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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oh, the Joy of Swapping! + Award 。◕‿◕。

I just did my first swap ever with the lovely Evie of A Sidewalk Cafe. She's so sweet and I'm so happy to have met her! We had so much fun emailing each other about what makeup we liked & such. I've also gotten to know her a bit and it makes me truly appreciate blogging. I never thought I'd make friends on the internet! XD

I had a ton of fun picking out stuff for her to try. I think I had more fun than when I shop for myself. Never thought I'd say that did you? XP
Check out what I got her here!

Evie was way too generous and sent me a huge box all the way from Singapore. Her DIY box was quite uniquely put together and she taped it so well I had no idea how to open it gracefully. In the end, I just ripped it open lol.
The box was filled to the max with goodies ^o^

She was so thoughtful and wrote notes on everything she got me. I didn't even think to do that -_-
Here's the card (omg pop-up card yay!) she included, for all you nosy folks out there n_n

I saw her review on the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and have been wanting to try it forever. Bourjois isn't sold in the US anymore, for some odd reason. Evie picked this up for me and the color match is great! I love this foundation, it's very thin so it's easy to blend and it smells so good!
I use #51 Vanille Clair

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner!! Have been dying to try out but it's always sold out on Sasa. This is even LE packaging hehe you know me & my sick obsession with all things LE!

Some things from Daiso that she loves & got for me to try. The blush is so pretty!
I love nose packs. Ripping out all that gunk out of your nose is the most satisfying thing ever!

Hada Labo travel set! This is perfect since I am going to be going on a trip in a few days. It's like she can read my mind XD
Been wanting to try out Hada Labo for a long time, can't wait!

Koji Spring Heart Lashes 
I have a pair that I got a few years ago and loved them. The band is very flexible. If I can apply, so can you!

I swear this girl can read my mind. I love Majolica Majorca and Canmake products!!
She got me the Canmake Cream Cheek in #07 & the Majolica Majora Jeweling Eyes in SV887.

Skin79 Miniature BB Cream Set
I have the gold version and I really love it. Can't wait to try the other types.

Sunscreen...SPF 130! This will be the highest SPF I've ever tried hahaha

She also included 2 Etude House polishes for me try out.

She knows I am obsessed with sheet masks so she included a ton! I've never tried these MBD masks before. So excited (★^O^★)

Thank you for swapping with me Evie!!! Glad I "met" you and got to know you better through this swap!!
Will have reviews of everything as I use them ^_^


The lovely Erika, owner of Fashion Herbal Soup, gave me an award!! Erika always has amazing fashion sense and I always love her outfits. Check out her blog! Thank you so much for the award Erika!!

So here are the rules for this award:
  1. Thanks and link back to the person who awarded you
  2. Write 7 random things about yourself
  3. Spread the love to 15 other bloggers ;)

So...7 random things about me:
  1. I have the worst bird phobia ever, especially pigeons. If I see a pigeon like across the street, I'll start worrying that it will start coming near me and attack me. Or it'll fly so close to me I'll feel its feathers *shudders*
  2. I tend to talk really fast. People who don't know me well have trouble understanding me.
  3. I would like to live in a different country at some point in my life.
  4. My favorite TV show ever is Friends. Best! Show! Ever!
  5. I have always wanted to take an entire birthday cake and eat it all by myself. I would like to start in the middle and dig my way through with a fork. One of these birthdays...I will do it. 
  6. My favorite ice cream flavor is Baskin Robbins Cherries Jubilee. I have eaten that flavor since...my entire life.
  7. I am obsessed with 6-pack abs. Call me vain, but it is just a lovely site. P.S. I ♥ 2PM

    It's hard to just choose 15 bloggers, but here are 15 fab blogs that are a must read!!
    A Sidewalk Cafe
    Ahleessa 4 Realz
    The Dark Side of Beauty
    Vanity Fashionista 
    52 New Days
    But technically, I tag allll of you to do this because I am nosy & would like to read 7 random things about you!

    And with that I am off to Montreal on Thursday...at 3am T_T yay...hope you guys enjoy my random posts whilst I'm away!


    1. Wow~ There's so many nice goodies in your swap~ =D

      I have the same MM palette and I really like it.

      I also have the Bourjois foundation and it works really well for me. Glad the shade is a good colour match for you! =)

      LOL at #5! I would love to eat a whole cake to myself too! hahaha.

