessert in Taiwan is a must. I think I ate dessert like 3 times a day. Sometimes I ate cake for breakfast XD

Bubble tea here costs ~ $1.50US and it tastes WAYYYY better. This one was passion fruit. It even had real passion fruit bits in it. I WANT ONE NOW!!

Shaved ice is a must! Especially in the hot humid summer months. But I get it anyway if I go during wintertime lol

And beer there is like water. I've never had so much beer in my life.

Do you guys eat as much as I do when on vacation??

Sorry this is so long!


  1. Ooooh now I'm seriously hungry... Amazing food! I love Taiwanese beer it is excellent!

  2. It all looks so good! That melon looks like a yellow watermelon.

  3. Mmmm the food looks so good! Can't wait to try them when I go to Taiwan next month!! ;)


  4. I literally laughed out loud when I read 'when you're travelling, foreign money just doesn't seem like money'. LOL - that's exactly how I feel!

    This makes me want to go to Taiwan again! Did you go to Fisherman's Wharf - so many different types of street food!

    What hotel did you stay at? It is amazingly beautiful!

  5. Wow! so much food! the fruit looks so yummy ^^
    the hotel looks so stunning and chic, are you sure you didn't stay at a night club?
    and MBLAQ too! ^_^

  6. Omg the food in the pictures looks insane! Taiwan certainly packs a punch with the food choices :)

  7. Omg.. *jizz* at all that food porn! Godamn woman, so good at taking photos of food T___T;; Haha yes! I eat so much when I'm overseas.. esp in China. I miss it! I ALWAYS ate bakery food and fruits when I was overseas O__O;; Also.. is that fruit.. a durian -______-;; the green one you don't know the name of, does it smell like REALLY strong? (coz it looks like durian to me lol) Anyways, hope you're having a fun vacation in Montreal :)

  8. All that food looks AMAZING! I love Asian food, especially Asian desserts!!!

    I would love to visit Taiwan someday! So lucky you have family there and get to visit!


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  9. salmon skin roll!! when people don't remember friends is when i'll officially be old!

    the food looks wonderful!! i've had mcdonald's in korea and it's way better than the ones here in in the us!

  10. I really want to go to Taiwan for the food, I would gobble up anything sweet haha. great food pics!

  11. Dude I just gained 20lbs reading that post...
    I miss Taiwan T.T I need to go back and eat from the beginning to the end of the night market again!
    Talk about not recognising boy bands, I was once saw Boyzone at Heathrow Airport, Ronan Keating wasn't there so I had no idea who they were xD

  12. I love passion fruits too!!! :D It's hard to get them over here nowdays but my grandpa's former house had a passion fruit tree which I racked! hahaha! I eat a lot on vacations :)

  13. i agree with you! american food courts are so depressing! i really love the photo of the food court food! i wish i can get variety like that here in states!

  14. Hi, I am reading your food porn before breakfast and it is killing me here:) My relatives recently relocated to Taiwan, hopefully I will be making a trip out there soon. I love Taiwanese food!

  15. Everything look absolutely delicious... excepted... BUBBLE TEA xD I've tried it recently, it's not for me lol

  16. all the food look so delish.. yum yum yum!! want to eat now.. you made me hungry

  17. ommgggg i'm stuck in class and drooling over all the food!!!! *jealous*

    OMG i know what you mean, foreign money is like nothing, just spend spend spend... and the best food are only known by locals~ and it's usually some sketchy place but super good =]

    i've never been so close to a kpop band i like... *SO JEALOUSSSSSSSS mblaq <3

  18. Yeah, I'm pretty piggie when I'm on vacay! I mean, what's the point if you aren't right? XP I hope you are having fun in Montreal! I need to book me a flight to Taipei. Every item you've posted here looks so YUMMY! My mom came back from there once with these crazy good pineapple cakes. I was like "I WANT MORE!" afterwards. Hahaha!

