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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Montreal, Eh?!

I am back from Montreal!! I am super tired and way behind on blog reading & commenting =_=

I had a great time and went to Queenie's wedding.
Wahhhh she's married!! Congrats my Ahjummaaaa!! ♥♥♥

So my flight on Thursday was at 6:15am...which meant I had to get there by 4:15am because I am paranoid & must always get to the airport early. This means I had to get up at like 1am to get ready...wtf is the point of sleeping? I tried to sleep at like 8pm but that obviously didn't work HAHA
So I went to the airport feeling like a zombie. I am fortunate no one tried to make small talk with me because I am positive I would've bit their head off. But some drunk Korean man tried to talk to me but then passed out...

So I had to transfer in Philadelphia and that connecting flight got delayed. *annoyed*
Then when I arrived in Montreal I found out my suitcase never made it because the genius workers at PHL unloaded it instead of transferring my bag to my connecting flight. *extremely pissed*
WTF If they lost my bag forever, wtf do I wear to the wedding? My makeup will be lost forever!! They told me they would overnight my bag & it'd be at my friend's house the next day. I was really doubting this T_T

Anyway...Queenie & C had been waiting at the airport since like 5:30pm & it was almost 8:30pm by the time I got out. Poor them! They even got me flowers & made me this sign HAHAHA
It is an inside joke so I am sure they got lots of "Wtf?" looks from random people.

After my dramatic arrival XD we went to eat. But it took Queenie forever to find her way out of the airport HAHAHA
We went to Dans La Bouche which apparently means "in the mouth" lol
They had no English menu so I just sat there like O_o
Errrrrthang's in French over there!!

We ordered poutine! My first time trying it. It's french fries, gravy, and a shitload of cheese. Delicious!

We ordered a pitcher of Sangria but it just tasted like fruit punch...I feel cheated >.>

My first meal in Montreal & what do I order? A burger!! HAHA But it was really good and kinda different from what I've eaten in the US. The damn restaurant was practically pitch black so I couldn't really make out what was in it -_-
I took this with flash & everyone in the restaurant turned to look at me ^o^

I stayed at C's place and felt so handicapped because my damn suitcase was missing!!! No computer, no skincare, no clothes, no makeup, NOTHING!! hahaha I was super pessimistic and positive I'd never see my stuff ever again.
But it got delivered the next morning. YAY!! \^o^/

So the next day, reunited with my belongings, C took me downtown. We went to this really chill restaurant, Marche 27, that served all types of tartare, which is just chopped up raw meat that's been seasoned.
I've never tried raw meat before so it was an interesting experience!
We ordered a sampler platter that had salmon, beef, duck, deer, & tuna.
The deer was super spicy. I liked the duck the best.

Iced coffee

After, we just roamed around downtown and walked like a million miles. I finally got to go to Holt Renfrew, a Canadian department store. But it was quite itty bitty. They did sell Shu Uemura there so I picked up a little somethin' something' since Shu Uemura's no longer sold in the US T_T  

For dinner we went to Holder, a French restaurant located in Old Montreal.
I ordered the Duck Confit, which tasted pretty good.

C & I split a bottle of wine. It tasted alright. =\
I took home the cork because I'm a lame tourist XD

Saturday was Queenie's wedding!!!
Super pink, so Queenie ^o^

They got married on 09-10-11 hehe
It looks the same when reading it upside down in roman numerals. Clever clever!

First dance!

And the rest of the pictures from the wedding...I cannot post HAHA
I had like 20 drinks too many and remember nothing. I woke up the next day and tried to piece together the night as if it was my own Hangover movie.
I am never mixing cognac and wine on the same night ever again.

The next day (Sunday)...C & I were lifeless =.=
We couldn't function and didn't eat anything all day. But since I was visiting, we couldn't just waste a whole day sitting at home doing nothing.
She took me to the Old Port...and we sat on a bench for quite awhile and just stared aimlessly.
HAHAHA no energy to do anything!

We just walked around (very slowly)

I bought some touristy things because my mom emailed me and requested hahaha
Anything that reminded me of alcohol made me want to gag throughout the whole day. This is the consequence of drinking. Don't drink, kids!

There's so many cute shops and restaurants in the side streets. But the damn brick roads made me almost twist my ankle a million times. I was wearing 4in wedge heels. -_-

We wandered around till it got dark, then decided to force ourselves to eat something. We went to an Italian restaurant & I ordered tortellini...bad idea. I ate like 1/4 of it then just stared at it HAHAHA no appetite! The server probably thought me & C were a couple of anorexics >.<

The streets look so pretty at night!