      Thank you for passing the award onto me babe~

    2. Haha...you always have great vids! This one got me all hot and bothered b/c those guys are so...yummy. @_@ Congrats on your award and thanks for the shout out! =D Pigeons *are* kinda scary. I'm always afraid that one will sh*t on my head one day...lol. Shh...I have never seen a full episode of "Friends". I <3 your swap package with Evie! She's a sweetheart. Everything you got is soo cute! *^_^*

      *hypnotizes you* You WILL eat chicken feet. ;P

    3. Wow so many goodies!! I want to try canmake cosmetics too :) Thanks for checking out my blog :)


    4. What a great swap! SPF 130 - Amazing!

    5. Wow so many things in your swap! So lucky ^__^. I'm french but I've never tried this Bourgois foundation, it seems to be great!

    6. Hi wow she gave you a lot of stuff! so sweet of her! Can't wait to be working and earning money to actually do a swap lol! I have that sunscreen but I didn't like the consistency of it btw thanks for the recommendation haha I feel flattered ^_^

    7. woww thanks for tagging me! XD will do it as soon as i can >.<
      Ahaha I did not notice the SPF until i try it! haha it attracted my attention as its tiny and I'm able to carry it around whenever i forgot to put sunscreen on my arms!

    8. What a lovely package of beauty products!

      I'm a big fan of Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation too! It glides on like silk...I got a sample pack of the MBD blooming beauty masks from Taipei and they are v lovely....

    9. Wow SUCH cool items! Have a fabulous trip to Montreal! :)

    10. Awesome swap!! You're gonna love that Daiso blush! I have the same and it's the best $2 I've ever spent.

    11. Wow, so many goodies ^-^. Please let us know how you like the Bourjois foundation and the Skin 79bb creams. I have been interested in the Bourjois foundation for the longest time:)

    12. That was a great idea. She got some amazing goodies. And everything is totally adorable.

      P.S. I have a slight bird phobia too.

    13. Wowww so much goodness in one post!And OMG is that a pop up card?!!! And the SPF!!! Wowwwww!

    14. That's an awesome swap! Oh I'd love to do a swap with you! :)

      Also it's nice to get to know you through your blog. I enjoy that it's not just beauty related :) It's all around, and I think I've told you that in a previous comment already, ha. I love your 7 facts! Thanks for tagging me :)

    15. You got so many awesome stuff! O:

    16. Hello SPF 130!! XD
      WOW WEE amazing swap with Evie, you both got each other some great stuff!

      Thank you for the tag too :)

      Oo have fun in Montreal! <3

    17. Wow you got so many goodies in your swap! I love the Majolica Majorca, Canmake, and face mask items :D And that's so sweet of her to include a little note on everything. And congrats on the award! Haha I hate pigeons too! Especially the ones in New York City - they'll fly right next to your head and aren't afraid to get close to people >.<

    18. Hi! Fellow fast talker here:) Congratulations on your blog award.

      Also, what a fantastic blog swap you did. You really got some neat stuff. Can't wait to see your reviews.


    19. Cute rilakkuma in tux. Nice swap.

      I'm ok with pigeons. It's the crows that I hate. They make so much noise.

    20. congrats on the award!!.. I love watching/reading swaps!! i really want do some and i finally got 2 girls to do a mini swap with me hahah.. that's how desperate i am!! LOL


    21. Thank you so Mich girl for an award. I will be sure to do a post on this to satisfy your curiosity..hehe.

      Whao...so many cute goodies. They look soooooo good. Isn't it nice to have met and made a friend through blogging. It does exist but very rare to find. You are lucky girly.

    22. What an awesome swap!!! I love every item she sent and I can't wait to see how you incorporate it! Congratulations on the award and for tagging me, it's me 3rd this month and also, have fun in Canada!

    23. your swap is amazing!!! there's so many goodies!! OMG the sunscreen protection is insaneeeeeee, have fun playing with everything!!!

      awwww thanks for the award!!! i LOVE friends <3 omg the birthday cake idea sounds like a lot of fun!!! hehe abs =] i love looking at them, but prefer a nice arm/ shoulder lol

      Have fun in Montreal~~~
      I hope you like Canada =D

    24. Wow great swap. You got some great products to try out. Love reading these tags and so glad you did this one. Omg my BF has an extreme phobia of birds too. Don't get me started on pigeons... They eat our garbage and get fatter and jigglier every day!
      Love Friends. I've watched it so much I start cracking up just anticipating the next joke.

    25. Friends is one of my favs tooo!! Congrats on the award! The mini BB creams in your swap are way too cute!

    26. congrats on the blog award and love your little haul!

    27. What a fantastic swap! So sweet of her to write little notes on each item. Can't wait to read reviews when you've used them

      Congratz on the award! And thanks for passing it on to me. I'll make a note to do it soon



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