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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Through the Keyhole

Thanks to my dutiful Twitter stalking, I was fortunate enough to snag a Shiny Fing created by Yasumi, owner of The Worshipblues Emporium where Shiny Fings are born.

Right before sleeping, I saw on Twitter that Yasumi had updated her store. I freaked and placed an order immediately. But since I did it on my phone, something went wrong on Paypal and it didn't charge me S&H. Yasumi was way too kind & told me I didn't need to pay it this time. Who the hell is this nice these days?! 

The night before I left for Montreal, I discovered that my Shiny Fing had arrived all the way from London. Yay!

The packaging is just too adorable. So much attention to detail!

What'd I get?? A pair of Through the Keyhold earrings. Owner of pair #2!! 
Vicky told me she bought the other pair XD
Great minds think alike!

Came housed in a cute little box and care instructions.

I love key jewelry so when I saw these keyhole earrings I had to get them. They're so unique! I love that they're matte black. 

Love them!!! The fact that no one else in the world but Vicky has these earrings makes it even more special. You all know me & my addiction for LE anything.

Thank you so much Yasumi!! Check out her blog and sign up for email updates. Her Shiny Fings sell out in half a blink of an eye so stalking is a must ^o^


Omg so much niceness going around these days! 
Erika and HeyDahye both just gave me the Sunshine Award. I love reading both of their blogs. 
Check them out :D

So I'm suppose to write 10 random facts about myself. Do I really have that many random facts about myself to write out? hahaha

  1. I am left handed! So is President Obama, Angelina Jolie, & a lot of other cool people. This makes me feel semi-cool XD
  2. I laugh really loud...too loud. It scares people.
  3. I am obsessed with celebrities. I read Perez Hilton religiously. 
  4. I cannot stand "cutesy" anything. Especially girls that act that way, makes me nauseous. *sorry*
  5. I am always in high heels, even just to go get groceries.
  6. I played the piano for 12 years. Typical Asian haha!
  7. I think it's really weird when people's parents have Facebook. My parents know they are forbidden to make one.
  8. People always think I am unapproachable/mean when first meeting me because I suck at small talk & will never initiate conversation.
  9. I still think *NSYNC is the shit & still know all of their songs by heart after all these years. I am secretly still praying for a reunion.
  10. I am not very ladylike...I swear too much =X
Ok now 10 awesome blogs that I read! This is harder than choosing a new nail color to put on XD


And ohmahgawd I hit 100 readers! Yayyyy! Thanks for reading everyone. I really love reading all your comments. And most importantly, getting to know you all \^o^/
I'm putting together a giveway...slowly hahaha but look out for it ^_^

yes...my cheesy Paint artwork has returned. HAHA


Omg not a kpop song today! 
Even though this song's in Mandarin, I've no idea what the hell he's saying hahaha except the English part. 

Leehom's super talented & always makes his own music. I wasn't feeling this song at first but it's growing on me. The English part is kind of strange though =\
But ahhh he's so hot XD 
Can't believe he's over 30 years old! The man sure ages well.



  1. Wow indeed these earrings are unique! Love them :)
    Congrats girl! You deserve these awards ♥
    Yay giveaway ^^


  2. Congrats on your award and hitting 100+ followers! Love the creative design on your new earrings! Hee hee...celeb gossip is a guilty pleasure of mine too. I know you read PH religiously but have you checked out Dlisted? Freakin' hilarious! XD

  3. adore this. super glad i found your blog. i'm following. I'd love if you'd check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following too. LA adventures from a southern girl. Thanks love. xoxo


  4. Great post!! Omo, those keyhole earrings are adorable and so unique!! I follow Yasumi on her blog and was familiar that she had her own jewelry site...but only looked into it further after reading your post. Want! XD

    HIGH5 for being a lefty!! I am one too. hehe. And yes...parents with facebook is too awkward. :3 I have yet to still add my mom. lol.

    Congrats on reaching 100+ subscribers! You deserve plenty of more. ♡ :D

    Wang Lee Hom!!

    Wang Lee Hom!!

  5. Woah the earrings are seriously cool! I must check out her shop asap!

    Lol I swear too much too, but usually under my breath so no one really listens.

  6. I love Yasumi's jewelry - it's one of a kind, and made with love!

  7. great post hun! enjoyed much! and i laughed when i saw my photo with your cheesy paint artwork! you deserve to be followed hun!!! mmuaah!

  8. Oooh the earrings look super cool! I was tempted to get them, but I don't think I'm cool enough. T____T But it's totally AWESOME that you and Vicky have matching ones..and you'll be the only ones!!!

    Congrats again for achieving so many readers!

    And thanks for the tag!

    Whaaa? No kpop??? I din't know leehom is SO OLD!! I thought he was like the same age as us....

    Btw sorry will need to wait a while for sleek....I placed an order but they haven't even packed it yet and its been like 4 days already! =_=

  9. Yayyy earrings twin!! XD

    Envy you and your heels!!
    The only thing my dad knows about facebook is flicking through pics, we teach him nothing else haha.

