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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Making My Way Up The Hill

Thank you everyone for such heartwarming comments in my last post. I truly appreciate all the support & advice. I wasn't sure if I should've posted something so personal but am kinda glad I did =]
And I just noticed that I am nearly at 100 followers. Holy shizzle, I didn't think I would have even 1 follower when I started this blog lol. Thank you all! And I think I'll do a giveaway when I hit 100!! *\^o^/*

So last night I went to Skates on the Bay for my birthday with a few friends. It's located in Berkeley, CA in the Marina. The restaurant is really cool because it is built right on the water. There are huge windows all around the restaurant to look into the Bay. Very beautiful! But it was super freakin foggy last night so it was difficult to really see anything.
I wouldn't recommend eating there if there's a tsunami warning or something hahaha >.>

We got a great table on the corner in the back of the restaurant and had an amazing view...of the dark fog lol & a few blinking lights from the boats once in awhile.

A bottle of my favorite champagne, Vueve Clicquot, to numb the painful reality that I am getting old T_T

Delicious bread!

For appetizer, we ordered the Warm Brie with Macadamia Nut Crust. It was really good, especially if you like brie. It's served with a side of orange blossom honey, which really complimented the brie. You spread it on crostinis to eat.

I ordered the French Onion soup. The only other place I've ever had French Onion was at Panera haha! This tasted a million times better. The thick layer of melted cheese encrusted over the top was freaking amazing.

For my entree I ordered the Seafood Étouffée. This was a rather large dish that had
Jumbo fresh Nova Scotia scallops, black tiger prawns, fresh mussels, clams, andouille sausage, braised greens, cheese grits
Everything was really fresh and the spicy sauce served on the side was soooo spicy but really delicious. This is a light but flavorful dish.

My friends made an effort to embarrass me and told our server it was my birthday. But I got a free creme brulee though!

Then we went to a bar in SF for a few drinkies. I hate clubs because I hate crowds & sweaty strangers bumping into me. I don't even like to dance hahaha so I requested (demanded) that we only go to bars. XD
I love this bar/restaurant. The decor was really chic & it wasn't too crowded.

They had really special drinks that I've never heard of before and used really interesting alcohol too. The bartender was really  nice...until he told me he thought I was 25. FML hahahaha usually people think I'm in the 'teens. I guess turning 23 changed that real quick!

Then we went to this terrace/bar place. But it was really sad since there was only a few people there, like a sad high school dance hahaha it was only like 3 floors up so the view wasn't all that great.


My makeup for the night!

I used the lashes that Evie so kindly sent to me in a swap that we did. I love them! So easy to apply that even I could do it XD

I always forget to use color liner so this time I used MUFE Aqua Eyes in 12L, which is a gorgeous metallic teal blue, on my lower lash line. This stuff will not budge, lasted me all night!

Kept the upper lid simple with a grey & navy blue smokey eye.


I painted my nails with OPI Russian Navy which I've had since forever ago, and topped it with Sephora by OPI Traffic Stopper Copper. I love this color combo!! The copper shines so bright against the navy blue. Shines like new pennies =D


Friendships can happen between anyone. ^_^

Have a great Labor Day!!


  1. Your eyemakeup is gorgeous! I love what you did to your lower lash line. It's so pretty!

  2. Aww man it's 1:34 am here and I'm super hungry after going through your post lol. Like the eye make up and love the nail combo. Looks like those dark mineral rocks with the gold specks in it.

  3. i can't wait for your giveaway and wow, the restaurant looks amazing! sooo fancy!!! your eyes are also done really well! looks so fab!!!

  4. Happy late birthday, sorry for the late wishes. It's great that you got to celebrate with friends. LOL I didn't know this place even existed (I'm local), thanks for reviewing it.

    French onion looks really amazing. Your makeup was very pretty for the special night. Love the manicure, reminds me of Halloween because of the orange glitter. ^^

  5. Happy birthday! Love the eyes and nails!

  6. *sniffs* That vid was so sweet. Happy B-day! :D Great to see you had a fun time celebrating. Everything looks sooo good esp that French onion soup! Your EOTD and NOTD is super pretty!!

