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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Over The Place

Super random post today!

Have you noticed I haven't bought any clothing in quite a long time? Ok, for me "quite a long time" is like almost a month XD

Last weekend, there were pretty big sales at most of the stores I usually shop at.
I stopped by the Gap and they had an additional 50% off all sale items! That's a pretty good deal. But I didn't want to buy a bunch of stuff I wasn't super interested in.
I am shocked by my level of self control these days HAHA

I only got this faux wrap dress. It's a thick jersey material so it's super comfortable! The ruching at the front hides everything :O
I think it runs a bit big becuase an XS on me was not as form-fitting as wrap dresses usually are.

It's still available on the site. I got this for only $25 after the additional 50% off. Woot! *\^o^/*

Banana Republic also had an additional 35% off all sale items at their stores.

I got this crochet/lace boat neck top. I love the length of the sleeves.

Not available online anymore =[
I got this for around $19 after discounts.

Closer shot at the details

Also picked up this sparkly tank. I really like how there's a layer to tulle over the sequins so it's not blindingly sparkly.

I got this for about $15.

There's a ton of great sales at so many stores these days since we are heading into Fall & stores are trying to get rid of their Summer stuff.

And I noticed that all the stuff I bought is black...ok the tank was a dark grey. Oh well...dark clothes just match easier!


Even though I live in California & it rarely rains or gets cold enough to require boot wearing, I am still obsessed with boots. I buy a pair like every winter XD

I am currently obsessing over these Tory Burch Blair Leather Boots
Except...they are $525 T_T
I am still deciding if they are really worth the investment.
I saw them at Nordstrom & can't stop thinking about them! 
Perhaps when the FF rolls around at all the department stores I will reconsider! I am Asian, I never buy anything at full price. It makes my heart bleed :O

But oh my lord are they beautiful!


Last weekend I also went to Mitsuwa, a huge Japanese supermarket located in San Jose, CA to pick up some matcha powder. If you live nearby, you must check out this place! The ramen they sell there is so good. And the shopping center also has lots of restaurants & bakeries.

With the intention of buying matcha powder, I also left the store with these...

That's not even all of it. =_=
Not all my fault, my mom is just as obsessed with snacking as I am! I think we only bought snacks on this trip.
My kitchen usually consists of fruit & snacks LOL 

But these are my favorite! I always buy the chocolate ones but this time I saw the strawberry ones. I prefer chocolate though.

Mitsuwa has a huge beauty section that sells a lot of Japanese makeup, skincare, haircare, etc. But it's pretty overpriced so I don't usually buy from there. 
I did pick up the Essential Nuance Airy Shampoo & Treatment to try out.

Wtf does "nuance airy" mean?? I am guessing it is volumizing lol

It smells soooo good! Like peach candy :O
I don't notice any substantial volume after using this but it makes my hair very soft & shiny. 


I bought the matcha powder because I wanted to attempt making Matcha Angel Food Cake. I used the recipe I found on Faye's blog. She's such an amaaazing cook. Her blog always makes me drool XP

So I was way too lazy to slice the cake in half & add filling lol. It tasted ok, but there wasn't as strong of a green tea taste as I would've liked. I put hella matcha powder in it too! 
Maybe I should've bought the more expensive matcha powder lol


After Mitsuwa, I took my mom to The Face Shop and saw this.
Gave me a good chuckle. If you've watched the kdrama Boys Over Flowers you'll recognize him. 
My first reaction was "Ji Hoo Sunbae!" hahahaha

Then I bought deokbokki to eat because I have been thinking about it forever ^o^
It was good but overpriced...because when I went to Seoul, it cost me like $2. This cost me $6 >.>


Yumeko was kind enough to help me get some stuff from Japan & it arrived today! 
She included so many samples & a really cute blush in the package.

I am most excited to try out these Hello Kitty cookie cutters! Will attempt to make cookies this weekend :D

Thanks for the package Yumeko!! ♥


I love Adele! Her voice is so powerful. You can really connect with her emotions when she's singing.

I always love her makeup too! Her eyeliner is always impeccable. Check out this tutorial by Pixiwoo. Love their tutorials & their accents lol!

Why are my posts always so insanely long? If you've even stuck around long enough to read till here then...a virtual gold star for you!