Some monument that's probably significant...I'm not really into touristy things when I travel lol

On Monday we were back to life! Before meeting Queenie & her husband for dinner, C & I went back downtown to shop a bit more.
We stopped by M Cafe for some coffee and macarons. The service here is lackluster. Our server was weird and couldn't multitask. He even split our bill wrong *fail*
We ordered 6 macarons to share. But they were not good. There wasn't much flavor to any of them & they were really hard.
Super expensive too! $2 each!

For dinner, we went to Leméac (you don't want to know how I butchered the pronunciation of this place HAHA)

I ordered the Roasted Duck Breast which came with sweet potato puree and dried cherry sauce. This was soooo yummy!!
Aju's husband paid for dinner, so nice! Thank youuuu (even though he'll never read this lmao)

I finally got to try Tim Hortons at the airport right before my flight! I've always wanted to go because Robin on How I Met Your Mother always talks about it ^o^
I thought it was junk food like McDonald's but it wasn't. It's actually healthier...at least it seems to be.

All my flights got delayed like a million hours and it took me like 13 hours to get home. I could've flown to Asia. How inefficient!


I didn't buy too much makeup wise. 

But I just couldn't resist when I came across the Inglot store!! The only one near(ish) to me is in the OC. I got a quad and picked out 4 eyeshadows. 

The quality is amazing! It took forever for me to decide. I got 2 matte shades & 2 shimmer shades.
They were having a sale so this was $39CAD .

At Holt's, I got the Shu Uemura Ultimate Expression Mascara. Been wanting to try this out forever! I hope it doesn't disappoint!

2PM CD!!! C's friend got this for me in Korea. I don't know why I buy the albums since I don't even use the CDs. I guess I'm just a hoarder XD

 Random touristy gifts for people.

How can I go to Canada and not get any maple stuff??

All in all a fun fun trip!!! Thanks Queenie & C for showing me a good time!! 
VIPs babyyyyy ヽ(^▽^)人(^▽^)人(^▽^)ノ

Omg super long post again. I talk way too much >.<


  1. Are those maple lollipops?! They're too cute!

  2. omg i LOVE shu uemura! definitely worth every penny!

    those fries look artery-clogging aka DELICIOUS!

  3. I am glad you had fun!
    I can't believe they forgot your suitcase! I would have been pissed as well. Thankfully, that has not happened to me yet.
    All the food looks delicious!
    And you further tempt me with the Inglot shadows! I have been wanting some for ages!

  4. Oh my goodness! Montreal looks lovely!! I visited Vancouver last spring and now...I want to visit Montreal too! Glad you had a great time at your friend's wedding! :D LOL. Oh you and drinking. keke. Well...at least you know how to par-tay. :P

    Great little haul you did there!! The shadows you picked out from INGLOTS looks purdy!! Review soon? ;] And ooh! The mascara too!

    HAHA. 2PM CD AND MAPLE THINGS! I like. ;] Glad to see you back! ♥

  5. All your pics look great!! Looks like you had a fab time in Montreal!

    I would have a mini panic attack if my luggage got lost. Even thinking about it freaks me out. I've always tried to carry my makeup essentials as carry on just incase. haha.

    The wedding looks lovely~ Congrats to your friend Queenie! The poutine looks soo good!!

    That's a really pretty Inglot palette~ Especially that golden orange shade~! Looking forward to an EOTD with the four colors =D

  6. Thanks youuuu for your sweeet comment : !!! I love your photos... espacially MACARONS ^^ ... I'd love to have you among my followers on bloglovin and blogger!



  7. whoaaa the touristy gifts are wayyy too cute! i dont think USA have anything that unique! lolll the lollipop is too cute!
    well if i were as good as you doing makeup, i would wear makeup all the time coz doing the makeup itself is soo fun and satisfying! lol

  8. What great pics - a great time! Thanks for showing all the food porn and the duty free haul too!

  9. So much food and so much fun! DH and I always go on and on about the great quality of life in Canada. I think I'd move there in a heart beat.
    Gorgeous photos and congrats to the newlyweds!

  10. Hi Dorothy,

    Congratulations to Queenie for getting married ^_^ I love the looks of the canadian maple lollipops! Are you gonna review the inglot palette? I've been wanting to get their palette haha but never got the chance to check it out :)

  11. It was a really beautiful wedding isn't it? ^_^. I'd like to go in this city someday. I won't have any problem with french ;p haha actually maybe, their accent is so different from France. Poutine is scary but everybody say it's delicious. And cute lolipops :)

  12. montreal is so much fun huh?! love your food pics! sorry to hear about your bag, if they lost it you can claim how much is in it (and round up of course) and with that you can buy NEW stuff ;) but hopefully it won't result in that and you will get your bag!

  13. Yes, macarons are terribly expensive! At least they look good ;D

    I like meat as much as the next person, but I doubt that I can eat raw meat. My stomach will most probably rebel haha! How was it like?

