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Monday, September 26, 2011

Dior Fangirling

I am a true sucker for packaging. Packaging designers (I'm sure they have a much fancier job title) make their products pretty just to trick suckers like me into buying them. Stick the words "limited edition" and I'll need no further convincing to purchase.

Dior sure knows how to make my stone cold heart flutter. Sephora sent me an email a few weeks ago announcing the release of the limited edition Dior Style Empress Collection.  I am addicted to eyeshadows if you haven't realized. It's pretty bad -_- but not bad enough for rehab I hope!

The Mitzah Panther Eyeshadow caught my eye first, but even I know I can't spend $90 on a palette. I know my limits, that's a good sign, right?
But, damn this is seriously awesome.

Then I saw the 5 Couleurs Mitzah Eyeshadow Palette and knew I had to buy it. I went to Sephora to swatch it first. I freaked and grabbed it immediately, especially since they only had 2 left. 
Maybe they only leave out 1 or 2 on purpose so crazies like me will freak out & buy without hesitating anymore >.>

I got a Sephora gift card for my birthday so I didn't feel too guilty about spending $60 on it hehe. I love that the box is black & gold instead of the usual navy blue box. Makes me feel special ^o^
And did you notice that the inside of the pouch is leopard print?!

If I'm gonna drop this much money on a palette, the colors better be wearable...like all day errrrday! I'm really glad that the colors in this palette are very neutral but still quite unique. I don't really have any colors similar to the ones in this palette.

So I guess I spent too much time just staring at how cool this palette is & forgot to do swatches. But I've read like a million blog reviews on this and lots of much better bloggers actually remembered to swatch lol so just google!

The imprint is also different form the usual Dior palettes. It's a leopard (panther?) print on it this time.

And it comes with instructions.

I did a look using the 3 diagonal shades from the top left shade down to the bottom right shade.

I started using the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara since my Fairy Drops ran out. It definitely doesn't volumize as well but lengthens a lot better than Fairy Drops. I just hate the fibers since they get into my eyes when I apply.

A lot of people swear by this mascara but I still prefer Fairy Drops!

The Mitzah palette is very wearable and can easily go from day to night.

The shade on the first 1/2 of my lid is the middle shade with the CD imprint. It's actually a lot more caramel in real life & very different! I didn't think that shade would show up on my skin but it actual made the look very interesting.

So...I just realized my EOTDs all just look the same =_= 
I always do my makeup the same way since with my Asian eyes, trying to get too crazy with eyeshadow just ends up making me look like a clown. A makeover at MAC in high school proved this fact. 
Sorry for lack of creativity!

I think this palette worth getting, not just because it's LE but also because you'll get a lot of use out of it. I'm not one of those people who buy LE things just to look at hahaha! My fingers itch & I just have to use it XD.


Just as I was in line to pay for the Mitzah palette, the ever so tempting Sephora by OPI nail polish display was right next to me. Wild About Shimmer from the Safar Luxe Collection immediately caught my eye. It's a champagne gold shimmer. I thought it'd look great over some of my polishes & give it a slight duochrome look. 

I ended up painting this over OPI Barefoot in Barcelona. 

The glitters are very fine & applies very evenly but sheer so the base color still shows up quite well. I went kind of crazy layering this over so many of my polishes :O


Damn they're hot! I don't understand the video though...but I think their "dirty" makeup is actually really pretty haha

Omg Monday again! 
Can you believe Christmas is in 3 months?! I'm about to get really annoying & corny with all the holiday cheer that's about to roll around. Be prepared errrrbody! I am holiday obsessed!


  1. I loveeeeee your EOTD's! Your photos are so crisp and clear! The Mitzah palette looks really pretty on your eyes. :)

  2. Such a chic, Parisienne look! love it!

  3. Gorgeous!!! I almost never hesitate to purchase LE eyeshadows especially if they are in a neutral combination. I know I'll get a lot of use out of them.

    Is the MM mascara hard to remove? Read so many reviews about it and I want to use mine but not if I'll go bald trying to tug them out.

    Btw, which eyeliner are you using?

  4. I like your opening paragraph. AHAH. I am the same. Pretty packaging seals the deal!

    *squeals* Leopard print on the inside and the imprint on the eye shadows!

    And also! Can you please tell me which make up remover you use? You wrote on my blog that you use this oil remover which turns milk when wet? That's super cool!

  5. love your eotds! lol gotta agree with the asian eyes, XD but i think your eyes are very pretty,so diff from those monolids(like me sigh)

  6. Love your EOTD! It doesn't look the same -____-" OMFG. I want a Sephora in NZ already.. it'd cause hell on earth for my wallet though.. but omgg!! i saw that update about Dior's limited palette a while back.. i want it >__<" *sucker sucker sucker*

  7. I totally understand your obsession with packaging *__* lol. Wow you make me want to buy this palette, your make up is so beautiful!

  8. Don't worry, I also couldn't ever bring myself to spend $90 on a palette. xD

    But the quint you got is gorgeous!

    I lke the way you do your eye makeup! I do all of mine the same way too, but I actually think yours looks better than mine.