  1. Whew! All of this LOL I love the clothes! :D all so black ♥
    Btw I awarded your blog! check it out!

  2. Oooh, dang...you make me want to check out some of those great sales! Love the black dress!! Gah, sales...WEAKNESS! Ooh! And those TB boots are CUTE! Expensive...but CUTE! lol. And I know...it hurts to buy things not on sale. D:

    JAPANESE SNACKS! Another one of my weaknesses! Those Veggie heart chips are one of my favorites to snack on! So yummyyyyy~ wah.

    I've tried the pink Essential line and it worked pretty well for me...I think. XD It's been a while.

    Omo...that cake looks delicious!! And lol..Hyun Joong! I saw him a lot at the LA Face Shop location too. XD

    Aw, what a lovely package from Yumeko! ^^ Take pics of your HK cookies!

  3. An outstanding shopping adventure and haul(s)!!

    Love the HK!

  4. Those Hello Kitty cookie cutters are so adorable! Please share pictures of your cookies when you make them.



    I like your insanely long posts though, I have no idea what's coming so it's like something exciting each time :P

    Omg...you remind me I want to go clothes shopping. I dress so unfashionably, especially in the winter. I'm a very practical person! So I never wear little jackets or things that look pretty but aren't warm. =_=

    I do love that vest though!! And..the boots..omg..the price tag! >< *faints*

    All the stuff you bought from the j-mart!!! :O I wish I had one near me, but I really don't. If I want to buy Japanese things, I need to head to London.

    And who said you can't cook!! that cake looks delicious! I found that too actually once I tried to bake a matcha cake and poured like LOADS of matcha in..but it still didn't taste like matcha...(and matcha's not cheap either...)

    I love dd...can't spell it rice cakes! $6 is pretty steep though....

    Btw, don't hurry out to buy any rimmel lippies. XD I have sent you one! :P

  6. anything lace, i lurve it ^^

    xoxo elle

  7. You got some great deals on clothes girl. Well, you def had a great level of self control, it can be hard not to get carried away with the word "sale". You passed the test!

    I love Asian snacks, I always pick some up from Hong Kong market or Yummy some Japanese goodies when stooped at Narita Airport. So good and not loaded with sugar as most American snacks and bake goods.

    Hey I did ordered a dollywink eyeliner this weekend from Sasa. Heard so many great reviews about it. Can't wait to use and follow your tip :)

  8. I had a few weeks where I can't stop watching Breakdown MV.. LOL..
    He is just so HOT in that MV!

    Love your new black clothes :)
    I also live in a tropical country yet I am obsessed with boots and finding myself browsing through internet just staring at those cool boots....


  9. That k-drama actor/singer looks so different from the drama and his stage performance. I really like him with shorter hair haha.

    Great haul and good job on getting those deals.

    The boots are really lovely. Maybe you can get a discount with a Nordstrom card?

  10. Just found your lovely blog! Looks like you majorly scored and got some great deals on all those amazing clothes you got!

  11. Oh goodness Mitsuwa is EVIL! EVIL EVIL EVIL! I always spend well over an hour in that place. First I have ramen at Santouka then I walk around Mitsuwa for an hour looking at all the beauty products. I don't blame you for getting all those snacks!

  12. You hauled well on the clothes:) I too love deep discounts...I did not even know The Face Shop is in the Bay Area, gotta go check it out!...I love Adele, her voice is so amazing...Have a lovely day!

  13. Ok girl, that's quite a haul! hahaha I really enjoyed the post, especially that part where you mentioned you never pay full price, and I'm like nodding my head and said, "Oh, me too!" *Pack!* Totally an Asian thing hahaha And gosh... the Hello Kitty cookie cutters are so kawaii! Wahh that it's so unfair that cat always stays cute despite her age >.<

    And lol... just this month, Kim Hyun Joong came to my country to promote his album! hahahaha! But to my biggest disappointment, he didn't visit my city A Single Girl's Musings

  14. OoO cool~ i’m always outthere to look for deals! N i love the hellokitty cutter thing! It looks like it’s for vegs though? but I guess it can work for cookies too ^^

    xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

  15. First of all - that's one of my favorite songs...and I love the first dress you posted, it is so classic! Beautiful :)

  16. What great deals!! I love that black lace top!

  17. Loved this random post. you managed to cover all your bases, shopping, food, hello kitty!

    i totally agree about the nail stickers being hard to apply. i think i may try another pack sometime and see if it gets easier!


  18. SO many things to comment on...

    First of all, you found some great wardrobe pieces on sale. I love the sequinned tank.

