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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Majolica Majorca, Canmake, and...Daiso?

I finally got around to swatching some of the things Evie sent me in a swap that we did. Now that I've taken pictures and swatched everything, I can finally start using them!
I hate taking pictures of products that I've already started using, OCD I suppose =\

Evie sent me a Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes palette in SV887.
Very pretty silver & pink palette.

I find that this palette reminds me of the Dior 5 Couleurs Designer Palette in Soft Pink Design that came out this Spring.
But for a smallll fraction of the price :D
Not an exact dupe but a good alternative if you're looking for a pink/grey palette.

This Dior palette is LE.
Ugh, now you know why I hate taking pictures of products after I've used them. Looks so gross & dirty!!

The MM palette is lovely!! Like most Japanese eye shadows, these are very shimmery, especially the white shimmer shade. I don't tend to use that if I use this palette during the day. It's a tad much lol

The shadows are soft & pigmented. The darkest shade has a tiny bit of fallout.
I really like that the pink is very subtle so I don't even up looking like a freaking doll when I wear this. I'm not a pink lover at all but this pink is very wearable =]

Evie also sent me 2 blushes!
Been dying to try out the Canmake Cream Cheek for a long time but just never got around to getting it.

She got me shade 07 Coral Orange. Perfect shade! Not too pink, not too orange :D

I also received this blush from...Daiso to try out. hehe I've never thought to buy makeup at Daiso. It's too cheap, I am always skeptical!!
But this is quite lovely!
And uhhh the package says this is beige...it's not beige...at all lol

The shade is a bit more coral than the Canmake Cream Cheek. Very pigmented surprisingly!! I think these are only ~$2 US and a decent size. Great deal!!

Both swatch easily. The Daiso blush can get a bit powdery but hey, it's $2 :O


I went to Ulta yesterday and saw these! I'm not a huge Halloween person, I just like eating the candy XD but maybe I'll dress up this year just so I can go crazy with the makeup & wear these!
I got these because I noticed that the band is clear & very thin. Perhaps I won't epic fail when I apply these!

Any of you have cool plans for Halloween? I just bought a bag of Kit Kats...for me, not for the bratty neighborhood kids XP


Today I was wonderfully surprised to receive a package from my dear Jian. Check out her blog, she's simply lovely ^_~ 
She sent me a belated birthday present, completely unnecessary. She's just nice like that, crazy right?! =P
You'll have to wait till next week to see what she got me ^o^

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All Over The Place

Super random post today!

Have you noticed I haven't bought any clothing in quite a long time? Ok, for me "quite a long time" is like almost a month XD

Last weekend, there were pretty big sales at most of the stores I usually shop at.
I stopped by the Gap and they had an additional 50% off all sale items! That's a pretty good deal. But I didn't want to buy a bunch of stuff I wasn't super interested in.
I am shocked by my level of self control these days HAHA

I only got this faux wrap dress. It's a thick jersey material so it's super comfortable! The ruching at the front hides everything :O
I think it runs a bit big becuase an XS on me was not as form-fitting as wrap dresses usually are.

It's still available on the site. I got this for only $25 after the additional 50% off. Woot! *\^o^/*

Banana Republic also had an additional 35% off all sale items at their stores.

I got this crochet/lace boat neck top. I love the length of the sleeves.

Not available online anymore =[
I got this for around $19 after discounts.

Closer shot at the details

Also picked up this sparkly tank. I really like how there's a layer to tulle over the sequins so it's not blindingly sparkly.

I got this for about $15.

There's a ton of great sales at so many stores these days since we are heading into Fall & stores are trying to get rid of their Summer stuff.

And I noticed that all the stuff I bought is black...ok the tank was a dark grey. Oh well...dark clothes just match easier!


Even though I live in California & it rarely rains or gets cold enough to require boot wearing, I am still obsessed with boots. I buy a pair like every winter XD

I am currently obsessing over these Tory Burch Blair Leather Boots
Except...they are $525 T_T
I am still deciding if they are really worth the investment.
I saw them at Nordstrom & can't stop thinking about them! 
Perhaps when the FF rolls around at all the department stores I will reconsider! I am Asian, I never buy anything at full price. It makes my heart bleed :O

But oh my lord are they beautiful!


Last weekend I also went to Mitsuwa, a huge Japanese supermarket located in San Jose, CA to pick up some matcha powder. If you live nearby, you must check out this place! The ramen they sell there is so good. And the shopping center also has lots of restaurants & bakeries.

With the intention of buying matcha powder, I also left the store with these...

That's not even all of it. =_=
Not all my fault, my mom is just as obsessed with snacking as I am! I think we only bought snacks on this trip.
My kitchen usually consists of fruit & snacks LOL 

But these are my favorite! I always buy the chocolate ones but this time I saw the strawberry ones. I prefer chocolate though.

Mitsuwa has a huge beauty section that sells a lot of Japanese makeup, skincare, haircare, etc. But it's pretty overpriced so I don't usually buy from there. 
I did pick up the Essential Nuance Airy Shampoo & Treatment to try out.