  19. You are tortouring me, bad..bad!!! We have those tropical fruits back in Thailand too. There are two main activities I do when I go visit my family in Bangkok: shop and eat! Asia is definitely a destination for all things yummy 24 hours. I appreciate that more now since I live in the States where you can't just walk 10 steps outside your house and find food stalls.. Gosh I can't wait to go back.

  20. I.LOVE.FOOD. So that's why I loved this post. Yes, it made me hungry and wanted to devour everything but i really love pics of what people eat. Strange, but true. Thanks so much for the post!

  21. Oh I am super jealous and hungry right now. All that food looks so good. I love chinese desserts. It's never super sweet so you can eat eat so much of it and not feel bad lol. Not that it's any healthier but I just don't feel as gross afterwards. Oh are you having a good time in Montreal? Hitting up Toronto while you're visiting Canada?

  22. All the food looks so yummy. I love Passion fruit and Guava; they are really popular in Mexico as well. The sweet potatoes loos soo good!

  23. Ahhh, that's a custard apple! Yummy right? I hate the seeds though... OMG, I need FOOOOOOOD! Shouldn't have clicked on this post *boohoo*

    How lucky of you to see MBLAQ and Wonder Girls! Last year, I wouldn't know who they are too except for 2PM hahaha~

  24. everything looks so yummy! I too love passion fruits!

  25. I am sooo lucky that I am reading this post at this hour and not at midnight when im usually starving!! LOL ur foods looks delicioussssss and mouth watering!! soo happy im eating now or else i'll be looking for food to eat LOL... I think that fruit is called Jack Fruit.. but im not sure either =P... never tried or even seen pink guavas but i love the normal one and i that buffet looks amazing!! it does not look like a buffet at all!! =O


  26. Omg where do I even begin?! Firstly....Im a lil embarrassed to say I think I recognize which Kpop group that is LOL BUT only because my younger sister was a hugeeee fan for a while and thus I am familiar with some groups but not all and mainly boy bands lol

    I eat just as much as you do on vacation and I must say Asia kills Canada in the food department! Not only because it's insanely delicious but it's soooo convenient and CHEAP as well yet most people in Asia are still fit and slim. Do you think it has anything to do with portion size? I can't wait to go back to Hongkong and get me some good eats! Though don't get me wrong, there's tons of great food in Vancouver too! ( but it's hella cheaper in asia! lol)

  27. This post made me so hungry! I love this post. Food porn = awesomeness. I love food in Asia! It's affordable and 10x better than the states. I remember going to a food court in Korea and being floored by the quality. Hell, the little food kiosks are 10x better than some of the nasty food I've seen in the states. Also my boyfriend studied abroad in Hong Kong and he went on and on about how good and affordable food in Hong Kong was. I'm jealous <3

  28. OMG I just died from the amount of yummy food pictured here. The shaved ice looks sooooo good and so much better than the ones sold here. The place by campus has "shaved ice" but it's crushed ice. T_T

    My Taiwanese friend say you can get rally well there for a lot less than in the U.S. Aw too bad you missed 2pm.

    Wow that is one awesome hotel. Their buffet set up is so swanky!

  29. omg i gained weight when I was in TW! hahah

    awesome pics

    visit me if you can

  30. zomg yummeh! I do eat a lot when I travel in Asia, but not so much in Europe. The food culture in Asia is so much better!

    haha in Malaysia, we have lots of food stalls or what we call hawker centres which are usually by the roadside and I guess many people will find it a bit unsanitary, but I think cos it's our culture, we're used to it. It's how I got a stomache of steel hehe

  31. waaaa i just died reading this post, and I just watched a tw show this morning about their amazing desserts too. Ah I miss tw, especially the food! Your post just took me on a visual tour to fill my stomach :D

  32. Oh my gosh! Your food porn is amazing. It definitely makes me want to go to Taiwan now! It's also helping me think of some ideas of what to make for dinner. I'm definitely jealous of your cultural experience

  33. Pretty Cool lifestyle!! I'd love to have you among my Followers on Bloglovin :)
    Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  34. Probably more! XD No, really! I dont take photos of everything though...cos I normally put it in my tummy before I get my cam out!



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