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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Majolica Majorca, Canmake, and...Daiso?

I finally got around to swatching some of the things Evie sent me in a swap that we did. Now that I've taken pictures and swatched everything, I can finally start using them!
I hate taking pictures of products that I've already started using, OCD I suppose =\

Evie sent me a Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes palette in SV887.
Very pretty silver & pink palette.

I find that this palette reminds me of the Dior 5 Couleurs Designer Palette in Soft Pink Design that came out this Spring.
But for a smallll fraction of the price :D
Not an exact dupe but a good alternative if you're looking for a pink/grey palette.

This Dior palette is LE.
Ugh, now you know why I hate taking pictures of products after I've used them. Looks so gross & dirty!!

The MM palette is lovely!! Like most Japanese eye shadows, these are very shimmery, especially the white shimmer shade. I don't tend to use that if I use this palette during the day. It's a tad much lol

The shadows are soft & pigmented. The darkest shade has a tiny bit of fallout.
I really like that the pink is very subtle so I don't even up looking like a freaking doll when I wear this. I'm not a pink lover at all but this pink is very wearable =]

Evie also sent me 2 blushes!
Been dying to try out the Canmake Cream Cheek for a long time but just never got around to getting it.

She got me shade 07 Coral Orange. Perfect shade! Not too pink, not too orange :D

I also received this blush from...Daiso to try out. hehe I've never thought to buy makeup at Daiso. It's too cheap, I am always skeptical!!
But this is quite lovely!
And uhhh the package says this is beige...it's not beige...at all lol

The shade is a bit more coral than the Canmake Cream Cheek. Very pigmented surprisingly!! I think these are only ~$2 US and a decent size. Great deal!!

Both swatch easily. The Daiso blush can get a bit powdery but hey, it's $2 :O


I went to Ulta yesterday and saw these! I'm not a huge Halloween person, I just like eating the candy XD but maybe I'll dress up this year just so I can go crazy with the makeup & wear these!
I got these because I noticed that the band is clear & very thin. Perhaps I won't epic fail when I apply these!

Any of you have cool plans for Halloween? I just bought a bag of Kit Kats...for me, not for the bratty neighborhood kids XP


Today I was wonderfully surprised to receive a package from my dear Jian. Check out her blog, she's simply lovely ^_~ 
She sent me a belated birthday present, completely unnecessary. She's just nice like that, crazy right?! =P
You'll have to wait till next week to see what she got me ^o^

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I absolutely love the canmake cream blushes! They have amazing color payoff, but easily blendable and very cute on the cheeks ;D

  2. LOL your comment made me laugh! hahha. Well let me explain my reasons for being stalkerish first! lol
    There are bloggers from ALL over the world, so when I notice that someone could possibly be near where I live I get kinda excited. That's why I asked. xD


  3. My eyeshadow palettes end up looking like the Dior one too~ Haha. I love the MM palette. The shades go so well together.

    And both the Canmake and Daiso blushes are so pretty!

  4. That eyeshadow palette is really pretty--my kind of colors. I actually like pinks, silvers and blacks. I don't use cream blush but I do really like Canmake products and I've heard some great things about their cream blush.

    Can't wait to see what the lovely Jian sent you. She really is such a sweetheart.


  5. I think you'll like the Trick on Palette range from MM a bit more than Jeweling Eyes.. the texture is so much better comparatively!

    I used to be OCD like you, but sometimes I forget to take pictures before I dig in haha xD

    I have Coral Orange too, and it IS lovely~ Got into the whole cream blushes craze because of CO! Do you have any other cream blushes?

    I can never find the MultiCheek blush whenever I'm at Daiso.. I absolutely agree, one can never have too many blushes, especially when the price is so low!

  6. Super pretty! Love Canmake - and I'm also amazed by Daiso beauty products.

  7. waah, I'm absolutely in love with canmake cream cheek! its shade is my favorite one, peachy coralish <33

  8. i saw those 2 US blush in Daiso and not sure if I should get it,now i do :D

    So nice of Jian to send you a present ^^

  9. I know what you mean about taking photos & swatching used products .. it just doesn't feel right! I love the pigmentation of the canmake cream blush! I need to get my hands on one of those ^^~ Haha, kit kats ftw! If you do dress up, please do a EOTD :D Can't wait to see what you got next week~ the suspense is already killing me XD

  10. Your goodies are lovely. I especially like the eyeshadow pallette, super shimmery and those shades are just sweet. Boy I need to be strong and resist an urge to buy!

    You should def dress up for Halloween. I am so looking forward to it because it is the only occasion to wear some unusal and more intense makeup. Just can't wait.

  11. Yay for Asian makeup! I usually grab lashes from Daiso. I haven't really thought much about their makeup! I might investigate their nail polish soon! They just re-opened a Daiso right near my place. They made it super nice!

  12. I've been wanting to try out Canmake blush and Majolica Majorca... but hate to buy stuff online! That blush looks absolutely gorgeous! And I can't wait to see what new HK item you have!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  13. Awesome swap package. The MM palette looks smokey and versatile. Ohh I those Canmake Cream Cheek blushes are so cute, I want them every time I see them on a blog but I never wear blush anymore due to cheek acne sadly. Still the color looks perfect like you said.

    I'm a big Halloween person too but I think it's the decorations and candy that do it for me. LOL So cheap but I love the after Halloween or close to Halloween candy sales. Stock up for finals fuel.

