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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Designer Nails, Yo!

Okay, so I'm a brand whore. I fully admit it!
But I'm not decked out in designer monograms from head to toe or anything. Mainly because I can't afford it LOL & also because I'm not a Jersey Shore cast member.
I just appreciate designer goods, they're just so shiny! Everything in moderation :D

So when KKcenterHK offered to send me some nail stickers to try out and review, of course I picked the LV monogrammed ones. I am cheesy like that. When else am I ever gonna get to have Louis Vuitton nails?!

So I picked out No. 108 and they come with 16 stickers of various sizes.

So I have pretty tiny nail beds but was surprisingly able to find sizes that matched my nail size pretty well. I like that they give you a good choice of sizes.

These are similar to the ones Sally Hansen sells I believe. But I've never tried the Sally Hansen ones. From the tutorials I've watched, I think the Sally Hansen stickers are much thinner & easier to apply.

These foil stickers a bit too thick & hard to adhere to my nail beds. This might also be because my nails are pretty curved. So there's a few creases at the tip. =[

I was surprised that the LV pattern isn't so obvious. It actually looks pretty cool because the foils are so shiny & metallic. Too bad they are too difficult to apply.

I think it will actually look very cool if I put the sticker on just my ring finger & painted the rest of my nails a gold color.

I don't think these last very long though. I had these on for about a half of day and after washing my hands a few times, the edges started to peel.
I believe these are for temporary use, like to a party or something. Even though the packaging states that these last "11 days"...why 11 & not 10?? I don't know. These definitely do not last 11 days! Maybe 11 hours...

As you can see, I failed miserably at applying these. T_T I wonder if the Sally Hansen ones end up creased like this at the tips.

So these nail stickers didn't really work for me. The stickers are too thick & don't adhere well on nails that are more curved like mine.

Regardless, I still really like the cheesy LV monogram on these though!


  1. Oh my goodness, this is sooo cool! Your nails look expensive! Haha XD

  2. The last two nails dont look too bad :D I've heard these nail stickers are super hard to apply (like cutting and fitting them to people's nail shapes etc) perfectly :/ At last you got to try them! :D definitely would give them a shot for a party if they were easier to use.. how long did they take to apply?

  3. LOL at "because I'm not a Jersey Shore cast member"! XD Whoa...these are nice and bright. I'm surprised also that the LV pattern isn't obvious. Probably not a bad thing though. I'm klutzy so I'm sure these would last 11 MINUTES on me. T_T

    (3 days in a row? Wow, you are hardcore! :)

  4. Thanks for the honest reviews and demonstrative pictures. The pinkie and ring finger look perfect. I don't think I should get stickers because I'll definitely apply them poorly. XD

  5. wow, your nails looks like gold~!! So pretty and shiny :D
    thanks for visited me, im following you from now~ :*

  6. I didn't even notice the LV pattern, at first I thought it was a polka dot pattern ^^
    I love the metallic look, it's a shame they don't last very long ^^

  7. AHAH 'and because I'm not a Jersey Shore cast member!'

    Your nails look so bling!

  8. They definitely look cool. Too bad about the creases :)


  9. Wow beautiful!! I like your blog!
    Maybe we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  10. It's so cool and very convenient! I like it!

  11. thats shiny,too bad it didn't work well. i think the sally hansen ones are better but thats just from reading it on blogs XD

  12. this is pretty awesome! yeah it is a little on the cheesy side but I really like them! Sorry to hear they're a bit thick and don't adhere well but come on...lv nails? that is too fab!

  13. Those are really awesome! do they come in silver?!

    btw girly, I awarded you on my bloggy!!

  14. I haven't tried putting on nail stickers, I'm a noob at all self-beautification haha but These are cool though, and yah, monograms on the nails are way too cool to pass up hehe

    stopped by your blog via Bessie's introduction, and I must say, I like your blog. Following you now, hope you can check mine out!


    A Single Girl's Musings

  15. I've never tried those before.
    But I think that would be a good idea to paint all your nails gold and then just use it on your ring finger. & then this way the pack would last a lot longer than a day.

    & oh PS - my 10 facts are up! ;)


  16. Hi Dorothy, I've actually never tried those stickers before haha!! they look pretty cool, minus the wrinkles :) I saw your post on the hello kitty brush roll omg Im so jealous lol! now I want it too xD

  17. Do you know what these remind me of? PARK BOM'S LV BAG! I think it's LV anyway,..just from eyeballing it a few times on 2ne1tv... xD

    I loooove them too! Its a real shame that they creased! Plus I can't justify spending so much on like one application! I saw them when I went to sephora, and I was like I am not spending like can't remember how many bucks on that!!!! ... xD

    I also like designer things. I'm not head to toe either though by any means! But I think that having an expensive bag and purse and accesories makes you lOOK expensive, even if you're wearing like H&M or something other than that! Pity I can't afford the expensive bags xD

  18. Hi, now who wouldn't love a cheesy LV print on their nails? I have to admit that those are pretty cool, plus, you don't have to wait for your nails to dry. I really like your honest review though. Let us know if you ever try the Sally Hansen one's, 'kay?

  19. I've seen so many nail sticker reviews but none of them had mind blowing results... but your ring and pinky fingers turned out great!!! HAHA 11hrs =] nonetheless having LV nails is pretty darn cool ~

  20. Haha I like the cheesy monogram. I think it isn't very noticeable, so it's easy to wear them out. I have some of the Sally Hansen strips but haven't tried them myself yet. I've seen others' reviews though and they said it creases at the tip for them too.

  21. These are pretty cool!! I use the Sally Hansen ones all of the time & they don't crease at all, they are wonderful! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I'd love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like!


  22. Wow this is beautiful! Too bad it doesn't last that long :P


  23. These do look really cool... despite how long they lasted.


  24. OHMYGOODDDDNESSS! waaah lovely!! i want hahah i'm huge fanatic of LV! haha lovelovely!

  25. I love your blog it's so cute
    i hope you visit my site!
    The nails are really amazing

  26. Love this! Too bad its kinda difficult to stick them on..

  27. Thank you for the honest review - they look a lot more subtle than I thought they would, I agree that it would look best on one nail and the rest gold - try the Sally Hansens, they are much easier IMO! :)

  28. I know- figs are awesome but tongue stings when you eat too much!
    Nice nails! gotta try someday! i love this color, it is gorgeous

    !visit me if you have time :D

  29. lovely post¡¡¡ great pics :D

    i love your blog :D kisses from Mexico...

  30. WOW, totally designer! I love your gold foil nails! GORGEOUS!

  31. We're both self proclaimed brand whores! hahaha but yes, I agree to moderation! =D Those stickers look pretty but what a shame that they're so hard to apply, in fact I never tried the sally hansen ones because Im just way too lazy and it seems easier to just paint my nails a solid colour and Im not too crazy with the patterns they offer too, I miss my gel nails like crazy! Though I remind myself Im saving at least 1200$ a year by NOT getting them done =(

  32. Those are so hard to apply! I've failed over and over. lol

  33. it looks like pure gold on your nails !! I tried nail stickers aswell but the tips always end up messy when I cut it =/

    xxx Vee



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