    I use MM Lash expander plus but my lashes don't look as long as yours, yours are probably longer to start with though. I have teeny eyes, and teeny eyes = teeny lashes.

    I think the next mascara I need to get will be fairy drops. I've heard so many good things about it! :)

  9. I really love this post, cuz errr... I can totally relate to this hahaha! Anything LE is like a no-brainer for me, I just have to buy em! Rawr! hahaha And it's great the colours of this palette is wearable everyday. And they look so much more interesting when you put them on, love the brown/gold hues.

    And ahhhh your kpop vid, B.E.G.! Dang, these gurls are one of my faves! They're more matured than most kpop female groups, and boy how I love their make-up haha :D


    A Single Girl's Musings

  10. Goood! That dior palette is amazing! Been looking at it with dreamy eyes ALOT at work but i don't have the money :(
    But the colors looks amazing on you. It's so pretty!

  11. i love your EOTDs.. your photos are amazing!!
    i'm such a fan ^^

  12. I love how it turns out ! Your eyes looks amazing :)


  13. You must give me a one on one lesson how to draw an awesome line on your lids, girl! Always precise every post.

    That pallette sure is lovely but the price is scary. I am sure it is wonderful.

  14. Hahahahah! My eye looks are also all exactly the same xD there's not much one can change in every day looks really.
    I'm still lemming that Mitzah palette but it's $90 and I still have no idea wot it actually does!!

  15. don't worry about the price. i think the palette is worth it and your eotd is really very pretty! :)as long as you're happy with your purchase it's worth what you paid for. :D

  16. loving your blog~

    I will now follow!


  17. I am not a fan of MM mascaras, they are a pain to remove! I like Fairy Drops too:) My HG so far!...Your nail combo is really pretty!

  18. You always do your eye makeup so well, it looks professional (i'm sure that i've said that in other eye makeup posts but it's true). $60 isn't that bad to spend on eyeshadows, i'm sure that i've dropped more on concealer (actually, yes i did, the cle de peau one). And, did you have to bring up Xmas? I'm having an anxiety attack right now thinking of all the transformers I'm post!

  19. Looks like you and Wii are becoming good blog buddies :D That dior palette is gorgeous! The two things we learned in graduate is school is that if anything is limited edition or rare, people will pay a premium and will want to purchase it so I am not surprised you wanted it! Plus it is gorgeous so I am glad you got it!

  20. Gah! The palette looks so lovely!!! I hope to have enough...courage...to spend on a Dior palette. Every time I see them at Sephora, I just "stop and stare~" lol. -sigh-

    I love your neutral eye looks!! ^^

    And dang~ BEG looking good! The song is quite catchy.

  21. I would definitely get my hands on that leopard print palette too, it's just too gorgeous to be resisted!! hehe
    great looks on ur eyes, gorgeous!


  22. That panther palette is almost too cute to use! I had that problem with a limited edition chanel palette from waaaaay back. Could never bring myself to use it.


  23. Omg I want a special review on the Panther e/s!! looks like you had an awesome purchase day :D indeed people use so many marketing techniques to make you buy anything! I love your eyes :)


  24. Oh Dior Empress Collection just sounds cool and high end. The embossing on the palette is so pretty. The NOTD is very pretty. I need a fine shimmer top coat.

  25. *prepares for your holiday posts* ;)

    I can be a sucker for nice packaging and anything LE too...hehe. This palette is beyond gorgeous! Your pretty EOTD says it all =D Really love the fun imprint on it too. I want to say that I've tried the Majo mascara but I can't remember so I guess it wasn't very memorable...lol. Still haven't tried Fairy Drops yet! Love your nails XD

  26. Eeep! The palette is so pretty! I just dished out some money for a YSL LE palette,and I really should buy any more stuff! But it is really great!

  27. love love how you blend! such pretty pictures! I love!

  28. love the dior palette! i love earth tones when it comes to eyeshadows!

  29. yaaa $90 on a palette is STEEP! I'd rather spend a few more dollars on a pair of shoes. love the pics of yourself though :D

  30. Wow that eyeshadow is such pretty packaging (and looks gorgeous on your beautiful eyes!)

  31. I love that palette and I especially love the leopard insides of the pouch!

    I've been a fan of Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus for a while but lately I've stopped using it because of how the fiber makes me lashes look super unnatural! I have yet to try Fairy Drops but I've heard such great things about it that I'm pretty sure I'll go and check it out soon!

    Great blog!

  32. the dior palette is gorgeous =D *swooon*
    YAY for "self control"/ "limits" haha

    love your EOTDs, your eyes are so freaking pretty!!! damn youuuu =[ lol the colors are always so nice applied =] omg MAC.... they really suck at applying eye make up on asians ><

    BEG <3 LOVE the video~~~~ and the make up/ clothes!!! =D

  33. I love your eyecolor and the way you apply liner. It's also so black and true to it's color. I LOVEE IT.

  34. I think I need like 5 chairs...lol! XD

  35. love the way you did your makeup and that first pic is pretty awesome...love the leopard.


  36. I just love how you apply eye make up. It's beautiful! I'm hopeless at it. Would you consider a step by step tutorial?




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