    Congrats on 100 readers!! Totally deserved and here's to more and more readers to come! <3

  10. Hello gorgeous- congrats on the award, and thanks so much for the shout out. I have goosebumps right now, so excited :) Great to read those random thoughts about you, I actually identified with a lot of them, such as the loud laughing (i am actually loud at everything), the love for NSYNC (tearing up my heart was the sh*t, right?) and the unlady likeness with the swearing :) I love the earrings you got, see, stalking does pay off! And congrats on the 100 viewers, like other people have commented, you deserve plenty more!

  11. Those are indeed the cutest earrings ever!!! So cute :) u're so lucky!!!

    p/s: congrats on that award! u totally deserve it :)


  12. congrats on the 100 readers love



  13. Congrats on the blog award and reaching 100 followers. Those earrings are really cute and your pictures make me wish I had multiple piercings. The possibilities are endless. I love NSYNC. I feel like left handed people are smarter and more artistic!

  14. So cute - i love the packaging! They earrings are awesome too x

  15. Congrats on the award and snagging those earrings! They're really cute, and so unique :) And I love Wang Lee Hom. I didn't know he still wrote songs. I used to listen to his earlier albums when he was younger :D

  16. Those earrings are so cute! The packaging is awesome as well. So much effort for a small pair of earrings!

  17. Those look so cool on you and I lover the Alice vibe to them! Also, love how there are only 2 pairs too. ^^

  18. Congratulations on 100 followers and the award! You are doing a fantastic job and what was the giveaway that you are not into cutesy things??? Anyways, similar to you I will not wear flats, I do own sneakers because I will wear them if I have to go to the gym but everything I own has a heel :) This guy is pretty hott and he is over 30 and is aging well...haha I am 30 hopefully I am not too old for ya hahahaha!

  19. Hello, Oooo Thanks for the tag!

    I loved your random 10 facts because I can really really relate to some of them. My fav cutesy pose is the suck in your face and force dimples you don't have while bulging your eyes pose. That's the shit. I'm kidding I'm a hater because I'm not cute ;] lol.

  20. Thank you so much for the award! :D

    you've actually given me the opportunity to reveal some exciting news to you all ! :)

    & given me ideas for like 10 blog posts. hahah


  21. Love the earrings.. and how many piercings you have *Hi5* Congrats again on hitting 100+ followers ^^ Keep on blogging & I'll keep on reading! :D Ngaaaw, you're so sweet to mention me in your 10 chosen blogs <3 I swear too much for my own good too ^^;;

    P.s. Lee Hom is the shizz. That man ages well like Jay Chou <33

  22. Love the earrings. Very unique. And the packaging so adorable. I'm a huge sucker for cute packages. That was super nice about the shipping.

  23. omg the keyhole earrings are so cool, it reminds me of alice in wonderland when she was trying to get the keys into the keyhole!

  24. COngrats on 100+followers and cute earrings!

    Also, thank you so much for your lovely comments - it always brings out a smile on my face =) Thank you!

  25. AHH those earrings are SUPER pretty. I want a pair now! lol.

  26. How cute are those earrings! Omg dyou know I wanted to buy a necklace from her (it's the one with like a doorknob or key hole pendant), but it sold out so quickly!! Gahhhh!

    Hahaha you laugh loudly? I talk too loudly. Seriously, I'm so stereotypically Asian in that sense it's not even funny. I'm often embarassed at how loud I am, but I cannot seem to control my volume.

    Dude, my Mum has a FB acct and I didn't approve her adding me for the longest time until she confronted me. Whyyyy why do parents do that....
    And now she uses words like "omg" and "lol" -_-"

    It was fun learning more about you :D

  27. LOVE the keyhole earrings =D so unique and pretty~~

    congrats on the sunshine award and getting over 100 followers!!!

    I love laughing really loud too!!! lol haha #7 my mom... -_-' *sighhhh
    NSYNC <3

    OMG i know... most men age well, looking better and better with age...while we wrinkle and shrivel up >< wahhhhhhh

  28. Congrats on your 100 readers and the award!!

    I laugh really loud too!! LOL.

    I'm the opposite, most of the time I am in flats because I am clumsy and fall over in heels. Haha

  29. I love the earrings they're so cool!
    I completely agree with #8, small talk is so difficult and awkward
    Thank you for the tag ^-^
    and congrats on 100 followers, you definitely deserve it!

  30. Those keyhole earrings are just so cute! And congrats on the Sunshine award, and the 100th follower! And lol... high left five, I'm a leftie too haha ;p And lol... Yes, N'SYNC were the cutest guys when I was in HS/Early college years, see now, I'm old, fossil ugh >.<" And haha, I listen to Kpop, Mandapop, Jpop, all the time, and yeah, the men seem to have the ability to stop aging omg...


    A Single Girl's Musings

  31. Those earrings are super unique! I've never seen those before~ :3 I wonder if hey make those for senitive ears >W<

    Congrats for your 100th follower and the Sunshine Award! <3

  32. Congrats on the 100+ followers! Good to know we have some things in common (I'm a lefty, have been told I'm not very "ladylike" because I do swear and act like a tomboy at times, and I've been told I look unapproachable & that I should lay off on wearing eyeshadow T_T)

  33. Aww that is so nice! Those are beautiful earings~ I love jewelry that resembles keys!

    COngrats!! I love your blog and I know you will get many more followers ^_^



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