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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What A Nice Chap!

Chapstick...that is. Was that lame?? I totally agree HAHA
My favorite chapstick/lip balm is the Shiseido Water in Lip (awkward name...). I recently picked up another one, in Sakura, since I was running low. I got it at my asian supermarket for $7.69.

There's a lot of different flavors in this range but my store only had this one, I think it's suppose to be like a cherry blossom shade or something. Not sure...no english on packaging.

What I love about this lip balm is that there is a slight pink shiny tint when you apply it. I know I buy a ton of lipsticks & glosses but to be honest...I never bother reapplying it throughout the day. I always just reach for a chapstick that I keep in my bag. So why do I keep buying lipsticks?? I do not know either...>.<

You can kinda see the pink shine in the tube but it's more apparent when applied.

I love that this is super moisturizing and not waxy feeling at all. I tried the Burt's Bees lip balm & couldn't stand how it made my lips super waxy. This lip balm is super easy to apply and glides on smoothly.

I would like this to have some SPF though. I think I'm gonna try out the UV Cut one next time if I can find it! That one has SPF 18.

Highly recommend trying this if you can find it!! Check your asian supermarkets ^.^


I was digging through my nail polish stash and found this China Glaze holographic polish in Spin Me Right Round. I got this a long time ago and I think they are discontinued. What a shame, I love the ones I have from this collection!
It looks absolutely magnificent under sunlight. Reminds me of those holographic Pokemon cards we all freaked out over...at least I did hahaha

I took this picture in the car. The rainbow awesomeness shows up better here.

It is a bit difficult to apply. If you use too many strokes when applying the second layer, it can remove the first layer. It dries really fast and is smooth. Surprisingly really easy to remove too! It's not a gritty glitter polish even though it may look that way in the bottle.


And I finally went to eat Korean food!! I've been thinking about it for like 2 weeks hahaha I ordered Bibimbap in a hot stone pot. The rice gets burnt and crispy on the bottom. SO GOOD!!


Because this song makes me ♫ high high I'm so high ♫
And because TOP is freakin delicious of course ♥_♥



  1. Ooh the lip balm looks good!have not tried before this!hope sasa has this! So true!sometimes I like applying glitter polish but they keep having this gritty feel to it!and its super hard to remove!just had bibimbap on Mon and I fee like eating it again!

  2. That little bit of shine would look awesome on the lips! I'm going to hunt down this product!

  3. Oh thanks for the chapstick review, this one sounds great. I'll keep my eye for it. I wanted it order it form sasa at one point but it was OOS.

    I love the holo polish! I have the same one. People are selling the ChG holo collection for a lot of money on ebay right now lol.

    I love G-Dragon! I used to think he was err kind of odd but now I think he's very charismatic and cool.

  4. Haha...love the post title! XD The packaging and tint on the chapstick looks really nice. <3 your blingy nails and yay for Korean food!

  5. Oooooh! Holo! It is really pretty :D

  6. I've never owned holographic polishes! Now I want one! I either gravitate towards neutrals or grays....really boring colors..so it comes off easily compared to glitter polishes? i hate glitter polishes! they're such a pain to remove..

  7. I LOVE that lip balm and the nails are so chic! Thanks also for the food porn.

  8. this shiny stuff looks really cool!

  9. The chapstick is looking good, I always have chapped lips and thx for posting this :) and ur nails are gorgeous!

    thx for commenting on my post, much appreciated, following ur lovely blog now, pls do follow mine too via google friend connect if u havent already, it'll mean so much to me :) thx!


  10. Great nail polish! I'm on the hunt for something like this.


    Visit me ! you must!


    aw thanks for your comment.
    l love the rain too !


  12. I've read about this lipbalm but have never seen it around.. it sounds great, thanks for the review! I just started using a lipbalm from ettusais and it might make it into my HG hall. Shall see how it goes!

  13. Ahh the lip balm looks great!
    Haha, i agree.. i buy lipsticks & lip glosses for no apparent reason.. i always end up using lip balm/chapsticks anyway.. = =;;

    Ahh, i really like the nail polish haha.. if only NZ had China Glaze and that wasn't discontinued D:

    bibimbap! <3 I love the crispy burnt rice at the bottom of the bowl too! Im sure it's unhealthy or something.. but i agree.. SO FRIGGEN GOOD >_<

  14. Korean food is one of my fave, and i can't get enough of food pics on blogs so keep 'em coming!! x

  15. that nail polish colour is sooo pretty :)! and i love korean food too aha.

  16. yup it does look good! the cg nail polish,the sparkles are not hidden. anyway,the chapstick looks tempting lol

  17. You always pick up the best nail polishes, that color is GORGEOUS. To top it off, you have long and beautiful fingers. You can model your hands in commercial. Lip balm looks good, I want to try that.