Wtf does "nuance airy" mean?? I am guessing it is volumizing lol

It smells soooo good! Like peach candy :O
I don't notice any substantial volume after using this but it makes my hair very soft & shiny. 


I bought the matcha powder because I wanted to attempt making Matcha Angel Food Cake. I used the recipe I found on Faye's blog. She's such an amaaazing cook. Her blog always makes me drool XP

So I was way too lazy to slice the cake in half & add filling lol. It tasted ok, but there wasn't as strong of a green tea taste as I would've liked. I put hella matcha powder in it too! 
Maybe I should've bought the more expensive matcha powder lol


After Mitsuwa, I took my mom to The Face Shop and saw this.
Gave me a good chuckle. If you've watched the kdrama Boys Over Flowers you'll recognize him. 
My first reaction was "Ji Hoo Sunbae!" hahahaha

Then I bought deokbokki to eat because I have been thinking about it forever ^o^
It was good but overpriced...because when I went to Seoul, it cost me like $2. This cost me $6 >.>


Yumeko was kind enough to help me get some stuff from Japan & it arrived today! 
She included so many samples & a really cute blush in the package.

I am most excited to try out these Hello Kitty cookie cutters! Will attempt to make cookies this weekend :D

Thanks for the package Yumeko!! ♥


I love Adele! Her voice is so powerful. You can really connect with her emotions when she's singing.

I always love her makeup too! Her eyeliner is always impeccable. Check out this tutorial by Pixiwoo. Love their tutorials & their accents lol!

Why are my posts always so insanely long? If you've even stuck around long enough to read till here then...a virtual gold star for you!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dior Fangirling

I am a true sucker for packaging. Packaging designers (I'm sure they have a much fancier job title) make their products pretty just to trick suckers like me into buying them. Stick the words "limited edition" and I'll need no further convincing to purchase.

Dior sure knows how to make my stone cold heart flutter. Sephora sent me an email a few weeks ago announcing the release of the limited edition Dior Style Empress Collection.  I am addicted to eyeshadows if you haven't realized. It's pretty bad -_- but not bad enough for rehab I hope!

The Mitzah Panther Eyeshadow caught my eye first, but even I know I can't spend $90 on a palette. I know my limits, that's a good sign, right?
But, damn this is seriously awesome.

Then I saw the 5 Couleurs Mitzah Eyeshadow Palette and knew I had to buy it. I went to Sephora to swatch it first. I freaked and grabbed it immediately, especially since they only had 2 left. 
Maybe they only leave out 1 or 2 on purpose so crazies like me will freak out & buy without hesitating anymore >.>

I got a Sephora gift card for my birthday so I didn't feel too guilty about spending $60 on it hehe. I love that the box is black & gold instead of the usual navy blue box. Makes me feel special ^o^
And did you notice that the inside of the pouch is leopard print?!

If I'm gonna drop this much money on a palette, the colors better be wearable...like all day errrrday! I'm really glad that the colors in this palette are very neutral but still quite unique. I don't really have any colors similar to the ones in this palette.

So I guess I spent too much time just staring at how cool this palette is & forgot to do swatches. But I've read like a million blog reviews on this and lots of much better bloggers actually remembered to swatch lol so just google!

The imprint is also different form the usual Dior palettes. It's a leopard (panther?) print on it this time.

And it comes with instructions.

I did a look using the 3 diagonal shades from the top left shade down to the bottom right shade.

I started using the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara since my Fairy Drops ran out. It definitely doesn't volumize as well but lengthens a lot better than Fairy Drops. I just hate the fibers since they get into my eyes when I apply.

A lot of people swear by this mascara but I still prefer Fairy Drops!

The Mitzah palette is very wearable and can easily go from day to night.

The shade on the first 1/2 of my lid is the middle shade with the CD imprint. It's actually a lot more caramel in real life & very different! I didn't think that shade would show up on my skin but it actual made the look very interesting.

So...I just realized my EOTDs all just look the same =_= 
I always do my makeup the same way since with my Asian eyes, trying to get too crazy with eyeshadow just ends up making me look like a clown. A makeover at MAC in high school proved this fact. 
Sorry for lack of creativity!

I think this palette worth getting, not just because it's LE but also because you'll get a lot of use out of it. I'm not one of those people who buy LE things just to look at hahaha! My fingers itch & I just have to use it XD.


Just as I was in line to pay for the Mitzah palette, the ever so tempting Sephora by OPI nail polish display was right next to me. Wild About Shimmer from the Safar Luxe Collection immediately caught my eye. It's a champagne gold shimmer. I thought it'd look great over some of my polishes & give it a slight duochrome look. 

I ended up painting this over OPI Barefoot in Barcelona. 

The glitters are very fine & applies very evenly but sheer so the base color still shows up quite well. I went kind of crazy layering this over so many of my polishes :O


Damn they're hot! I don't understand the video though...but I think their "dirty" makeup is actually really pretty haha

Omg Monday again! 
Can you believe Christmas is in 3 months?! I'm about to get really annoying & corny with all the holiday cheer that's about to roll around. Be prepared errrrbody! I am holiday obsessed!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Designer Nails, Yo!