    Also, whenever I go to Ranch 99, I always pick up those gummy candies. They are the best (and I pretty sure the melon flavor is my current favorite). I am also obsessed with Sriracha Peas.

    This match cake looks and sounds amazing. I love green tea (especially in ice cream form).

    Love your Japanese goodies!


  19. You are very articulate in your writing so that is why your posts are a bit on the longer end of the spectrum! I am excited to see how you'll wer the first dress as well as the shoe! Gorgeous!

  20. Yummy cake! I am loving the sales at the mall right now too. You got some really awesome deals!! =D *sigh* I'm dying over those boots too. I remember seeing them in the Nordies catalog and drooling. Hope you get them! Yum...love the delish snacks you got at Mitsuwa. And omg, I freaking love Adele too!

  21. I love everything that you got at the gap, it's all for a good price and all so classy. Those Japanese snacks look so tasty as well. I wish I had these asian snacks where I live.


  22. I like what you bought, but omg I could never even debate on buying a pair of Tory Burch boots >_< Not even an option for me. haha, but there's a big difference because I have no source of income & won't for AWHILE! lol

    And I've been to that Mitsuwa before. Would it sound stalkerish to ask where you live?? haha. And omg when I go to Asian markets, all the snacks are what fills my cart up! lol


  23. That cakes looks so good! Sucks to hear it didn't have a strong green tea flavour! Omg, cute package~!! Can't wait to see the Hello Kitty Cookies ^^~ You buy such cute clothes! Please do an OOTD! <33

  24. Great score of items! I was just at Gap and I feel like everything was already picked over, but glad you grabbed something fun.

  25. Hello! I agree !! It's super hard to buy anything at full price! People over here can spend tons of money on food but be dirt cheap when it comes to paying parking tickets too lol! I feel the same way about clothes well expensive ones haha! I haven't watched pixiwoo much but I love pixi2woo! Their sister in law ^_^

    love your cookie cutter btw! :D

  26. How cute are those cookie cutters! You must post pics when the cookies are ready :D
    Your cake looks yummeh, too. I fail at baking. I've no talent whatsoever I swear. I tried making a simple deco roll cake and it was such an epic fail arghhh

    Nice shopping haul! Those leather boots are gorgeous! But I dunno about the price... lol defo wait for the price to drop like an Asian ;)

    Hey, I'm using that shampoo, too. My bf went back to Singapore last year and he got me so many bottles to stock up heheh. I think I'm going to switch to the yellow coloured one though since this really doesn't volumnize my hair anywayz (but I agree, love the smell and the way it makes my hair feel)

  27. *SCREAMS* Ji Hoo!!! So cute! I loved boys over flowers, you should also watch Playful Kiss :) He is also fabulous in that one and just as cute

  28. I am so jealous. You've got wonderful pieces for great prices!

  29. Your new purchases are beautiful. I especially love the lace boatneck top.

    And the Hello Kitty things are too adorable. I love them.

  30. I really like that sparkly tank top~ I have wanted something like that to go with a black skirt or shorts for nights out =)

    I adore Adele and her voice. She is so inspiring~

  31. aww your Japanese sweet haul making me crave but I have been doing well curbing last few days - i shall keep at it :P

    You picked up some classic pieces - even better if you got at a bargain prices! I never seem to have much of that luck in a shop, only online LOL.

  32. i have to get to BR now!!


  33. the crochet/lace boat neck top and the tank is gorgeous!!!Love see-throughish and sparkly things lol

    ughhhh snacks =D love em~ so jealous you have such a wide variety~

    ohhhh matcha cake!!! i want!!! haha mail me some =D lol

    *squealllll* HYUN JOONG <3

    ohhh HK cookie cutters? cute =]

  34. Omg there are so many things I want to comment on in this post! I love all the clothes you got - the lace top and sequin top are really cute! And you got a great deal on both of them :D

    Those Tory Burch boots do look very nice and they will def remain in style for years to come, but yeah I agree that $500 is a lot of money. LOL at your "I'm Asian and we never pay full price" comment. I'm the same exact way :P

    KHJ!!!! I'm like obsessed with him lol, ever since seeing him in Boys Over Flowers. I loved his newest album - I never get tired of listening to it :D

    You got so many cute things from your friend! I hear great reviews on the Fairy Drops mascara. Haven't tried them myself but I'm looking forward to your review when you decide to try them :) And the cookie cutters are too cute!



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