    Why did you torture me with Korean food? I have been dying to go back and stuff my face with yummy goodness!

  18. Hey thank you for visiting my blog :). I love China Glaze nail polish, colors are always amazing! I've tried korean food for the first time recently. I ordered "Boulgoki" or something like that x) it was delicious. I can't wait to try bibimbap looks so good too!

  19. omgosh i can't even explain to you how OBSESSED I AM OVER YOUR NAILS!!! that gold is so pretty!!!

  20. Muahahaha I love lame jokes. Dyou know in Taiwan they have this thing called 'cold' jokes? Everyone else always does the -.- face when they hear one, but I always burst out laughing hehe

    Dude, I love your nails! I've no idea how Pokemon cards look like, but if they're as pretty as your nails then I get why you freaked out over them :D

  21. Mmmhhh Bibimbap! Love Korean food. I'm craving for it now...

    I really like that nail polish lol, I need to find something similar to add to my stash haha <3

  22. Neat post and lov the nail colours!
    Also, thank you so much for the lovely comment!

  23. the chapstick comes in such cute packaging. try jack black lip balm. it's not tinted, but it has spf, super moisturizing and has awesome scent. black tea..yum.

    i didn't know they were having smurfs toys until i saw the commercial on tv :)

  24. Lol, I don't think the opener for the post was lame, it totally made me laugh, haha.

    & I really love the China Glaze holographic polishes. I find that they're really easy to apply & hard to mess up. I'm not the greatest at putting even coats, but with the holographic polishes it doesn't seem noticeable. AND they dry SUPER fast. My biggest thumbs up, because I'm so bad at being patient and letting my nails dry. lol

    *drools* Korean food sounds so good right about now! XD


  25. the chapstick looks so cute, love it's shine =]
    lol i rarely reapply lipstick/ gloss either, it's chapstick i reach for =p

    <3 loveeeee holographic polishes, so pretty =]

    yummmm bibimbap ^^

  26. I was wondering about that nail polish thinking ooo is she going to reveal the colour! So glad you did but it is hard to apply the 2nd coat? I have a hard time applying the first coat let along a 2nd... I do the same thing, anytime there is a sale on lipgloss, lipstick, I keep buying it..and they're like ALL the same colours...ugh!

  27. Nom nom nom. Korean food. I totally agree with you on the crispy rice at the bottom of a hot pot. OMG, it's so good. My mom used to put rice in a pan and just let it harden so we'd end up having crunchy rice "crackers". I used to pour on the soy sauce because it's a little too plain for me but I love the "crunch".

    Aw thank you for showing my blog some love. I love your blog for how cute it is :)

  28. That lip balm looks so glossy~ Sadly, I haven't seen it here yet! I am sometimes lazy to reapply my lipstick during the day and grab for my lip balms~

    I LOVE bibimbab on the stone bowl- making my mouth water looking at it! hehe!

  29. love your polish color!! and the bibimbap looks delicious <3

  30. Shiseido's Water In Lip Lip Balm is my favourite too, the texture is always smooth and moisturizing. :)

    The Cat Hag

  31. I love your nails and the lip balm. I have one quite like that, but from Nivea. It gives a sheer pink tint, without being heavy on the lips.

    Am following you now. Hope you follow me back, if you like.

  32. Hi! Will be looking out for the Shiseido lipbalm haha I love chapsticks/lipbalm too! They're moisturizing, lipsticks can dry out soo fast esp in air conditioned rooms :( I love your nails!

  33. Wow, I love that gold shimmery nail color - so pretty!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  34. i love your blog¡¡¡ is very cool kisses from Mexico :)

  35. I've seen this at my local supermarket! I've always kinda wondered but you know me, I'm a cheap Asian, so I haven't tried it yet. Good to know it's moisturising!!
    I LOVE your nail colour!!! sad it's discontinued :(

  36. So pretty. I love all of the glittery lip balm.

  37. Great review on the balm! It sounds great and if I ever see it I will defiantly purchase it! I also hate lipchaps that give you the waxy feeling, I used to like burtsbees, in my high school days when I didn't know a thing about makeup but now I hate it! In fact if my lips are super chapped I'll put vaseline on my lips overnight and in the morning I get super smooth lips =D

    P.s I love Jurassic park too! I think they're making the fourth one now! =D

  38. I love everything about this post :D The balm looks really good. I like lip balms that have a slight tint to them too because then I can skip on lipstick or gloss. And I LOOOVE that nail polish! The gold is so pretty. I've been wanting a gold holo or glitter polish like that for awhile now :) And bibimbap is so yummy. It's one of my favorite dishes to make at home. <3 GD & TOP - I never get tired of that song ^^

  39. enjoyed reading your blog and following!


  40. bibimbap looks really yummy! I love that song too XD

  41. I need that lip balm in my life (despite the funny name)!! ;p



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