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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wayfare Tavern

I've been wanting to eat at Wayfare Tavern for quite some time now. Mainly because it's owned by Food Network chef Tyler Florence ^o^ I've never eaten at a restaurant owned by a celebrity chef before so I realllyyy wanted to go! Am I lame-o or what? XD

The restaurant is located in San Francisco's Financial District, my favorite part of the city ^.^, I like my concrete jungles hahaha and definitely gets very crowded. You'd definitely need a reservation if you're eating here on a Friday or Saturday night.

The decor is very...manly & dark, but still cozy. I love it. It's rather dark inside the restaurant and it's got the most magnificent bar ever. But...I didn't wanna look too cheesy so I didn't take a picture of the bar lol. I guess a manly tavern means dead animals on the wall •_•

We were seated immediately since we had a reservation. Not like some other restaurants that make you wait like 30 minutes even after you have a reservation. We got seated next to the fireplace so it was super warm and cozy =]
Service here is really great! Plus our waiter was hot teeheee ^_~

The kitchen is open so you can see everyone in action. T_T Tyler Florence was not there that night...I guess he doesn't work on Friday nights haha
There's a rumor that he's there on Wednesday evenings ^_~

Once you're seated, they bring you these popovers, which I've never had before. These are deeelicious!! They taste quite eggy but are amazing with the homemade butter that they serve with this.

Most amazing butter everrr! It's mixed with EVOO & it's just so fragrant & fresh.

I was debating between ordering the Steak Frites and the Organic Fried Chicken. Then the couple sitting next to us insisted that I must try the Fried Chicken, that it'll "change my life." LOL uhhh I was very doubtful that my life could be changed so easily with chicken. But I ordered it anyway.

Holy crap this chicken was amaaaazing! No, it didn't change my life but damn, Tyler Florence can make a mean fried chicken ^o^
The crust was sooo crispy & flavorful, full of spices. Lots of rosemary. And the chicken was super juicy & tender. Really really good. Highly recommend this!

My friend and I also ordered a side of Baked Macaroni & Cheese to share. It's one of their most popular items. This was aiiight. There's too much ricotta cheese in it so it was super creamy & slightly nauseating after you take a few bites. But the crust on top was super yummy.

My friend ordered the Cowgirl Ricotta Ravioli but she was starving so I didn't bother to take a picture of hers. She might've tried to bite my hand off for making her wait to eat her food LMAO
This dish was also really good though. Very unique taste I can't quite describe. Even though it's a ricotta ravioli, it wasn't too heavy.

For dessert, we ordered a Financier Cake to share. We ordered it because we had no idea wtf a financier cake was. We didn't like it -_- it was mehhh
It's just a dense pound cake-like cake that's almond flavored. It's served with honey thyme ice cream, which tasted amazing though. Too bad they didn't serve just the ice cream by itself!
The presentation was super cute though.

I couldn't finish my fried chicken so the waiter packed it away in the nicest takeout container I've ever seen. The fried chicken still tasted soooo freaking good the day after. Ahhh I want some nowwww! \^o^/

And they gave me a postcard & matches in my doggy bag lol That Tyler Florence sure pays attention to detail!

I'm looking forward to trying some of the other dishes at this place. Apparently the menu changes often =D The staff are very well trained and courteous, no one hurries you. The food here is quite good. Overall a fun fun fun dining experience for me!!


My favorite Big Bang song evarrr!! (^o^) ♫♫


  1. yay!! tyler florence!! he's such a cutie hahahah.. i went twice hoping to see him.. i wish i had known that he's rumored to be there on wed tehehehe!!

    yah taiwanese power!!! bahahah.. i'm VERY taiwanese.

  2. Looks sooo yummy! Although i have no idea who that guy is!:D
    Yeah i know, now i really in between prius and other car and its really hard decision! hehehe
    Plus the food here is KKKRAZY. i think i must have gain at least 2kg, i can see my face is getting puffier and bigger.lol. i wonder how some ppl stay slim here!

  3. It all looks delish! I like Tyler too!

  4. That is seriously a nice take away box! Talk about service! Damn, now I want chicken for dinner!

  5. Yuuuummmm~~ I am craving fried chicken now~~ =D

  6. I only can say 'WOW'. !!!
    Seems so cool restaurant! And nice interior!

  7. ooo fancy!!! everything looks so yummy and extravagant!

  8. Just read your comment on my 5 things you didn't know about me..LOL! We are DEF so azn as I took those piano tests as well! If you can still remember how to play keep at it, I've lost a lot of my dexterity, in my heyday fantaisie impromptu was my claim to fame. The Wayfare Tavern sounds delicious and I'd love to eat there one day! I went to SF a few years ago and stayed at the W in Union square! So much fun!!

  9. the place looks so fancy and the food looks delicious! haha I like eating at places with celebrity chefs too for the curiosity! I'd LOVE to eat at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant one day!

  10. The food looks really delicious! :)
    OMG! Haru Haru! I love that song and the video always makes me cry! And I love, love, love big bang! <3


  11. I like Tyler Florence, seems way nicer than Bobby Flay haha. The restaurant logo is so cool. Yeah, I don't like when you have a reservation and you still have to wait. LOL The food looks great and I love fried chicken.

  12. The foods look delicious! I love the presentation on plate


  13. Food looks delicious!

    Heel in Mint

  14. The food looks so yummy and the overall atmosphere seems very nice! I would love to eat there.:)

  15. I like how you said manly tavern haha!! glad you had a great time, I would love to try there someday! :D

  16. wow sounds like a fabulous meal especially ending with the nice takeout container! XD

    haha i also do not dare to take photos when i'm inside a restaurant and of the food too which is why i seldom have photos of food unless we are seated in a secluded corner and i can snap happily away without feeling that people are looking at me weirdly..as most of my friends do not have the habit of taking photos of their food >.<

  17. Great photos and blog!:))


  18. ahhhh i've been wanting to go to celebrity chef resto's here too but they are crazy expensive...some places are like $200 PER person! =/ this place looks great though and that fried chicken... i want my life changed too. hahha!

  19. You went to Tyler Florence's restaurant? That's so cool! I want to visit all the major Food Network stars' restaurants one day! ^^

  20. Well that has me hungry now :P

  21. mmmm.... those pics are meanie, now I'm starving. huhuhu...I want to taste the baked macaroni ^^

  22. Mmm the food looks delicious! It must be really pretty pricey too if it's run by a celebrity chef >.< At least you get what you paid for though - cute waiter, nice decor, good food, and even nice takeout containers haha ^^ And I loooove Big Bang! I've been listening to their newest album nonstop :D

  23. so cool you can get a doggy bag like that! I'm drooling over your dessert haha

  24. Been dying to go there, used to live in SF and the fried chicken looks amazing!!


  25. Everything looks so yummy! I am tempted to make popovers now!! O_O Kudos to Tyler Florence for having such an awesome restaurant! I would die to go there *_*



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