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your experiences with US Airways. Seriously they are messed up it's happened to me before and it's seriously a pain in the ass to lose your stuff.

    The wedding looks absolutely beautiful! The food also looks crazy good omg!

  15. Everything looked amazing! The food, the decor, the ev-er-y-thiiing!

  16. Yay Canada! Looks like you were in my neck of the woods (well, not really, i'm in toronto but at least we were both in the same country!) I'm glad that you got to see Holt's (our only version of Sak's or Nordstrom) and you enjoyed Tim Horton's- they have the best donuts and coffee! (even better then duncan donuts...maybe, right?) Glad that you had a great trip (losing luggage aside). Thanks for the post!

  17. WOWW i want your inglot palette and all your goodies..
    The wedding and all the food are amazing!!
    I'm sure you really had a great fun filled day hun
    Congratulations to Quennie!!
    Keep in touch hun!

  18. Looks like an amazing trip you had! Minus all the delayed flights :/ The wedding looked beautiful too! Congrats to the happy couple ^^~ please do an EOTD with your new Inglot palette! :3

  19. congratulations to your friend!
    looks like the wedding and your stay there was great!
    love all the food pics as well

    happy weekend

  20. Welcome back, girl! =D Looks like you had a really fun time! Gorgeous wedding. Sorry to hear about your luggage. I'm so glad to hear they delivered it! Haha...you must like duck a lot. Me too ;D

  21. "eh?" lol Glad you had a wonderful time in Montreal!!! I've never been there, but I definitely want to now more then ever, but the whole french thing >< lol too bad I wasn't paying attention in elementary school...

    everything you ate looks really good!!! except the tartare dish... not sure if i like raw meat... lol one day... one day =p

    Tim Hortons not all that exciting when you have all the yummy food in the US (omg commercials are KILLING me) but lovely haul =[ enjoy all the maple syrup!!!

  22. Welcome back and what an awesome trip! Montreal is gorgeous I hope to visit soon, a friend of mine is currently there working on her MBA! The city is so quaint and romantic, I'm in the mood to travel! I am impressed you actually made it out the next day with a hangover, it could be that I am old so when that happens it I need to be in a dark room and nevermind 4" heels! So glad the rest of the trip was awesome and your bag made it safely!

  23. OMG loveliest and sweetest blog post of the week I'd say :) congrats to the bride and groom :) Ur food pic, seriously made me hungry but I'd say the macarons are my fav hehehe, seems like u had lots of fun, thx for sharing such an interesting post!


  24. I've always thought that taking a trip to Canada would be very cool. Your friends veil was gorgeous (from what I can see from the blurry pic, lol!)
    I love tartare and your sampler looked amazing. Also liked those little maple treats.

  25. booo that they messed up your luggage! glad you had fun in montreal though - i've only been once when I was on an exchange program for my french class in high school (i'm from vancouver). I don't remember the poutine there but it's one of my faves here... there is even going to be a poutine festival here in november... all you can eat poutine! haha! anyway congratulations to queenie!

  26. O my.. Montreal looks like so much fun!
    I never visited Canada at all
    Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures :)


  27. what! how can they displace your luggage like that! luckily you got it back <3...Queenie & C are so sweet! the maple sweets looks so cute!

  28. All the food looks so tasty! I want to visit Canada one day! ^^

  29. Congrats to the happy couple. It's great that you got to travel for their wedding and that she has a blog as well. Those maple pops look great. I'm drooling all over the food food too. Did you guys meet over blogosphere? Her weddings looks beautiful.

  30. Love your pictures. Montreal isn't that far away from me and I miss it seeing your pictures. Omg it sucks to hear that the air line lost your luggage. My coworker flew with some US airline this week and she was also delayed and they lost her luggage too. What the hell is with that? Glad you got your stuff back though. Sounds like you had an amazing time. Poutine, Tim Hortons, and expensive retail stores, sounds about right when it comes to Canada lol. Real maple syrup and maple syrup candies! Yum.

  31. GAHHHHHHH omg back to work, back to internet!!! v.v i'll be living like the old world, no internet until oct.14, stupid tv/internet companyyyy!!

    why do you post so much??? i had to back track and only saw this Montreal post now!! T____T even with all the 'crap' that happened (almostlostluggage/drinkingoutofcontrol/unabletofunctionnextdayofwedding) i'm glad you had a good time!! teehee!

    i'll tell Long you "mentioned" him lmao he has no twitter, no blog, nada. *yawns*

    maknae, how do you manage to be so funny without even trying? i literally laugh out loud when i read your blog and always end up looking stupid..you make me get weird looks from ppl!! stop that!

    umm...ok *hugs* gtget back to werk and make some moolah so we VIPs can meet in 2012. lmao




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