Okay, so I'm a brand whore. I fully admit it!
But I'm not decked out in designer monograms from head to toe or anything. Mainly because I can't afford it LOL & also because I'm not a Jersey Shore cast member.
I just appreciate designer goods, they're just so shiny! Everything in moderation :D

So when KKcenterHK offered to send me some nail stickers to try out and review, of course I picked the LV monogrammed ones. I am cheesy like that. When else am I ever gonna get to have Louis Vuitton nails?!

So I picked out No. 108 and they come with 16 stickers of various sizes.

So I have pretty tiny nail beds but was surprisingly able to find sizes that matched my nail size pretty well. I like that they give you a good choice of sizes.

These are similar to the ones Sally Hansen sells I believe. But I've never tried the Sally Hansen ones. From the tutorials I've watched, I think the Sally Hansen stickers are much thinner & easier to apply.

These foil stickers a bit too thick & hard to adhere to my nail beds. This might also be because my nails are pretty curved. So there's a few creases at the tip. =[

I was surprised that the LV pattern isn't so obvious. It actually looks pretty cool because the foils are so shiny & metallic. Too bad they are too difficult to apply.

I think it will actually look very cool if I put the sticker on just my ring finger & painted the rest of my nails a gold color.

I don't think these last very long though. I had these on for about a half of day and after washing my hands a few times, the edges started to peel.
I believe these are for temporary use, like to a party or something. Even though the packaging states that these last "11 days"...why 11 & not 10?? I don't know. These definitely do not last 11 days! Maybe 11 hours...

As you can see, I failed miserably at applying these. T_T I wonder if the Sally Hansen ones end up creased like this at the tips.

So these nail stickers didn't really work for me. The stickers are too thick & don't adhere well on nails that are more curved like mine.

Regardless, I still really like the cheesy LV monogram on these though!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Through the Keyhole

Thanks to my dutiful Twitter stalking, I was fortunate enough to snag a Shiny Fing created by Yasumi, owner of The Worshipblues Emporium where Shiny Fings are born.

Right before sleeping, I saw on Twitter that Yasumi had updated her store. I freaked and placed an order immediately. But since I did it on my phone, something went wrong on Paypal and it didn't charge me S&H. Yasumi was way too kind & told me I didn't need to pay it this time. Who the hell is this nice these days?! 

The night before I left for Montreal, I discovered that my Shiny Fing had arrived all the way from London. Yay!

The packaging is just too adorable. So much attention to detail!

What'd I get?? A pair of Through the Keyhold earrings. Owner of pair #2!! 
Vicky told me she bought the other pair XD
Great minds think alike!

Came housed in a cute little box and care instructions.

I love key jewelry so when I saw these keyhole earrings I had to get them. They're so unique! I love that they're matte black. 

Love them!!! The fact that no one else in the world but Vicky has these earrings makes it even more special. You all know me & my addiction for LE anything.

Thank you so much Yasumi!! Check out her blog and sign up for email updates. Her Shiny Fings sell out in half a blink of an eye so stalking is a must ^o^


Omg so much niceness going around these days! 
Erika and HeyDahye both just gave me the Sunshine Award. I love reading both of their blogs. 
Check them out :D

So I'm suppose to write 10 random facts about myself. Do I really have that many random facts about myself to write out? hahaha

  1. I am left handed! So is President Obama, Angelina Jolie, & a lot of other cool people. This makes me feel semi-cool XD
  2. I laugh really loud...too loud. It scares people.
  3. I am obsessed with celebrities. I read Perez Hilton religiously. 
  4. I cannot stand "cutesy" anything. Especially girls that act that way, makes me nauseous. *sorry*
  5. I am always in high heels, even just to go get groceries.
  6. I played the piano for 12 years. Typical Asian haha!
  7. I think it's really weird when people's parents have Facebook. My parents know they are forbidden to make one.
  8. People always think I am unapproachable/mean when first meeting me because I suck at small talk & will never initiate conversation.
  9. I still think *NSYNC is the shit & still know all of their songs by heart after all these years. I am secretly still praying for a reunion.
  10. I am not very ladylike...I swear too much =X
Ok now 10 awesome blogs that I read! This is harder than choosing a new nail color to put on XD


And ohmahgawd I hit 100 readers! Yayyyy! Thanks for reading everyone. I really love reading all your comments. And most importantly, getting to know you all \^o^/
I'm putting together a giveway...slowly hahaha but look out for it ^_^

yes...my cheesy Paint artwork has returned. HAHA


Omg not a kpop song today! 
Even though this song's in Mandarin, I've no idea what the hell he's saying hahaha except the English part. 

Leehom's super talented & always makes his own music. I wasn't feeling this song at first but it's growing on me. The English part is kind of strange though =\
But ahhh he's so hot XD 
Can't believe he's over 30 years old! The man sure ages well.



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