    (Haha...we must be cafe twins :P)

  7. Such lovely photos!!! The food are making me hungry :) And your eyes are absolutely gorgeous!! ure great with makeup i must say :)


  8. Love the nails :)


  9. Sounds like you had a ton of fun on your bday =D except the stupid waiter bit lol all the food looks really good, my mouth is watering =p

    LOVE your eye make up, the little pop of metallic teal blue on the lower lash line is awesome!!!

  10. the food looks delicious..the eyes and nails are perfect <3


  11. i always love how you take eotd photos! :D so clear! the seafood dish you ordered looks yummy,kinda craving for it now after looking at the pics. happy birthday or belated! :) take care

  12. oh btw I just awarded ur blog this little award because you deserve it :), check out the link for more info, congrats! :)



  13. Love your eye make up!
    Look at those yummy food :3 so classy and I just want to eat them already L(

  14. Hi, thanks for telling me haha! I like your name, Dorothy, Happy Birthday!!! :) I'm glad you had a great time, I love seafood!! Hi-5! I still think you look young haha!

    I love that super cute video!! its so inspiring! :')

  15. Happy belated bday! Lovely makeup. Food looks amazing.


  16. Happy belated birthday hunnie!!! <3 Looks like you had a great one, the food looks delish *nom nom nom*

    Love your EOTD, MUFE 12L is soo pretty. Need to check my MUFE counter for it even though I know that it'll smudge on me boohoo

  17. Happy belated birthday..seemed like a fun night. Yummy looking food. Dramatic eyes, perfect for a girl night out.

  18. Happy Birthday doll! Your eye make-up looked absolutely gorgeous and what a delicious dinner! Don't worry about the 25 comment, I think it is actually good thing! I personally don't like getting carded at 30...just sayin ;)

  19. I love Skates and I love Clicquot. It looks like you had a fabulous birthday. Happy 23rd!


  20. Happy Birthday~

    Looks like you had a fine meal with great company~ That is so cute you got a free Creme Brulee~ Hehe!

    Your eye makeup is stunning. Fierce and sexy!

  21. beautiful eyes~ great work wif the lashes, i can neva be so delicate n perfect!

    xoxo elle
    ps: thanks for ya comment, i love ur blog!

  22. Happy (belated) birthday! your eye make up looks as gorgeous as ever! Love the teal eyeliner :O The food looks delish too~ Hungry again.. T_T;; also congrats on hitting almost 100 followers~ <3

  23. Wow, everything looks so yummy! And your nail polish looks amazing.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  24. Oh! Happy happy birthday!
    I am turning 22 this year and I do feel old too T_T
    But cheers to twenties! :)


  25. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope your still celebrating. Loving the eye makeup, lashes and nails.

    Yummy food always is the best to celebrate but the bottle of Vueve is the best topper.


  26. OMG, that combo of Russian Navy with Traffic Stopper Copper is too die for! I hadn't thought of pairing those two together, but now I'm going to do it TONIGHT!

    I'm really glad I just found your blog. We're now "following" & would love for you to visit our blog & do the same. Drop us a comment if you do!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  27. You have such pretty eyes and I love your makeup and nail polish. I so want that copper nail polish. The food looks delicious. Looks like such a lovely night.

  28. Everything looks delicious and I love the color combo on your nails. shiny and pretty...love it :)


  29. I think that if you continue to be real and do what your'e doing you're going to gain more readers and followers. :) You're doing great and don't feel like something is too personal. I mean if you start to feel you're not sure about writing about something you're better not to. It's nice to be sure about what you're writing. Now that you've seen all the support you're getting it makes you want to write much more :)

    Yay on your followers. Seriously I felt the same way about my site. I've been blogging for years and I personally didn't think my blog would impact anyone. I love your site and I love coming back to read up on your reviews, the food, and whatever else you write about.

    Btw, that dinner looks so fancy and lovely. I'd love to try eating on a boat. It looks so romantic! Happy belated birthday to you too! :)

    Loving the eye makeup btw. I feel like I could never get my eyeliner to look that dark or intense. :) It's appealing to anyone who has almond shaped eyes :)



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