  14. I am excited to see the rest of the swap! I like the eyeshadow palette she sends you and no it is not ick if you photo things you've used! So glad to put your anxious mind at ease with the scarf turned into skirt..I know you just lots nights or rest wondering about it! lol! Have a great weekend...

  15. halloween is candy time! nom!
    great post..


  16. OMG I'm glad you posted this after I sent my brother the email with all the stuff I wanted in it. Otherwise him and my parents would be like..'wtf is wrong with this girl?! why does she want so much makeup?!'

    Maybe I should've asked for another MJ palette! I only have one and they're all shades of pink and purple. Not very flattering tbh. But the one you got is super pretty!!!

    OMG those lashes look so fun! Hope you show us if you do a halloween look. I have never dressed up for halloween in my life. Actually I lie, I have once. It was a bit pathetic though - I wasn't going until the last minute, so I just painted my face an unconvincing shade of white lol!

  17. The MM palette looks lovely~ Oh and those lashes!!! You should post a picture when you where them! xx

  18. LOL at kitkats not for those bratty kids! hehehe
    I dont dare to wear daiso blush too, my skin is soo sensitive, even though it looks so pretty in your photo!!

  19. You got such nice things in your swap! I want to try one of the MM palettes too..honestly I think it's the pretty packaging that really lures me in though :P The blushes all look very pretty. I just recently bought a Canmake cream blush but haven't tried it yet. And I can't wait to see what your friend got you for your bday!

  20. I've swatched a couple MM palettes in HK but none of the color combos really appealed to me... but now I keep seeing blogger swatches of MM palettes that DO appeal XD FAILLL

    OMG i'm like that too, it drives me nuts taking pics of used products!!! but sometimes I forget or get too excited about a product and start touching it with my fingers =[

    the spidery lashes are wicked!!! definitely share is you wear them =] and HAHA kit kats, lol i usually do that too. love halloween candy <3

  21. Omg all of this! I sometimes buy my makeup at Daiso any you get good makeup at affordable prices :)

    Love the lashes! For Halloween I'm not used to dress up neither but maybe I'll try to this year :D especially now that I'm in love with makeup!


  22. yay! super pretty!! love your stuff..
    the canmake cream blushes looks awesome !!
    i'm in love with blushes, hope i can try these babies.

    haven't tried anything from majorlica, coz i'm not sure if i'll like them.. hope i can get some of their stuff.
    everybody is talking about MM.. i am convinced now. heheh

  23. Omg Daiso blush?! I need to try one of these fast! The pigmentation is awesome! hahaha I always forget to take photos when I first buy something or before I eat something, Im much better at it now but I still get a bit shy sometimes when I take photos of my food =P Though my bf always just tells me to take my time hahaha

    Omg I remember when the PS1 came out everyone was going crazy over it! I never got it since it was too expensive at the time but I got hte ps2 when it came out LOL I really REALLY hate Play Stations. I mean all of them! I think they are just so hard to use! I love Wii and Xbox, so much easier imo! I hope you find a game you enjoy playing, it really eases stress sometimes hahaha

  24. those are all wonderful items! :D the blushes also look super pretty! :3

  25. Ahhh the MM palette looks great! I've seen a couple of sellers on E-bay selling this sort, but I'm a bit skeptical ordering these for I haven't read a review about it yet (too lazy to search lolz). And just like you, I hate taking photos of stuff I've already used up, it completely ruins the whole look >.< And lol... another hello kitty gahhh cuteness galore! I know you're not into cutesy stuff, but girl, this is just kawaii.

    And lol... you asked how old I was... umm let's put it this way, I'm as old as HK (gasp!) so ya see... that post about Kyuhyun was a total ahjumma moment LOL!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  26. Hi! Dorothy omg that majolica majorca one is soo pretty, but I always never get anything from them even after seeing them around for years at Sasa and watsons :( soo expensive! but I love their packaging ! :D I have their gold mirror for compact re fillers but I only got the mirror haha!

    your friend is so nice btw xD

  27. Waow.. Your friend is super sweet!
    Loving all the pinkish!


  28. LOL, I'm skeptical about the cheap makeup at Daiso too.I buy everything else except makeup from there. Well, maybe just the makeup corrector. The blush came out really nice! :D I like the subtleness in the coral peachy color, but definitely NOT beige. Thanks for sharing! :) && I think it would be kinda cool to try those lashes for a fun little crazy makeover project. If you do, be sure to post pics! ^_____^

    P.S -- I have a giveaway going on right now, I hope you'll join! :) If not, it's okay too! Just wanted to spread the word. <3

    Take care, love!!!

  29. they look like great products!



  30. Pretty colors! I like your blog!
    Maybe we can follow each other?

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  31. Recently I'm really dying to try a cream textured blush and this canmake one looks like the perfect shade. I wish they sold it in stores here, I know I can ask my mum to get it and send it over but thats troublesome. May browse online hehe. Thanks for the swatches! x

  32. The Daiso blush looks heavenly!

  33. ohh what a a nice swap! I think I like Canmake cream blushes a lot... really good quality fort the price tag! Enjoy :D

  34. I love the false eyelashes and rimmel lipstick ..Enjoy ur make up :) and stay pretty

  35. This cream blush colour is amazing !!

    xxx Vee



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